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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 3: oh noes

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Week 113

Day 785 - 8/25 - A day

Today was a fair day though it still doesn't even really feel much past noon. I remember the sun coming up and now it's beginning to go down at 7 in the evening. I didn't really accomplish anything today. Well, I certainly don't feel like it. I got up, went to campus, took a shower, couldn't sleep due to construction noise so I didn't try for long, went to the lower stair area because again the side room was being cleaned, and that was really my day. I made several passes on car ads, checked job postings, and that was really it besides chatting on game boards.

I've been thinking about stuff talked about and said at my survey pre-interview. I have been sighing a lot lately. I didn't before the pre-interview, but now I am noticing that I am afterwards. I checked my blood pressure with a machine and it said that I was "low to moderate" risk. I certainly don't have the below average (in a good way) rating that I used to have only about four years ago. All this stress, poor sleep, depression, and poor eating is really taking a physical toll. I have no idea how long that will take to get better, if it isn't like my teeth in that it is something lost forever along this terrible journey.

Still, even with all my depression and all the things I so terribly miss from my former life, I do still have and appreciate the little things. Busses carry me here and there safely. It's warmed up at last, so I've rarely been cold these past few days. I've got my phone and a handful of games. My stuff is held safely in storage awaiting my return to a life. And I do have a way to get online and continue to try and get my life truly back on track. But will it ever? Will it ever be what it was? Will it ever be something different than the constant suffering and depression that I have now? I don't know. I'm beginning to fear these small pleasures may be all I will ever have again. I feel like my house and everything in it burnt down. I can find things from my old life now and then in the rubble, but if I try to touch and hold it it crumbles to dust and blows away in the wind.

Day 786 - 8/26 - Another day, somewhat relaxed

Today has been a somewhat relaxed day. My paycheck was higher than my budget estimate, so that was a nice surprise. I've posted some wallpapers for the droid for some droid users of a game I'm following (did some for the iPhone already), checked car boards, checked fun boards, and watched some shows. While a nice relaxed day so far (still not back in the side room) I'd have preferred to hustle off campus to look at a car or maybe two. Now nearing 4:30 the odds of finding something for the weekend are rapidly diminishing. There is still tomorrow though, and posts do seem to ramp up starting around now until late afternoon tomorrow before dropping off for the weekend, so I'm still hopeful.

That's really all so far. Nothing super exciting yet.

Day 787 - 8/27 - Yet another day with nothing new

I guess it's been a pretty relaxed day so far. I sold my camera early this morning, so that paid for part of the phone upgrade and went into my car cash envelope. Though I don't know if it's really worth carrying around. I've had it for what seems like over a week now. I worry. It's a lot to just be carrying around. But, I keep hoping I'll find something to look at and be ready to buy at a moment's notice. No prospects carried over from yesterday. I put out three messages this morning but no replies yet. It likely will be yet another no car weekend.

I've got about 2.5 hours left until I need to leave for work, a little less if I want to grab dinner. I decided to go ahead and get a whole pre-cooked chicken now, but I always forget that for whatever reason the ones here are always super greasy and upset my tummy if I have more than just a small amount.

The teens were all over here at the start of lunch time. I'd forgotten that they do that. Lately my brain has been in a weird place. I don't seem to be remembering my old routines anymore. Things commonplace, like the teens getting lunch, seem long forgotten. I watched some of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog when surfing boards earlier. Like the teens, I'd forgotten that I used to watch shows all the time when surfing boards with a little picture-in-picture on my monitor. It too seemed strange and foreign, not like part of a life I once lived, but more like a piece of a long forgotten show that I'd only seen once long ago.

Times like now my life seems like a strange movie or show. I sit here alone looking out at all the people busy with their lives, yet only teeny fragments we have in common touch me. This bench where I sit, the ash tray and garbage next to me used by so many, seen so many times in passing, were only ever background items in my life. Now I feel like a part of that background. I feel like I've become one of those soulless background people noone ever talks to or interacts with. And when the scene is over things will move on, and I will never be seen again.

Day 788 - 8/28 - Windy day on campus

It's just about 1:45. I've been on campus a lot longer than I thought I'd be. My day started at the coffee shop checking for cars hoping to find something. By 10 I'd found nothing solid and came to campus to take my shower. Sadly, even though there were teams here the showers were cold. I got to where I am now by 11. I'm outside of the small side room sitting at an outside bench. I've stayed long because I haven't seen any patrols. Usually I see an electracop or black and white roam through the area once every half hour to an hour, but I haven't seen a single one in roughly 3 hours. I may go back to the shower area at around 2 to be warm inside and charge my netbook for a bit.

