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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 2: Rise of teh Bunnah

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Week 55

Day 379 - 7/15 - Old, but still strong

It's lunch time right around noon. I'm so sleepy today. I could have slept in as long as I wanted, but as usual lately my body woke up around 8:45. I couldn't sleep until nearly 2 last night, so I've only gotten around 7 hours of sleep. It's pretty warm, but not hot like it was yesterday; at least not yet.

I suppose I don't have too much to complain about. I have showers, shelter of sorts, access to power, and with my ok income access to movies and games. While it's sad that it isn't as enjoyable as it could be they are more comeforts than some have.

I was going to start on the cover for book 2 - maybe I should call it expansion 1 for teh lolz - but I was so sleepy I decided to just check boards and watch one of the movies I have. I seem to have oopsed and have two really long movies. One is just a hair over two hours and the other about 2.75 hours.

I still don't get how some people seem to do ok so easily. Passing by an auto lot the other day I saw sporty cars costing around 35k+ and SUVs around 75k+. How do pepole afford these things? There was a family at pizza nom the other night and it made me wonder how people afford families. Even though it's for teh cheap that was one adult at $7 and six kids at $4 each; Adding on cost of drinks that's about $40 for that one meal. And that isn't even a lot for what you get. Cooking at home would be half that, but again that's just one meal. While this certainly isn't the norm it really makes me wonder how I'll ever recover. While I certainly qualify for jobs at 30k or higher, I've made far far less so far in my life. At this point in my life I should be making double that, or more, particularly if I want a family. How is that not happening? What am I doing wrong? Is it just because I've missed all the right windows? Because I didn't find love and stay married when I was in my early 20s? Because I didn't follow a standard career path since I was 16? Because I've never had stable friendships and people have moved in and out of my life every few years? As always, I remain confused.

With all the things I see for others it certainly wouldn't surprise me if there were things I were missing. If I don't or can't see them it is unlikely they will suddenly be revealed to me. If noone points me in the right direction, if noone helps me with the things I am seemingly missing am I doomed to forever continue as I am?

Day 380 - 7/16 - Facebook day

Lunch time; Nothing interesting going on today. I got about 9 hours of sleep, but I'm very sleepy, as usual. I'll be going to mini work soon; yet another mid day shift for a couple of hours. After I'll have a shower, but that's really it for my day. I'll do some wireless gaming and movie watching, but I have no real plans or anything.

I may sign up for the CBEST if I don't forget to check. I got paid today, so I may have the flexibility to sign up.

I cut my lip a bit last time I shaved. I'll have to be more careful. Manual razor shaving is a bit tougher, but I've decided to hold off a bit on an electric razor (or T-shirts). The disposables work ok and are like a couple of dollars for like a dozen, and I already have two or three left from a previous purchase. It is far less than ideal, but it works and it's for teh cheap.

Guess that's all for now.

Time passes

Having dinner nom at just a bit before 7:45. Today has had a crazy development. I got notice from Facebook that I had pending friend invites. I don't reall ever signing up for it. Being distrustful yet curious I opened a link to Facebook. (By typing in the main URL - not by clicking the email link.) To my strange surprise it is genuine. I must have signed up years ago and created a sort of placeholder page. The invite was an awesome surprise. It's from someone who I'd say was a best friend back in the day, but due to various reasons we never got to hang out as much as I'd have liked. The last time I saw him was maybe 10 years ago, about two years after he'd moved to two to three hours drive away. He was/is married and worked a lot so he never really had time to see me at all. I sent a message back and told him about teh rabb1t site, since that's new since he's last seen me.

It's odd that all these ghosts are appearing now that I'm homeless. First the ghost, who I hadn't seen in about 13 years or hung out with in probably 20. (Who oddly also emailed me today, which I got at the same time as the Facebook notice. He hasn't emailed for about three weeks or so.) Then the friend I helped who stayed in my home for a while who I'd not seen/heard from in like 13 years. And now this other friend who I've not seen in probably 10 years.

Pretty crazy times. Maybe it will provide something interesting to talk about over the next few days. Though I don't know how much I'll get to check email and such. Friday I'm working basically 11 AM to 10:15 PM and Saturday I'll be working roughly 1 PM to 8 PM.

Guess that's all for tonight.

Day 381 - 7/17 - "Totally aced the test"

It's around 1:45; getting an oil change. I had a no-stress shift at work, so that was ok, but I have to go for a training thing later before my evening shift. Busy busy the rest of the day.

