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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 2: Rise of teh Bunnah

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Week 79

Day 547 - 12/30 - Possible rabb1t life restart

Today is off to an odd start. It's almost 9:40, so I've got about 20 minutes before I should head to work. The mall wireless is down again. It seems to be the same problem as before. I've been at the mall since 8, hung at my car for a bit and came inside around 8:30, so I've been here a while. I hopped on to the food store's wireless that I've used a few times (though the signal is so weak that I had to stand at their counter.) I got out an email to the mall tech and did a quick email check. The friend/ex-roomie's sister couldn't see the wireless network and that reminded me I had it turned off. (I'm the kind of guy to turn off / shut down features I'm not currently using.) I gave her the info that should allow her to turn it on. If it needs a password though I'd have to go over and do that myself, as it may not be a password I currently use, nor do I want to send it to her over email/phone.) A visit would be unexpected, but ok. I'll call after work and see if she is up and running or not. If not I'll go over instead of trying to shower at the gym then head to the mall. After that email check I spent a bit of time doing my weekly changes to Epic Fail to get it ready for next week's posting.

I also surfed a site which could be a possible rabb1t life restart. A guildie mentioned it last night; I guess they are faculty at the college and their college has a program where they cover your housing, tuition, and all those fees if you work 20 hours a week as a teaching assistant and if you qualify for the program. I think qualifying would be the most difficult part, as only 10 such positions are given out each school year. They require a 3.0 GPA, so I'm not sure that I'd qualify. My current Associate's GPA is near 4.0, but my graduating Bachelor's GPA was, according to my records, 2.863, with my partial Masters at 2.986. (That reminds me, I still haven't checked my grades for last semester. I'm sure I did fine with a B or higher.) But it's kind of exciting. The college is focused on using technology to teach, so teaching teachers how to use tech in the classroom and emerging teaching technologies. I'm not sure if that would get me into a regular teaching position, but it could potentially get me a job setting up classrooms with various media and training teachers. I guess that'd be like a consulting thing more than a full-time position. I'm sure they would help place me in a job after I graduated. But that could get me housing for a few years, a Masters level degree, possible job placement, a change of scenery to possibly restart social connectivity... who knows what could unfold if I qualify. I think I'm very qualified what with my analytical mind, how easily I can reach people, my understanding and passion for technology, psychology, and sociology. The question that remains is; will the board who reviews my application see my potential?

Time passes

It's just after 3:30. I called the friend/ex-roomie's sister and she does indeed need a password and stuff, so I'm going to go set that up in a bit. I'd totally forgotten that the wireless is down at the mall, so here I am, not connected. I guess it's ok. I'll be leaving to go set up the wireless for her in like an hour at most. I don't get what's wrong here. I got a reply from the tech saying that "they had a power outage this morning" and "it would be a while before it's up". Why is it taking so long? Wouldn't it just be a system restart? Shouldn't the system have already restarted since they have had power? It must be on its own power system that isn't working right or something. I don't really know anything about networks, so I guess I shouldn't bla bla about it. That's probably why network techs make like 60k+ eh? (Closer to 80-125k starting in my area, heh.)

I started writing with a bunch to say, but oddly now that I am writing my mind seems to have completely blanked out. As always my mind is wandering, thinking about my game, about watching my movies again, about upgrading my system, about if I will find at least a decent job if not a good one, about what I should do about my debt, about the cute girls I see around me who are with guys or friends and if I will find a sweetie and friends again, and if so when. ... I guess that's really it for now. Without connectivity to teh Intarwebs my life is kind of at a standstill. I'm sure I'll be connected again once I hook up the friend/ex-roomie's sis with my wireless router in a short while.

Day 548 - 12/31 - Same as it ever was

It's after 5 and I'm at the mall. I only have about an hour before they close. I stayed the night last night, so the day so far has been spent with the friend/ex-roomie's sister and her little ones. I wasn't quite as bad in terms of allergies as I was back during the summer, as they've gotten rid of a big/old carpet since then, but I was bad enough that I couldn't really stay longer and be super comfortable. I have to be away for a bit to let myself recover. I'll likely just hang out at various places and hide here and there and let myself de-allergify as I'll need to spend most of tomorrow over there since so many things will be closed. I'm guessing that the mall will not be open, but I may drive by and see later in the evening.