So far today I've spent about 4 hours looking at cars. There are a few ads of cars I'd love, but I gave them 'low ball' figures. One is on the other side of the bay and I can't get to it (it would take around 3 hours by bus/train) and the other is at a dealer, which I'm still hesitant to trust after my last experience. These were the first to appear in my searches within the 'what if' range of having vs. not having my iPhone. So, now you nay-sayers can poo poo me. (Though one I can't get due to distance even with the money, and the other I don't know if I'd trust.) I don't regret it though. There are features it has that I've used that I wouldn't have had without. Like a few days ago I brought up the g.p.s. map and helped someone clarify directions that they'd been given. They were lost without that. And yesterday H sent some pictures of a possible car to look at. A few times too I've checked bus routes. So there are some very cool non-gaming features that have been great to have.

It's super windy and cold today. I'd say it's in the low 70s, which is super strange after it's been over 100F just a few days ago. I guess it's supposed to warm back up towards the 80s soon, so that should be good.

I was really hoping to find a car by the weekend. I know I say that every week, but lately it's been more sad than usual. There are still unfulfilled birthday desires - another movie, maybe a special dinner that isn't rushed, or a special food that I'd carry with me and nibble on over time - simple desires, but still. But it again seems like it will be another weekend without.

Day 789 - 8/29 - Bleh day

Today has been pretty bleh. I had work this morning, which is good, but with still no car that meant a 30-40 minute walk first thing in the morning. I got to work nearly an hour early though, so I set myself up on a few chairs and thankfully zonked back out for a bit. I played my mobile games basically the full nearly 6 hours during my shift, so that was fun. Since then though my day has been bleh. I did laundry, which was greatly overdue. I took a bus back to the ex-home area so I could drop off my laundry back into the ex-garage in storage. I checked for cars, but as I expected there were none. I'm having an early dinner, so I've still a few hours of Internet left. I'll probably watch some shows when I'm done eating.

School should be open in the morning. I saw a sign in the locker-room that read 'closed for Labor day Friday to Monday'. If they were going to be closed other times, why only mention those days? It seems to support the theory that school will probably always have the locker-room, shower, and side room open. If I had a car I may try going elsewhere to connect, but so far it's one of the few places I can. My netbook's wireless is the weakest on the planet. Even my phone, which is infinitely smaller, has fewer issues with WiFi. I don't know of the mall issues are all my system or the mall. It could be my system has just become too sensitive to see it. It seems that way at school sometimes (others are online fine while I struggle with constant drops or not seeing the signal.)

I probably just feel blah because everyone's life is moving forward but mine. Friends are getting new jobs, moving different places, moving forward with their life's plans, yet mine remains the same. I try and hold onto the little things that I can, but it seems overall that my life continues to slowly crumble around me.

Day 790 - 8/30 - Minus one study

It's dinner time at a work shift, but my brain keeps thinking it's lunch time. Maybe it's because I'm having soup, maybe it's because of all of my lack of sleep lately has just created a really whacked out sense of time.

Didn't do much today. I got to school and got to use teh Internets, but the little side room was still closed. If it hadn't have been I likely could have taken a nap in there. There were zero cars to reply to, but lots posted. There seem to be a growing number in places too far to be feasible to reach.

I expressed concern over the terrible blood drawing experience to the survey person. She agreed that I shouldn't do that study, as there isn't anything they could do about the pain. And apparently blood could be drawn as often as once an hour with repeated re-stabbings into me with the needle if it came loose. So since the one draw of having a needle in me for 10-15 minutes was nearly unbearable pain, she disqualified me for that study. It's sad because that was the higher paying, sleepover, no drug study, but the pain would have been too much. Mind you when I say this I don't have a low pain tolerance. It's incredibly high. (Obviously it has to be to endure this long being homeless.) When I was in my mid-teens I actually broke my arm and noone knew I had because I was able to mentally block out enough pain to function normally and seek help. It must have been hours before I was taken to the hospital and given drugs. Well, the surveys are what they are. I get in to the ones I get into.

I spent the $70 for the bus pass for September. Hopefully I won't regret that. Since there were no replies this morning from anyone I figure it's likely this will be yet another week without. While I remain hopeful, with Monday gone that realistically means it's unlikely I'll look at a car before Wednesday at the soonest.