Last night I was getting movies and I hear from behind me, "Hey, I remember you! " And I was like 'whuuuuttt?' It was one of the kids from the class I did my community service / TA thingy. She told her friend that I'd "totally helped her with math" and that she "totally aced the test after" I helped. Yeeeaaa for me. Yeeeaaa for helping. She asked how I was and stuff, but being like 10 I really couldn't answer honestly. It would have made her too sad/confused and she wouldn't be in a position to help. I've seen two other kids from the class as well over the past few months. They all seem to remember me, so that's happy. I wonder if I will be an influential person in their lives when they are older since I helped them in a tough time.

I heard back from the friend in a brief messsage. I guess he's going out of town for the weekend, so it's unlikely I'll get a real message back before next week. That's kind of exciting.

Guess that's it for now. Might be it for today due to limited time to write.

Time passes

The Fates have altered my path tonight. The "big TV" I normally do my Friday movies on has been moved to a storage closet and hooked up to a Karaoke machine. I could move it and alter the hookups, but I'll just leave it. Also, instead of grabbing a Salisbury steak TV dinner off the top of the stack I seem to have gotten a pork rib thing. I hate when people put stuff in the wrong stacks and I forget to verify which I have. Odd twists to my evening for sure, but I can watch my movies on my netbook and BBQ pork is meh. (I also have some micro pizza for my main dinner. The Salisbury steak (pork this time) is small, about as big as the palm of your hand.)

Guess that's all for tonight. The rest of the night is me at work. Not terribly interesting I expect.

Day 382 - 7/18 - Drama

It's just past 2:15 at aquatics mini work. Lots of drama today. The drama started at 12:10 when one of the bosses called and asked why I wasn't on shift. I was like 'my shift is x on the schedule'. Instead of him listening to my explination he's like "don't talk back" bla bla "you were supposed to be here already". So after I look at the schedule again after hanging up I see that every other person listed for today has 'X: time - time', where X is a code for the shift. By my understanding the time reference is a modification of X. I was assuming X was my shift since it wasn't noted as modified. I'll make a note to take it to a higher level if need be, but if X is really Y on the weekend and it isn't noted on the schedule as such it's not my fault for misunderstanding - particularly since part of a meeting yesterday was upper level bosses saying 'check your schedule for your hours, don't call and ask when you work.'

The drama continued at 12:30 when one of the guild peeps left the guild. Not a huge deal, but he is one of the two friends (they are a couple) that I joined the guild for. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear the story of why he quit, so I didn't know if I should leave as well or not. I probably will, as the people are ok, but they were only like six people I really like. I could basically just add them as friends and leave the guild and be just about the same. Unfortunately I'm here basically the rest of the night, so I don't think I'll have more info until later.

Bye for now I guess possibly the day.

Time passes

It's nearly 1:45 AM. I can't sleep. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the heat. Maybe it's the various drama of the day. I'm not sure. It could be both.

Drama at work is, well, work drama. I think my dad may be both right and wrong in that I don't want to work. He's right in that I don't want traditional work. Of all my potential career paths I can say I probably wouldn't love any of them 100% for 100% of the time. So, no, in that sense I don't want to work. Yet he is wrong in thinking that I don't want to contribute and be productive. I would love the financial freedom to keep playing with higher-end gaming and have enough money to test out the new hotness as well as keeping an eye on what can be gotten super cheap and still be playable - as well as everything imbetween. I would love the freedom to write more articles and reviews and talk about hardware on boards. I think I would be very happy serving the gaming community in that way. So no, not traditional "work" as it is, more "play" than work, but it serves a community of people - one that's growing larger and larger over time. (Both in visitors to my site and gamers around the world in general.)

The gaming drama seems more troubling. It seems that the person left over a loot drop. Seriously? It seems the nice person I followed in to the guild may have basically cheated another person out of a loot. Wow. That's just sad on so many levels. I'll likely stay with the guild for a bit. I certainly don't think I'll follow the person out. I won't un-friend them or anything just yet. I may leave the guild for other reasons though. For one I really need to be raiding to gain loots. While I'm ok with not doing it all the time the potential has to be there and this guild is really too small to do any real raiding. The two I followed in were the driving force behind the raids. With them gone a lot of momentum is likely to be lost. But also I really can't help the guild much. Sure I'm funny and make them lol, but being limited by WiFi gaming I can't even really do a lot of regular dungeon runs. So, I may leave just to go back to putting myself on hold while homeless, as I was prior to being guilded. I'll be pondering that more as time goes on. It's nice to have peeps to talk to, but there should be more than that.

