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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 11: It Goes to Eleven

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Week 533

Day 3725 - 9/12 - Test retest methodology

Today I am again trying the clear drink experiment. This time I got enough clear drink for 2-3 days, so we'll see how things go. My day was about normal for congestion and the real test is overnight. I'm thinking this is either a cold that just won't let go, or it's environmental. Environmental would explain why I can only get control while at the library, as it's the only filtered environment I have access to. But, I figure the drink theory is worth re-testing since overall environment and my regular soda are the only two constants in my life right now. Yes, I'm only eating about six different foods, but the reaction would be more seveer if it were something that's not a constant, like a food allergy.

I feel kind of sad today. I have fun in my game, but I'm still pretty lonely. And due to my limitations and not being able to do group activities with either guild, I still feel like a lot of the time I'm working towards nothing. The things I collect, for the most part, just get banked, or go relatively unused, much like real world things in my regular life.

I guess it was an ok day though. I did get up more than an hour early, so I'm extra exhausted. But I played my game as much as I wanted without lag interfering. I watched some shows and even laughed a bit. And I had enough food.

So I try to stay hopeful. Hopefully I can get some extra rest tonight. Hopefully I'm not strangled by congestion. Hopefully help and donations come. And hopefully I can hang on until better days.

Day 3726 - 9/13 - Confirmation not a food allergy

Today pretty much confirms the congestion is not a food allergy, which is not really a surprise. Sure, it was one of three possibilities, but due to my age, and that my diet hasn't changed for basically years due to the limitations, something starting in the last few months seems highly unlikely. Today at about 1-2 hours into my library time I became the most stuffed up I'd ever been. Even heavily overdosing on the nose spray did nothing. It just made my nose literally run for like half an hour, with zero impact on the congestion.

I guess it was a reasonably ok day other than the massive cold. I did what I wanted in my game pretty quickly and then had plenty of time to mess around. Though the connection started to go bad around 3 so I didn't get a chance to do stuff with my online friend, which is very sad.

I played other stuff and watched shows, so the bandwidth was ok for those thankfully.

So for another day I tried to hang on to hope. And hopefully I will make it to better days ahead.

Day 3727 - 9/14 - Hopefully past the worst

Today and last night were the worst the cold has been yet. Last night I couldn't breathe at all and my throat was totally dry all the time from my mouth being open and gasping for breath. I must have woken up every half hour or hour all night long. And I had terrible dreams.

Through the early afternoon the library time didn't get much better. I was still completely plugged up in my nose and I was constantly sneezing or had a runny nose. Also, there was so much yuck in my tummy I felt like I was going to throw up and had chills. I had a bad headache too. It was so bad in the morning that my eyeballs hurt. How weird is that?

It was so bad that during my morning shopping I got some decongestants again. Now, in the evening, it seems like things are finally clearing up and on the road to recovery. I'm not breathing clearly, but my nose passage is dry, yet still stuffed up. It will probably backtrack some during the night, but hopefully I can get clear or mostly better before the meds run out in two days.

I had a strange chance meeting with a student today too. He came by to apparently do some writing, but his laptop seemed to not be working. How weird that I was going up the stairs in the middle of the day as he was going down at exactly the right time to meet and chat for a minute. Normally I go up those stairs only once in a day.

I guess I had an ok time gaming and watching stuff. The connection was stable until around 4, so that's when I basically stopped playing my game and did other things.

I guess despite how sick I am it was an ok day. So I try to hang on to hope. And hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 3728 - 9/15 - Dry lips

Today was mostly ok. The bandwidth at the library was pretty bad, so I had to stay solo all day. My online friends were on, but I didn't have a chance to do stuff with them.

In good news for the past few hours I've been breathing through my nose. I'm still congested, but it's dry. And I was even breathing normally without realizing I was doing it. It's been such a struggle to breathe though my nose lately. I had another pretty terrible night last night. I was waking up frequently due to being congested. And the past couple of nights I've breathed through my mouth so much I have cracked dry lips. I had to drink a lot the past few nights because my mouth was so dry when I was sleeping that it woke me up. So hopefully things are starting to finally turn around. Hopefully I'll finally be fully clear soon.

I'm pretty exhausted having bad sleep the past few nights and fighting the cold. But I can still play and watch shows, so that's something. So I try and hang on to the good times. And hopefully I can make it to better days.

Day 3729 - 9/16 - Slow to fast day

Today was an odd mix. I had a lot of fun and did a bunch of stuff and when I checked the time it was only 2 when it felt like 5. So it was great in that the morning and early afternoon felt long. But after that things passed pretty quickly. It felt like I only watched a couple of shows and then my time at the library was over.

I'm still pretty sick. I'm very congested deep inside. My nose is clearing more, but still plugging up at night. I slept better last night than I have in a long time, but my lips were still dry from needing to breathe through my open mouth. I still have tooth pain at times from my wiggly dying wisdom tooth. And an extreme deep sadness about that, on top of all my everyday sad things.

I guess today was pretty ok looking at the positive things, but there are still so many sad things it is very difficult to not feel very sad. I suppose though there is this coming week, but after that there is school, and maybe that will help distract me.

So I try to hang on. I try to stay hopeful. I try to hope help and donations come, and that I can hang on until better days.

Day 3730 - 9/17 - Still dry

Today my lips are still pretty dry. Most of the day I was super congested. Again the meds really seem to have little to no impact. Pretty much heavy overdose of nose spray is the only way to pierce the congestion.

I felt pretty sick for half of the day, again a bit feverish, sleepy, sneezy, and the confusion of not being able to keep track of what I'm doing.

I guess it was an ok day though. I didn't do anything different really. Oh, the optical drive software issue is finally fixed. After the last reply I got sick of it, as that was the third reply with two to three days between each reply. I was like 'look, the demo software works fine, other software works fine, it's confirmed that it's not a hardware issue. Just give me a link to re-download the software or a key to make the demo software permanent'. They did finally give me a link to re-download the software. And, as I'd guessed would be the case like two weeks ago, it now works fine again.

But I guess the day was ok. While I was sick I wasn't too sick. So I try to hang on to the good things. And I try to hang on to the hope that donations will come, and I can make it to better days.

Day 3731 - 9/18 - So much congestion in the night

Today I am pretty tired. I again lost several hours of sleep last night due to being woken up by so much congestion I was being choked. If I can't get this to seriously clear soon I may have to consider going to a doctor, which at school might be difficult as they are usually pretty solidly booked the first month.

It's nearly October, so I unfortunately have to spend most of the last of my birthday money on the first car insurance payment. I guess it's ok in that I have it, but that leaves nothing for contacts, and nothing for the web space due at the end of the year. So I become more and more worried as the year comes to a close about all the bills I can't pay.

But I guess the weather outside seems moderate. I still have a car (though it's recently started having a rare faint odd noise, seemingly not related to engine speed), my laptop, and some of my health. So I try to hang on to the positive things. And I hope I can make it through to better days.

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