I have been wrong about school - it opens on Monday, not Wednesday. I don't know why I was thinking it wasn't open until Wednesday.

It seems that I was right about the special program. The guildie said she agreed that my GPA would likely hold me back. She thought I had said I had a 3.xx, not a 2.986, so it seems my life will remain the same as it's been, though I may send an application anyways.

Everyone is rushing about to get ready for their New Year's parties. I'd normally be watching a Twilight Zone marathon on TV but again I'm missing it this year. My life remains in its sad homeless state. While it isn't all bad it certainly is not a normal life of those around me.

Day 549 - 1/1/2010 - Same so far

It's just after 5 and I'm about to have a fairly boring next 5 hours. I'm at the mall now and, as I feared, the connection still hasn't been repaired. This means it will more than likely be out tomorrow and Sunday and possibly some of next week. I did stop over for more rest and time with the friend/ex-roomie's sis and her kids, so I got some time on the Internet and my game this morning and spent some time with them. They were sad though because they have no dad and my being around the past few days reminded them of what it could be like with a nice dad.

I have these odd scratches on me in various spots, like above one eye, on the inside of one leg, on my chest on one side, like I've had an allergic reaction and scratched myself too much, tearing up my skin here and there. I don't recall doing that at all. I suppose it's possible I did after being in their house since they have animals I'm allergic to. (I guess maybe I could call her the not-sis? Have to think up a shorter term for being over there, heh.)

My paycheck came and, as I expected, it was super short. So short, in fact, that the gift/donation money basically has to be used to replace the not-pay. With everything I have I'm still shorter than what I'd normally have in a two week pay period. I should be ok if not too many monthly costs need to be paid during these two weeks, but it will be fairly tight. Sadly this means the 10% of my upgrade I could have had from the gift/donation is now being absorbed into critical survival money.

Um... that's really it for my day. With no Internet access nothing else is likely to happen.

I've got a party tomorrow with one of the ghosts, the same one I went to a party with before, so that should be fun. I'll pick up about eight or so Blu-ray movies to take over for us to watch if we want. Last time some wound up playing cards while the rest of us surfed for something to watch. Lots of fun movies should help solve/prevent that this time.

Guess that's it for now.

Day 550 - 1/2 - Strange days

Today is yet another strange day. After I got up I had to go to the bathroom, so I stopped off at a food store. While there I grabbed some chips for me and for the party later. (They were on sale for teh cheap.) I decided to go ahead and check school even though construction has had it blocked off lately. There was the monthly flea market there. I'd completely forgotten about that. I stayed in the lot about 1.5 hours but didn't sleep too much. I went to the library after to get directions to the party since I couldn't look them up on my system due to the mall connection being down. Now we are at the mall and, as expected, the connection is still broken.

It's just after 11 but I've nothing to do really until about 1:30 when I'm going to get ready for the party. I figure I can sneak in to the gym for a quick shower and shave.

I don't know what I'll do tomorrow. With the mall connection down all I can really do is watch any movies I happen to grab (which are standard DVD) or play single player casual games.

Guess that's it for now. K thx bye.

Day 551 - 1/3 - The old lion

It's just after 9 and I'm killing time in the Target lot after picking up some soups for teh cheap. I suspect the mall connection still hasn't been fixed, so I'm in no rush today. There are only a few dozen cars in the lot. Days are slow now what with the post Holliday time off. When I leave my sleeping spot in the morning I'm the only one around, not a single other sole in sight for miles.

I'm so very tired after getting about 6.5 hours of sleep, but I has a happy. I had a super good time at the party. Mostly we just wound up watching movies. We watched Star Trek, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Repo! The Genetic Opera (which four peeps hadn't seen and they all loved it.) The party was super small. I was first in and last out and mostly it was a few people would come in, stay an hour or so, then leave, so really only about 2-4 others were there at any given time (besides the two that lived there and me.) In the future I'll call them "C&H" as that's the first letter of their names and it's much easier than referencing which ghost she is.