Well, maybe now that I've got these thoughts down I'll be able to sleep. Tonight I really do wish I were in a home, with no job, with financial freedom to play my games or watch my movies or fiddle with hardware as I wished. I just want to play my games, watch my movies and shows, enjoy my life, and help others to better enjoy their lives as well. I don't think it's too much to ask.

Day 383 - 7/19 - Sad Sunday

It's just past 10:45 and I'm having an early lunch. I actually slept until around 10. I was glad to see my body decided to keep sleeping to get enough since I couldn't sleep until about 2. So many times lately I've been getting up around 9 regardless of how much sleep I've been getting.

I think lately work has been getting me down. Not in the sense 'it isn't enough hours', that's completely uncontrollable, but in the 'it's most days of the week right in the middle of the day interupting any other activities' sense. It makes me constantly worried and thinking about if I have to work on a day and when I have to work. Back when it was just Friday (or Thursday) I didn't have to worry about it at all (save for random extra shifts.)

I'm not sure what I'll do for the bulk of my day. I'll probably try to stick to wireless activities. I considered sitting on campus and watching a movie in the locker room. It's dark enough and there is power. I may do that on future weekend days, but I prefer movies to be in the evening. And on the weekends once I move away from there I'm usually not back in the area again.

I am balanced of sorts, but still stuck where I don't want to be. Again I wonder; has it always been so?

Day 384 - 7/20 - Sleepy Monday

Lunch time at just after noon. I have about 20 minutes until I need to leave for aquatics mini work. Last night early evening I got what I thought would be a raid call, so I rushed over to the game center. When I arrived there weren't enough people to start, and the raid leader was so drunk he was talking smack and sluring words in voice chat. Gee, I wonder why they were losing people. Since I'd already dropped the money to be there I suggested we take a guildie who'd just hit 80 around to some heroics. (You need to be 80 to do them.) So I just wound up doing that.

I slept in until around 10, but I'm so very tired. So very tired and so very sad about all of my limitations. Motivation is much more difficult today. I was going to tweak my resume and start on the Epic Fail book 2 cover, but I did neither. I just slowly/sleepily meandered around between boards. As usual I gave out some tech advice, so the day hasn't been a total waste so far. After work I'll do a small laundry load, then I'll only have a few hours until dinner time and my web access is over. (Baring parking outside of a closed Starbucks.)

Likely I'll have an uneventful few hours at work, do my laundry, watch a something I rented, play wireleslly for a bit, and that will be it for my evening. No word back from the friend yet. He must still be out on Holliday.

Guess that's it for now.

Day 385 - 7/21 - Healthy attempt 1337

At aquatics mini work at almost 11:30. I may eat soon. I'm pretty hungry. I signed up for the CBEST which is the second Saturday in August. I'll have to study for that in a bit. It's about three weeks away. Of course even if I pass with flying colors it won't instantly change things. I would still be a lower priority candidate for jobs as I still lack experience. It's getting even crazier now, as I heard the local Safeway and Starbucks are sending people home early if there are no customers around to help cut costs. I don't know how I'd be managing if I were still on five hours a week. I guess it's just like a storm and I gotta ride it out, however long that may be.

I guess the good news is that I'm now so completely behind on PC upgrades that if I did a completely new build at the end of the year I would be two generations beyond what I have. I'd have skipped an entire PC build. Hopefully I'll be back in a home by the end of the year to do the new build and have some fun and be in a nice place for the Holidays.

What with the economy what it is though... I may still be just about how I am now at that time.

That's it so far. After work I'll do a shower, watch some more True Blood (which is not what you'd expect from a vampire series), play wirelessly for a bit, then I've got all I can eat pizza/salad nom. Oh, I'll finish the new cover sometime today as well, so that should be full of lol and win.

That's it for now I guess.

Time passes

Om nom nom. So tasty a dinner. Salad is super healthy for me too, since I get so few fresh veggies or leafy greens these days. I'm trying out a new-school Gatoraid drink. It has way less sugar and fewer callories than Pepsi, but it's so very much more expensive. I've tried to change over like that in the past, but availablity has only really been mainstream in recent years. I'll have to do some serious cost comparisons though.

Not much else to say. I guess I haven't started inputting this week yet, so, eek! So far behind. Off to nom and input this week.