Last night when trying to sleep my nighttime activities came to mind. How strange it felt and seemed to remember that back in the day at that time I'd have finished dinner, finished watching shows, then be starting up my computer for a bit of time before bed cruising boards. Once upon a time my life was about choice. Now it seems my life is all about can'ts. I can't sleep in. I can't wake up, roll out of bed, and go take a shower. I can't choose what to have for lunch. I can't choose what to cook for dinner. I can't choose what game(s) to play. I can't choose if I want dessert. I can't choose to watch a show or movie during dinner. Once upon a time my life was filled with choice. Simple choice to be sure, but choices none the less. Now... now those memories are beginning to fade and they are becoming forgotten and lost.

Day 791 - 8/31 - Fast day

Today went super fast. It's work time now. I got to campus by 9; again the side room was closed and locked. I spent all day until I needed to leave there online. Mostly I just looked for cars, but I did check jobs too, checked fun boards, and watched a few shows.

There is some weirdness with the second study. I guess there is a bunch of interview stuff they need to do. I can't make either of the two times offered this week really, so I don't know what will happen there. It will have to wait or I won't be able to do that one either.

I got a single serving dessert apple pie. I don't think I've gotten one in longer than the like six weeks the car has been dead. Seems like just another thing that I used to do (semi) regularly that I haven't been able to do in quite a while.

Guess that's it for this week and tonight. I've got a bad movie to watch then a few hours of whatever time. I probably should make a cover for book 3, but I'm having a sort of tough time figuring out exactly what I want to do for it.

Week 114

Day 792 - 9/1 - Farewell to not friends

It's earlyish morning, around 10:15. I'm getting very frustrated with my netbook. I don't know if it's getting worn out or what, but I've now been disconnected from the school network no less than six times so far today. I signed in with my phone right when I got here and it's been dropped zero times, including walking all the way down the hall to the bathroom where I get no phone call signal. Granted, it's designed for wireless connectivity, but still, it's getting frustrating seeing others around me not have any issues. I looked at a few gaming systems online just now, and if I accept a heavier, less portable, standard battery life system I could get a very solid system for cheaper than the M11x (since it's no longer on summer sale). While I don't have the money now it is an alternative down the line to consider.

It seems there was some drama last night on Facebook. C&H posted a rather mean posting. Not a private message, but an open post all people can read. I can delete it, but I'll leave it up until I can get my stuff from them. At that point I'll delete it and remove them as friends. If I have to I'll schedule a car rental for a day next week. I'm trying to see if I can get one for today, but they are all booked. I'll have to call later to see if one got canceled. I won't go into huge detail about the drama, but I gues I made a few comments on friends pages I'd met at their events and parties a few times that C&H didn't like. I was just being my usual regular sometimes silly self making comments that I thought were funny or lighten the mood. Being of darker humor I guess they weren't found to be funny (which is odd with that croud, as they are darker than me.) So C&H told me I should remove those people as friends. Well, fine, whatever. We never chatted directly anyways outside of those parties/events. They were never more than friends of friends. I'm sorry and sad to think I may have hurt them, but that happens with new people who don't really know you. The thing is I don't know that C&H care to know me either anymore. Since the failed vacation event I notice they seemed to be withdrawing more and more. But looking back over the entire past eight or so months since I first hung out with them it's actually been declining the entire time. They seemed very caring and concerned about me at first, but over time, even in the early days, they seemed to question my motives and actions and accuse or attack rather than understand. When I can, this is why I'll unfriend them. I don't need people questioning, accusing, and attacking me in my life, particularly right now. I want to surround myself with people who are curious, seek understanding, and who react with concern, care, even love, at the very least react with respect for the other person being who they are even if they disagree or don't understand why that person is making that choice. They should understand and accept that's how that person is.

So yeah, lots of drama today. Whee. I guess this is what you get when you have friends, but if this is what it is, I'd rather just see them on very rare occasion or not at all. I don't need someone challenging, insulting, or attacking my decisions. Sure, not understanding me is the logical and rational mode most people are aligned to. My choices often times on the surface don't make sense. But, if you look deeper, those choices often do. If you understand me, they always make sense for me. If you care to ask why (while reserving judgment) I'll be happy to explain it. You are free to agree or disagree. But don't judge without understanding, don't attack. That's not a very happy way to live your life.

