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My primary hobby is gaming (phear my leet "gamer tag") and in order to remain trouble free with current gaming you really have to keep current with hardware knowledge. This domain is a place for listing my PC build, what I recommend to people for a new build and the reasons for those choices. In my blog section and in the PC talk section, you may find various discussions on upcoming tech or trends in the industry.

Some have labeled me a "system builder" and I guess you can say that is accurate. I currently don't overclock or push the system in any way beyond default settings as I feel the gains are too little to be worth the trouble in most cases.

Many people have asked me for upgrade / build suggestions, so if you want some suggestions take a look at my PC talk page and my systems page. The PC page will give you a break down on what my current system is and what I recommend based on U.S. market part availability and pricing. The systems page will give you some suggestions for complete system builds, but lacks details on why I made those choices.

My knowledge is based on a compilation of following several tech oriented web sites and several gaming sites with occasional articles taken from other sources I don't regularly follow. My video gaming experience dates back all the way to Pong and my system building experience dates back to around 1990 (I won't count adding the 64k ram cartridges to my Atari 800 when I was a kid as real upgrades.)

I am currently displaced, basically homeless, and my stuff is in the southern part of it in a place called Sunnyvale. I have lived in the S.F. Bay Area my whole life. I suppose if I could live anywhere I'd want to move down south to the Santa Monica / Santa Barbara area. From what I've seen of it, it looks like a little bit nicer / warmer weather. I inherited my dad's allergies, he's from Arizona, so as I'm getting older I'm getting allergic to more and more things up here. I'd probably have an easier time in a more desert-like environment. Plus, I prefer warmer to colder, so somewhere a bit more south would be nice and warm.

Gaming history
I began pen and paper role playing game back in 1977 with blue box D&D. Over the years I played many different pen and paper games, though I didn't get much of a chance to play past my early 20s due to a lack of having friends who were interested in playing. During my teens I created several card, board, and role playing games, but only one was ever (self)published, releasing only a few dozen copies. Some day I hope to have friends who are interested in pen and paper role playing again.

I began video game playing back in 1973 with Pong and Space War. My unwavering interest in video games followed and I avidly played arcade games from then until about my mid 20s when arcade games became less and less interesting and offered far less than console gaming. I entered console gaming technically around that same time with the early Atari systems. Since then I've wavered on and off playing various console systems casually with more interest in PC gaming.

I have many of the games, movies, and more, that I'm thinking about purchasing on my Amazon wish list. You can peep it if you like.

My Amazon.com Wish List

I haven't done anything truly spectacular in my work history, however, due to my artistic background I did work in layout and design of printed materials for ~5 years as a graphic artist. During the last quarter of 2007 and for a little bit in 2008 (October - February) I worked for Ping0 as an online community manager and tech support person for Hellgate: London and Mythos under the name "Virtus".

During 2008 I became homeless due to my struggle to find work. During that time I made a journal, which I call "Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer." You can read it online or download the complete .pdf. Book 1 in web form begins here, and you can get the .pdf here. Check my blog page to see the most recent entries.

I am continuing school part time. I would like to eventually get into counseling or substitute teaching at the high-school or junior college level, but my current studies are for computer networking. I currently hold an Associate and Bachelor degree in Psychology.

I have an older domain that I update only on rare occasion which contains poetry and stories that I have written over the years, as well as other various things I've collected. - Link

Back when I was playing EverQuest I wrote some articles, as well as a few bits of poetry and other thoughts. Some of the articles are still interesting and relevant. The most notable are "Careful, you might learn something", "Why do you play the game?", and "Women of EverQuest". - Link

rabb1t name
I have been asked before why I chose the name 'rabb1t'. I chose it so I could have a cool name to use on the boards and as a 'gamer tag' which would both be something I could make into a gamer name (rabbit to rabb1t) as well as having some meaning behind it. Obviously people think of several things when they think of rabbits. Here are a few...

- Rabbits, real ones - tend to be shy, curious, and very defensive of their private areas if threatened
- Playboy - a bunny that has become a modern day symbol of sexuality
- Rabbit, from Pooh - a character who is extremely detail oriented and fussy over things
- Buggs bunny - curious, pesky, playful, silly, happy, and very strategic in what he does
- Rabbit animal totem / spirit guide - gentle, cautious, observes their environment, knows when to fight and when to run

rabb1t avatars
I have used a few avatars over the years, but tend to use the same ones on every board within those times.

Current; baby bunny
(about late 2008 on)

Greg the Bunny (TV Fabricated American)
roughly 2006-2008

rabb1t site history
~mid 2005 - A single page is created with the title "my pc" (under my other domain). The page describes what parts I have in my PC and recommends a few good parts which are currently on the market for new builders to choose from.

~mid 2005 - I begin to use my new school name of "rabb1t" on boards and begin forwarding people to my site.

~April 2006 - I purchase the rabb1t domain name and begin working on the new rabb1t site.

June 2006 - I post the new rabb1t site, which expands include a new My PC page, which is greatly expanded in detail compared to the first version, a Blog page, a Links page, and an early form of the Bio page.

April 2007 - Due to repeating myself on the boards for system builds I decide to make a permanent system build page. What will later become known as the ‘generation 1 systems' are posted.

May 2008 - Due to the importance of some blog posts, and more permanent / lasting thoughts, I add an Articles & Guides page. Someday I hope this will include videos of PC assembly and part upgrades.

September 2008 - Due to an increased interest in home entertainment overall (on the boards I visit at the time as well as personal interest), I decide to create a home entertainment page to serve a similar purpose as the rest of the site has for PC hardware. It is a hybrid of the PC pages and the system build page. I don't expect it to ever expand beyond light suggestions on good choices for the lower and mainstream home entertainment enthusiasts, as it is an industry which changes far slower than PC tech. This page was retired in 2012 and links removed due to lack of interest by visitors.

October 2008 - Due to my renewed interest in World of Warcraft I added on a button for a page that discusses Death Knight, the class I play at the time. In the future the page may change classes or focus, but it will at least be a permanent place to house my screen shots. This page was later retired when I stopped playing and lack of interest by visitors.

August 2010 - I picked up a fancy phone and added sections for fancy phone art or game discussion.

November 2010 - I added a section for YouTube videos made by me.

January 2011 - I began the "rabb1t's ramblings" podcast series.

August 2013 - Blizzard awarded me MVP status for Hearthstone. (Jan, 2019, due to lack of any kind of reward or thanks, stopped doing tech help on the forums.)

rabb1t appearances
I have been on a few podcasts.

Death D4 Dishonor soundtracks
Soundtrack 1, 2, 3 - 2012, 2013
Sound editing/composition, occasional voice work.
The Grey Area Podcast
Episode 25: The Year of the rabb1t - 7/11/2011
The Rift Podcast
Rift Podcast 20: Gamer Day Attendees talk soul system, pvp and more! - Nov 15, 2010
One of many guests.

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Last page update - 6/2/19; gamer tags removed due to increasing hacker activity against gamers.

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