Week 56

Day 386 - 7/22 - Ride it out

It's nearing 6:45, time for dinner. I had an ok time this morning and at work right up until the end. The boss that called me the other weekend gave me more poop about something that didn't matter; something that's been ignored for over two solid months. I really don't get what's up with that. It's like he's giving me poop just to give me poop. Well... I'm going to try and not worry about it and just ride it out with the rest of the storm.

There was a shop cutie at the movie rental store that asked how I'm liking True Blood. We talked for a few minutes. I knew she meant it as an actual question, not just shop small talk. But it's extremely unlikely anything is there. I'd go out with her though, she's a cutie.

I'm continuing my healthy experiment and replacing some of my drinks. The Gatoraid drinks are 1.5-1.75 times the cost, so like all things more healthy for me than my regular stuff they are quite a bit more expensive. I doubt I'd see any change in weight in such a short time, but energy level and overall mood may be altered.

Not much left of the night. I'll likely just watch more True Blood, work on Epic Fail book 2's cover, and play wirelessly for a bit. Oddly there is still no message from my friend.

Guess that's all for now.

Day 387 - 7/23 - The truth is right now the now kinda sucks

It's just past 11:30 with the early shift at aquatics mini work. This is the stress free shift as I'm the only one for the most part. There are two lower level guards, but they are out at the pool.

Not much going on today. Still pretty sad about my life. My daily routine is far from ideal, but I still have at least some luxury time privelidges.

I didn't finish the cover yet. I was going to this morning but wound up helping a few people with system builds, so my time before work ran out pretty quick.

That's it so far today.

Time passes

Having fast food dinner nom. Tummy has been going crazy for solid foods lately. Mostly it's under control and I save the budgeted fast food money for pizza/salad so it should be fine.

I've had a lingering sad all day. I'm still sad about having to shower at school, having to basically eat soups all the time, about having to game or watch movies on my netbook. I think maybe too I'm sad about the weekend coming because for me it's meaningless. There is no big sleep-in, no extended time to game, no time for friends, no movies with extended times to spend with them, no long periods of relaxing time to set up and prepare dinner. My weekends are effectively the exact same as my weekdays. In fact, if anything, they are lessened by the fact that more things are closed.

Though I don't have stresses of not being able to plan vacations like going to BlizzCon, or stress of monthly bills, like cable, Internet, power, water; I also don't have any of the luxuries those bring. Nearly all of my luxuries and comeforts are in storage.

Things do still strike me as very odd about my life - not counting the general strangeness. Like not too long ago there was a bachelor in one of the movies I was watching. I thought he had a pretty nice couch and it struck me that I don't have a couch. I don't even really have chairs. I've never really had lasting furniture, just sort of cheap temporary stuff I made or that broke apart after a few years. My life has always been very spartan, but it is so spartan that if you were to discount the 4-6 boxes of permanent childhood storage items my life could fit into maybe two cars.

I know stuff certainly is no indication of having lived, but I wonder... I have very little stuff. I have effectively zero value. (What I have in cash is vastly exceeded by debt I owe.) My career path(s) seem non-existent... Have I ever lived? Have I ever been allowed to try to live? Will I ever get a chance to really live again?

Day 388 - 7/24 - Meh Friday

It's pretty early, not even 9:30 yet. I got up a while ago and took a shower. Yet another lame day. I don't have to work leave for mini work until just over 3 hours from now. Plenty of time to do stuff in a home, but since I'm not my options are limited. I can still look for a new job, so that's good. But if I want to game I'm severly gimped due to my netbook, and there would be the WiFi limitations, and sooo much noise. If I want to watch a movie it would have to be in the locker room. The (school) library is closed today. And the headphones would smoosh my ears. I thought about just hanging out in the locker room. On the weekend it is the most quiet and solitary space there is. But outside of movies and single player games there isn't anything I could do in the locker room.

Today seems to have started out as another 'poor me' day in a long line of 'poor me' days. I do still have more than others, and more than I had before, but there are still so many sad things and still so many that continue to not get better.

Time passes

I have such a headache. It's 5, almost time for gym mini work and dinner. I spent most of my break making a post about the new Intel 1156 socket. Someone is like 'should I get A or B for my new system bits' and I'm like 'neither, wait a few months for the new socket'. I think they will understand the reasons soon, though they are in sort of shock right now at everyone's resistance at their system builder choice. Odd though that they would resist/question my advice when they can just read other posts I've made or look at my sig (which links to my site) to verify that I'm not a crazy person an ddo have some idea about what I'm talking about.