Time passes

I got the rental car, ran over to C&H's, got my stuff, put what I could back into their boxes in the ex-garage in storage (some items will take a bit of shifting to get back into their boxes), and now I'm back on campus trying to use the Internet. It's failing miserably, disconnecting me literally every other second. This morning it was about 10-12 disconnects compared to zero on my phone. I'm seriously considering seeing if there were a way to replace the netbooks WiFi for cheap and if it's possible to do so.

C&H seemed ... unusually normal. They weren't cold or distant or judgmental like they seemed in recent messages or posts. Just a friendly front while I was there? I don't know. I guess we'll see in the coming days what happens on Facebook. Maybe they will unfriend themselves, maybe there will be more drama later, maybe neither, but I also never get to come visit again. Things seem weird; even more so when I visited because they seemed normal. I can say there were no questions about my health, safety, mental well being, or concern about my situation, or being sorry that I felt I had to rent a car to come get my stuff. I suppose it's a positive thing there were no judgments or attacks about that, but it's also inconsistent with recent actions that there weren't. I guess I'll leave them friended for now and see what happens over time.

It's nearing 8 and everything is becoming a ghost town here on campus. I'm not sure how much longer they are open but I may leave soon to seek other shelter.

It seemed so odd to be driving again. The freedom was liberating, as if I'd been rooted forever and it finally wore off and I could move freely again. But with it returns the fears. Am I being watched? Is that officer coming after me for some reason? Will I be noticed in this bright red car as not moving from the parking spot in forever? Will I be noticed when I try and sleep?

I suppose all will turn out to be my normal troubled homeless life tonight and tomorrow before I return the car.

A friend had a baby today. I hope their life goes better than mine. With about 50+ messages of congratulations on their page already (it's only been a few hours) I'm sure they will do just fine. I'm beginning to think there is far more success among those with inherited strong social networks, while those like me who have none are doomed to never gain our own.

Day 793 - 9/2 - Feeling less sad

I feel a little less sad today. I got to stay in the rental car last night. It was scary because my head and shoulders were totally visible, but my spot hid me well enough. Early morning I moved to school and it was fine. I got pretty upset when I returned the car though, as I wasn't expecting the full day charge when I'd only used it for less than 20 hours. That's $10 I should have gotten back.

I wound up taking a drive last night. I didn't plan it or anything, just wound up on the road for a while. I thought for quite a bit about why I feel good driving at night. It's because I think back to happier times. Times when I was a teen and in my early 20s when the gray ghost and I would go driving, or times when I was in my late teens and driving to or from a girlfriends home who was a few hours drive from mine. I'm not here, not now, not in my sad life, not even in my sad life escaping into the night. I'm then. I'm transported to who I was. I'm not me now escaping or remembering them, I am me then.

I feel a bit better though I know nothing has really changed. I still have zero car prospects. I haven't had a job prospect in what seems forever. I suppose though there was some change today. My stuff formerly at C&H's is now back in ex-garage storage. It's close, and I can go visit it at any time. I suppose too finding the cheaper laptops have lifted my spirits a bit too. Though with a realistic figure for what the car will cost I'm still looking at early November at the soonest to move to a real gaming laptop.

Though my life remains sad with no true prospects of change, I remain hopeful that it is all for some greater forward step, some greater reason that may forever elude me. I trust in Fate and the gods that guide my path and hope they bring me home soon.

Day 794 - 9/3 - Wiggly tooth is wiiigllly

It's about 11:15. I'm early for all I can nom pizza. I'm considering reactivating my WoW account and playing a bit. Here at the pizza place is one of the most stable connections in the wild. I'm still hesitant though. At 5-15 FPS and about 15-20% increased delay on all my abilities, my enjoyment is really limited. Even with a cheaper car I'd still be looking at ... oh I guess not all that long, about 2-2.5 months. My current plan/budget though with a more expensive car puts a laptop closer to mid-December, which seems a very long way away, but I guess that's only three months. With a car there are a few decent play locations; Without, play connectivity is unreliable. At this point I'll see how I feel and think about it more. While my urge to play is returning, it is very upsetting to have limited content access because raids drop me to 7 or lower FPS. They just aren't playable at all. Since it's the only thing really left for me to do, there isn't much more waiting for me save for repetitive grinding. There are some upcoming betas that I'm looking forward to, notably Rift: Planes of Telara, but I think I still have a few months to worry about it. Who knows, in a few months time I could be happily in love, making new friends, and have a place to play with my desktop system and money to upgrade it to current hardware (or just build a new system). I always remain hopeful.

