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March 31, 07, updated preview July 12, 07

Woot woot woot! I was able to get into an early Alpha build of Mythos, which is being developed by Flagship Studios as a free game in order to test their server structure for their upcoming game Hellgate:London.

I may update this page in the future with more shots of later builds, later play sessions, or perhaps this may even evolve into my first game review.

Mythos was created by the same person who created Fate, so if you are familiar with the gameplay style there you will be very familiar with Mythos. Since Fate was similar to the original Diablo series (created by the 4 founders of Blizzard who eventually left and formed Flagship Studios) Mythos is sort of a spiritual follow-up to Diablo 1 and 2, on a much smaller, and sillier scale. The game revolves around a single town and the surrounding area, and as you progress you will learn about various locations that you can travel to. Note that while there is only one town now, more can always be added in later. The game is quick to pick up, and quick to play. Every dungeon is randomized and they are all fairly quick to romp through. Specs are fairly low end, so almost everyone who has purchased a PC in the past few years should be able to play.

Every picture here has a larger version. Simply click on the picture to see the larger version. Enjoy!

This is me, a noob Gremlin, taking a shot at my first dungeon entrance. Yes, that is a small cigar in my mouth, and yes, if you watch carefully you can see it's faint wisp of smoke in the dungeons.

Each dungeon has it's own entrance area, and that area (and the dungeon) is instanced just for you and your group. The area will always have one standard vendor, which typically has a little of everything, and one tracking type vendor who will return you to your last location in the dungeon should you need it.

This shot was with the camera in "vanity" mode, which you can get by pressing V. This angle would be great for self-screen shots, if it weren't for that pesky UI that doesn't disappear. (Maybe that will change in future builds.)

Also note in the bottom right corner you have a mini-map showing. This can be made larger, or made invisible. This is pretty handy as it shows the layout of your current area as well as any major points of interest, such as quest givers, stairs, exits, etc.

Your camera can't be controlled in terms of what angle you view the dungeon, it doesn't rotate, nor can you control the angle of your view.

However, you can zoom out really far, and zoom in really close.

This is the map. Whenever you accept a new quest, or you find a map fragment, you can right click the map fragment in your inventory and it will add a location to your main map.

The bar along the top is the maximum number of locations you can know at any one time.

This is not the map that existed during this preview. This is a shot of the alpha game map; May 2007. Note that the Beta build on July 12 2007 changed the look.

This is a shot of me inside my first quest based dungeon, Lasher Corral.

Dungeons where you have quests will show the quest they contain when you mouse over the location on the map. They also show the level range and a 'con color' relative to your level. Once you have completed a quest the dungeon will remain a known location and you can revisit it at any time. Remember, they are random, so they can provide lots of fun even if you don't have a quest.

(There is also a sort of crafting system in the game, which I don't really cover here, and bits needed for crafting can be found in dungeons. So you may want to re-do dungeons for crafting bits.)

Some dungeons are "temporary" and once you exit them they will automatically disappear from your map. Visit these carefully. If you loose connection to the game, or you accidentally return to the main town and forget they are temporary you won't be able to return to them unless you find a new map fragment that reveals their location again.

After a very short while you'll gain a level.

You get 5 points per level to level up your stats, of which there are 4. As you can see from the screen shot the game tells you which stats affect what character skills.

Unfortunately I found out the hard way it is probably better to be conservative and save some points until you are very sure on how you want to build your stats. You don't want to wind up with stats you won't use or that won't benefit you.

You also get points to level up your skills. How many points will depend on what level you are. This character's class is a "Bloodletter", which can be tweaked to be a berserker type character, or more of an assassin type, or someone who summons pets that can do various things.

Although I didn't mouse over any skills to get their description I did take a shot of the 3 different categories to give you an idea of how skills flow. (Being an early build any skill and its effect could change at any build update, so there really isn't much point in gathering lots of details that may change later.)

You can choose a skill from any tree you want, you don't have to stick to any one category or anything like that, but as the skills go down the picture they do have prerequisites, such as level. Some skills will increase other skills (called, I believe, a Synergy), so it may be beneficial to stick to one category.

Anyone familiar with Diablo 2, or any game based on a talent tree system, will be very familiar with how skill selection works here in Mythos.

Updated preview, July 12th build - Note that with any unrealesed project things change. Along with the new build came a very different skill design. While many aspects of the skill system are similar it isn't quite like the one pictured here from the alpha build.

Before too long you'll have some pretty nifty weapons with boosted effects. Some may even have visible particles.

One aspect carried over from the old Diablo games was the item sockets. This allows you to place gems that boost the weapon abilities into a weapon that has sockets. Not all have sockets, and the number of sockets will vary.

For some reason, Gremlin females, who were naked or who had a pink shirt on, were very popular this evening. :p

(That blocked out part is her name.)

This shot is just to show off some of the humor in the game. I think this guy is a Goblin. He's one of the quest givers, so this guy is actually a good guy. I did, however, encounter various types of his race as bad guys in the dungeons near the end of my evening (about level 14+).

He is very pumped up, but he has little tiny legs!

Here I am at the end of my first test session!

Check me out. I'm looking pretty styling in some studded leather, got a hat now, and I've got a cape. I also have some pretty cool swords, which you can't tell from the look because they don't have elemental particle effects.

Here are some shots from an updated build, the "beta build", which went live on July 12th, 2007.

These shots are in no particular order (ok they are alphabetically by file name) and include shots of the new dungeon models, the new map, the new mini-map, and some new critters.

(The text area has been blotted out on purpose, it doesn't normally look like that.)

Comments and stuff Copyright E. Stryker 2006-2010
Product images are copyright of wherever I borrowed them from if borrowed, or by me if taken by me. :)

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