An ok day I suppose. Aquatics work wasn't too bad, but I still feel like an (unwelcome) outsider a lot of the time. Here at gym mini work I'm alone and the basketballers are all basically nice. (Only had an issue once ever with someone complaining and being poopy because they were upset at another group.)

My sleep has been good, but uncomefortable lately. For some reason the car has been feeling super cramped and uncomefortable to be in. Maybe it's just because I'm spending more time in it lately or because I've been doing more driving around what with all the short work shifts.

Well, off I go. Maybe more later but probably not.

Day 389 - 7/25 - Not my party

It's 11:30, so hungry a lunch time. Today will be the mystery day. Outside of adjusting the cover for book 2 I have no idea what I'll do with the rest of my day. I got up kind of late at around 10, then took a super long shower. I've found if I use the foam and after shave stuff when shaving and go suuupppeeerrr slow the manual razor does a really good job and I don't get cut at all.

The healthy drinking experiment still continues. I'm replacing about 1/2 to 2/3 of my normal drinks with healthier drinks. Though I guess this won't continue for long because the regular price would be 10x the sale price of my normal Pepsi drinks. On sale it's like 1.5-1.75x sale/regular price, so it's a tollerable increase.

There is this total dummy at the sleeping spot now. This camper has been there for about a week in the exact same spot unmoving. Until now it's been fine, but last night they were being idiots. They were blasting their music non-stop from about 10:30 to past 2 AM. If I would have been a regular neighbor I'd have called the poliece to get them quiet/evict them. If poliece are called to evict those in the lot that would put that lot and all other local sleeping spots at risk. I really hope they are just visiting someone and leave very soon. I can't have that kind of risk with my spot.

Guess that's all today so far.

Time passes

It's late, exactly 11. I'm in the sleeping spot, but for some reason I'm not really tired. Somewhere close by there is a party. Lots of thumpa thumpa can be heard. It may be a concert, but I don't know of any places close enough to generate that kind of noise. It has far too much subwoofer and tonal range to be the camper, which is good as that means the other night will likely not be repeated.

I stopped by the ex-house to drop off a backup disk. There were balloons, the metal gate and back yard gate were open - a party of some kind. I wasn't invited, but then I haven't been invited to really anything in the past year. I did just that one night with my friend/ex-roomie and that was it. She did write me the other day, but that was the first I'd heard from her in I think months. I saw her come in the store I was playing from wirelessly Friday but I don't think she saw me. She didn't look my way or acknowledge that she saw or might have seen me.

Someone in the guild was kind of freaking out in tells to me. I asked for details on a raid he's doing tomorrow adn he was like all mad that people weren't signing up and were talking about leaving (the guild). Well, that's understandable and logical. We don't have enough class coverage to even do 10 person raids regularly let alone 25, and we aren't recruiting at all. In such a situation such a small guild based entirely around raiding would crumble.

But, I understand why he's mad. You join a guild often because you are following friends. You hope to meet new people, find more friends, and happily progress forward. Much like what happened when I moved in to my ex-place I hoped to find new friends and move forward. It didn't happen. The friends were their friends (my ex-roomies). I made no new ones, and met no new ones on my own. What of a life I thought I was building there has since crumbled around me. Unlike the game, I have no solid base to continue moving forward from. My stuff in storage continues to decline in usefulness and value. What stuff I have with me is in rapid decline due to being used up at a much higher rate because wear isn't spread across multiple sources. We attach ourselves and invest ourselves emotionally and physically to others. We hope for permanent positive movement forward. But anytime people are involved with others various forces are at work. Things change. Things move in different directions. Forward isn't always together. There is no way to stop movement no matter how much we wish to. There is no way to guarentee movement and progress is forward despite how it appears.

Virtual and real life are not always happy not always progressing in a positive way; no matter how much we hope or wish it to be.

Day 390 - 7/26 - Uneventful Sunday

Way too early at the extra gym mini work at just past 9. I had a real hard time getting to sleep last night. I couldn't fall asleep until after 2. Then this morning at the school sleeping spot I lost about 1.5 hours of sleep due to people slamming doors getting out of their cars for a swim meet. I guess I've gotten around 5 hours of sleep total.

I suppose I'll be ok though. I'll likely be here alone for a bit. This work shift is pretty stress free. I'll do laundry after, then have about 3 hours to play wirelessly or do board stuff until the guild thing in the evening.