I am a bit more sad than not today. While I remain hopeful about everything there is decreased activity everywhere what with the holiday. There were zero car ads to reply to in the past few days, so I'm realistically out until at least Tuesday. Nights are still cold, and full of fear and worry, but I don't want to think or talk about it. It just makes me more sad. Better to focus on happier awake time things when I can seem and feel more normal.

My wiggly tooth is super wiggly lately. I think nothing remains of it save for its top and the inside facing. I think its middle and root bits are all deteriorated away. Something still holds it mostly in place though. I yank to pop it out and end it and there is a tuggish pain. I think the gummy root at its center is still holding it in. It's just lost it's foundation to hold it still. It's only a matter of time though, and I expect it will be gone in a matter of weeks at this point.

I guess that's all for today. I got two movies from a new Blockbuster Express kiosk. It's a good thing I didn't have any movies out with the old kiosk. This one replaced it overnight. It was like *poof* instant change. It's good because I got two older ones I haven't seen yet (that the other one didn't have), but the new stuff I really want to see seems absent still. Well, I guess they will come soon enough.

I guess that's all the rambling for now. Nothing seems changed in my online life, and that's where most change would begin these days. It seems I'm looking at a long weekend with little to do. I am thankful I can at least have my netbook for board surfing, and now my iPhone for mobile gaming. I'm glad of that. But even with those I'm looking at about 18 hour days. Even with my little pleasures there is much I miss that I would otherwise be doing, and with what I miss many things that I cannot do because I don't have those things anymore.

Day 795 - 9/4 - No convention for me

It's a sadder feeling day. It's just past 12:30 and I don't know what I'll do. I just had lunch to the fabulous view of a parking lot and mobile recycling center. Before that I spent about 3 hours surfing the web checking for cars, jobs, and fun boards. I haven't reactivated my account yet. I'm still considering it though.

I'm considering going to the library to have a bit more private space, but if I do that I don't have an Internet connection. (Not one that isn't timed anyways.) Plus, it's about 1/2 hour or more by bus each way, plus 5-10 minutes of walking each way, so that adds a lot of lost time to my day. Just because I have the time to waste doesn't mean I'd want to waste it.

Maybe I'm sad because this weekend is yet another fun convention / LAN party I've been wanting to go do over the years. I thought about seeing if I could get to it since I've no work to interfere and entry tickets were only something like $50, but they were sold out a few weeks ago. Even if the bus ride wouldn't have been that expensive entry wouldn't have been possible. Plus, hotels averaged $200 a night. That I most certainly couldn't have afforded, though I suppose it may have been possible to just stay up all night since there is a 24/7 LAN party section (to my knowledge.)

I guess I'll just go back to the coffee shop and do whatever. It seems that some people have an average stay of 3-5 hours now that the Internet is free, and the workers don't seem to mind people staying long like they did a year ago.

I'm so exhaustedly tired. I'm tempted to lie down on the hill and nap. It just wouldn't feel right though. Maybe tomorrow and Monday I'll go to the library early in the day and nap. I don't like it though because I lose my Internet connection, leaving me little to do.

I think about everyone having a good time at PAX. I think about those who can't go who are at home gaming, or having a nice BBQ this weekend. And I hope none of them are as troubled as me. I hope of all my fellow gamer peeps, and pretty much everyone, are not sitting in a parking lot like me, missing out and wishing for so many things that would otherwise be our lives. I suppose the reality is though that I'm not. And for myself and all of them I am sad.

Day 796 - 9/5 - Drive by LARPing

I have a cold again. I'm sniffling, sneezing, and have a messed up throat. I've had headaches too lately. It's around noon and I've basically done all my daily activities. I checked for cars, jobs, fun boards, even helped someone with a system build and worked on new builds for my site. I have no idea what I'll do during the rest of my day. I may play on my mobile; I may reactivate my WoW account. I don't know. Reactivating the account is like going to Disneyland and being restricted to only two rides, both of which have lines that are hours long, so I don't know how anxious I am without a real gaming laptop and having my restrictions removed.