I expect it will be an uneventful day, but you never know. The only unusual thing is that lately it's been looking like it's going to rain; very unusual weather for Summer.

Day 391 - 7/27 - Possible reduction

It's 12:45 at aquatics mini work. Not much going on that's new. I saw a trailer for Tron Legacy, woot! Full of win. I'll be here at work for a few more hours then I've got a raid. I don't expect anything else to happen, so that will likely be my day.

Time passes

It's just past 1 and I can't sleep. I think it's partly because I'm not tired for some reason but also for other reasons. There was more drama at work today. I'm getting really tired of the drama. My primary job function is to take money and help customers, but this one boss keeps giving me poop about how I'm "always supposed to be productive". And by that she means doing things like clean the office area, wash windows, etc. Not only are these things that only need to be done once a month, once a week at the most, but they are things that require me to ignore the primary function of the job. If I'm away from the desk I'm not there to help people and they have to wait. Sriously - I don't need to be constantly doing things that don't need doing while ignoring the main function of my job. It's just stupid to tell someone to do that. She also mentioned they were questioning if two of us need to be on at the same time during a certain shift. Well duh, no, not really. I'm pretty sure I mentioned over a month ago that I didn't understand why there were two of us there. On the one hand it's like 'yea, more monies', but the larger part of me would be happy to lose a shift or two per week. Working for only 1.5-2.5 hours per day right in the middle of the day is extremely disruptive to my homeless life. Back when I was just working one to two shifts a week (at the gym) I was far more emotionally balanced. (Even though I was also far less financially balanced.) Most of the time I was not thinking about or traveling to/from a work shift. It was far easier to do my job searching and focus on things like studying or thinking of ways to maybe improve job finding, or even just to plan my day in terms of showering and surfing boards. It may sound crazy, but yeah, I wouldn't mind fewer shifts if it meant I wasn't going to and from work every day for these little dinky shifts and they eased off micromanaging me with 'busy work' all of the time.

In other news the raid went ok and I had fun. The noise and sights/smells of the game center bugged me, as usual, but that will always happen. I really much prefer my alone time outside of the closed shop in my car playing wirelessly at night. I do regret not having a gamer class laptop, as I'd just stick to wireless play all the time if I could. (Though I wouldn't risk doing a raid wirelessly.)

My friend finally wrote again. He had some kind words to say. I guess he's working 60-70 hours a week so that's why he didn't write until now.

I always knew I liked things quiet with space between me and others, but I never really realized until I was homeless just how important time alone in an environment that I controlled was. It's like everyone wants to be in a relationship, but so many forget that some individuality and private time should remain. Sitting in my car at night, no sounds around me save for some crickets chirping, and for the occassional car passing by in the distance, no offensive smells, things set how I like; these are important things. In the hustle and bussle of the day - people surrounding me, their conversations intruding into my thoughts, their smells pushed into my nose, worrying about work, bosses nit-picking about things that don't matter, heat and cold always changing - all these things crush me. It's like being smashed by a heavy weight I can't get off me that's been on me so long I forget what it's like without the weight.

Everyone should be able to live without that weight. Everyone should have space for themselves. Everyone should have peace in their mind and soul - for that is true freedom. And only in freedom can we truly be happy. And only when we are truly happy are we our best in all things.

Day 392 - 7/28 - Small bits

All I can nom salad and pizza time. I've been so busy with nothing today. I had like less than one hour after getting up until a dumb meeting, then a 45 minute break until my shift, then the 2.75 hour shift, then like 1.5 hours to shower and check boards, and now we are here. My day has been chopped into these little bits too small to do anything with. That seems to be the way of everything in my life lately.

My friend posted some bla bla on my page and my friend/ex-roomie said hi.

That's really it. Another day; nothing more, nothing less. It seems though these past few weeks that things have settled into a slow regular. I'm safe in that I have food and my car - a bit more food than usual lately. Been spending more on extra/special foods than I probably should.

Things are winding down at aquatics mini work as we approach the end of summer. I should start to try and keep costs low where I can to stockpile what isn't immediately needed. My savings is still rediculously small, not even $100, and in the coming days my shifts are likely to continue to go back towards the previous 5 hours a week more often than not. I won't have to worry for a few more weeks, so I'll still have time to build at least a little more cushion. And there is whatever dad sends for b-day money in about three weeks.

Guess that's it for this week. I don't think any has been entered yet, so eek!

K thx bye.

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