I decided to go ahead and get Big Bang Theory (both season 1 and 2) for a late birthday present. I know, I already overspent on my phone. But it's an actual device that does useful things; it's not like the silly lolz that is Big Bang Theory. It's like being with friends who make me laugh. Not having friends of my own that I see on an even semi-regular basis anymore I don't have anyone in my life that makes me laugh. Right now it's like if I can't laugh, if I can't progress in life, at least if I have my with my comedy shows they can make me laugh, and with games I can have virtual gain. I think that's part of why gaming is so important to me. At least there I succeed. I often excel at what I'm doing and there is measureable gain.

I guess that's all for now. Even with 9 or so hours left before I go and hide for the night I doubt anything new will come up to write about.

Time passes

I'm so very sick. My eyes and head hurt so bad. I don't know if I feel more like I'm going to cry from the pain or throw up. I wonder if some lunch meat I ate yesterday was bad. I'd been eating it for a few days, so that that may be when I caught this cold. I prey I can last long enough to find a place to rest. I keep fading out to sleep. I don't know if that's from a mix of the pain and lack of sleep or just lack of sleep. The lack of sleep could be causing the illness too.

I saw the craziest thing a while ago. It looked like a drive by LARPing. These guys drove by in a car. Two of them shouted, "lightning bolt!", while one shouted, "blinding light!" It was the weridest thing ever. I'd think it was my sick mind hallucinating, but I'd just sat down at the time, so it is highly unlikely to have been a hallucination.

Oooooh my poor head, eyes, neck, and tummy. I so very much need a safe and quiet place to lay down and rest.

Day 797 - 9/6 - Fate's bread crumbs

I'm feeling a bit better today. Yesterday I felt so bad I had crackers and a handful of grapes for dinner and that was it. I got some medicine too, so I've been taking that. I'm still very sniffly and sneezing, but the massive headaches are gone. In a few days I should be back to my not-normal normal health.

I saw my friend/ex-roomie this morning. She didn't talk to me because she was with her boyfriend who hates me or whatever. It's always funny to see what's happened to him. In the like 2 years since they (when I say they I really just mean he) made me move out he's gone from 15-20% gray hair to about 90%. And he has long hair down past his shoulders. And he's about 10 years younger than me and I have less gray than he had when he kicked me out. Ha! He has more old look than me! It's like he got cursed with old look for kicking me out to the street.

It was odd to think about them though. Why were they out? (They are the type to never leave the house.) Were they going food shopping? Shopping somewhere else? To see friends? Will they go back home and spend their day there or will they do something fun like so many others are today? Once upon a time I'd known the answers to these questions. It doesn't matter I suppose since I'm not a part of their lives anymore. But it reminded me of my own day. A day when I would basically be staying in the coffee shop all day, perpetually cycling the boards if I wanted to or not because that's really all I had available to do besides playing mobile games or maybe renting a movie. Not much to say about my day save for that it would not be what my day would have been in a home. While it won't be without joy, it will be greatly diminished in all senses.

I found a dollar on the ground yesterday, and I recently won $2 in the lottery. I guess it's yet another sign from Fate to not give up, that life can still surprise me.

Not much else today to talk about. It's around 5. I'm having an early dinner, as I often do these days. (Safer that way in case I have to go to the bathroom since none are close by most nights when I'm hiding at night.) I put out two car replies, one somewhat close, and one so far it would take 1.5-2 hours by speedy car, so that is very unlikely to pan out but it's exactly the kind I'm looking for.

What a shame my life potential is mostly wasted. I can still do some things, like help people with computer stuff on boards, but others, like sharing lols with friends, cooking them dinner, showing them a movie, sharing my love with a sweetie... all unrealized potential wasting away. Hopefully you out there reading are able to share yourselves and your lives with others. Be thankful to your peeps for sharing their lives with you.

Day 798 - 9/7 - Over 500

Today has gone pretty quick. I got to be at school, yea. I probably should have taken a nap. Zomg I'm so tired. I was fading in and out earlier. Maybe I will nap Thursday.

Still no luck with cars. Things are still slow from the holiday. I did send out an app for a part time job. A guy actually called me back to ask questions and stuff. I won't hold my breath though. It wouldn't be a career and there were apparently over 500 apps in the just 6 hours that his ad had been up. How crazy is that? That's about one application every 0.75 seconds!

I'm at my mini work with no movie. There was nothing to rent at the kiosk. I've seen it all. I don't expect anything surprising to happen during the rest of my evening. I suppose though the good news is that nothing (new) bad happened. I guess this is bye to another week.

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