It was kind of sad though; I was the only single person there. There was one other guy who came alone but I think he was just alone for that night. Pretty much everyone else came coupled. The only two who weren't a couple were, I believe, roomies of some people who came, and I know one of them was not with their sweetie because they were out of town. Thinking back over my life I can't really remember any times that I didn't know people to have a sweetie until all the way back when I was like 8 years old. But even then they often had someone(s) they were interested in. As I got older people seemed to be signle longer, likely due to a lack of social networks, but if they were they almost always seemed to be attached to roommates or a best friend. It still strikes me as odd that I'm well liked enoug - several I'd met at the previous C&H party said hi to me this time - yet I'm still alone. I'm still single, still without a best friend, still without friends I regularly go places with, and most importantly without people who would (or can?) offer me shelter. Sometimes I feel like a tired old lion that all the gazelle and zebra know won't hurt them. They flock around me grazing and happily hopping about occasionally glancing over to check that I haven't moved with no real concern about me, yet instinctually fearing that I will pounce and they will need to run and hide.

Time passes

It's nearing 10:15. As I suspected/feared the mall connection is still dead. I really don't know what to do. I could go to Starbucks I suppose, spend money, and get 2 hours of access. I could go to the library and get 1 hour of bad/slow access. If I felt like risking being seen there I could go to the wireless church and get a few hours of access (before my batteries ran out). I suppose it would be safe enough to go to the gym work even if I wanted (though that would take about $3 in gas). But why go anywhere? Access for a few hours or limited access doesn't really seem worth it, and while the closed work may give me total privacy, access to bathrooms and a microwave, would I really want to be completely isolated with nothing to do? I'll likely wind up doing something like going back and making a final grammatical pass on Epic Fail book 1, maybe even try and see if I can figure out how to get page numbers in and get it 100% finalized, but other than that there isn't really anything I can think of to do today other than maybe go back to the ex-garage and grab some DVDs to watch.

I so very much want to have a normal life. I probably wouldn't even be up now from last night's party. I'd love to be able to play my PS3, my Wii, have an Xbox 360, play WoW, watch movies, and hang out with friends. I would even look forward to an 8-hour day of work Monday and go to sleep maybe a touch early to be ready for restarting work after a few weeks off for the Holidays. (I saw the avatars on the 360 and they were really cool. As it's always been their network seems really strong. H even got a call at like 12:30 from a friend on the network and they were talking about if they wanted to play something together.)

I don't know what I'll do today, but it likely will wind up being a very very long and sad day.

Day 552 - 1/4 - Sleeping in

It's odd being able to sleep in at school again. A good portion of last night's sleep was there. I got an extra shift for tonight, so that will help my paycheck. I decided to use a coupon for pizza last night, so I got a connection for about four hours. I won't have time to go to the mall later today after laundry so I'll just use a connection point close to work. Well, I could drive down to the mall and back, but it will be better to just stay local and get about two hours of solid access instead of driving, maybe the mall works maybe it doesn't, driving back, and only getting around one hour or less.

Not much going on other than that; laundry now, a few hours of access where I should be able to play my game, and work where I'll get to watch a movie, maybe two.

I started work on final editing for Epic Fail Book 1. I got the page numbers set up in two sections correctly but I can't figure out how to get rid of it in the first section (where page numbers aren't needed). For some reason the program is like 'you have to give the entire document page numbers or none at all.' Initial page numbering formatting took a few hours, but I've estimated it will be closer to 40 more to continue reading word for word to do the first complete edit check. I only got to week four yesterday. It didn't seem quite as sad reading it through. I guess that's because I'm a bit further from those events. I can see how peeps say it's not so much sad as interesting. The early days have a lot more day-to-day, but that's how it is.

Anyways... that's it for now, possibly for the day. K thx bye.

Day 553 - 1/5 - Don't belong anywhere

It's 11:30 and I'm nomming lunch. I've been up for quite a while but I haven't done anything. I spent nearly 1.5 hours 'in bed' just sitting having alone time. I did sit up and remove most of the covers but I saw little point in rushing right on campus, nor was there a point to leaving campus since the mall connection is likely still broken. I guess, while excited for the new semester to start for me tonight, I still very much feel like I don't belong anywhere. Besides an occasional board thread there is nowhere/noone who really puts my knowledge to use. As I 'made my bed' last night and this morning I thought to myself, "What am I doing? What is going on?" I didn't feel right being homeless, but then I never did. But no friends can take me, or they don't want to take me; everyone has limits. Of all the new people I've met on campus, in all my travels, I've gained no new close friends. (A few maybe at C&H's parties, but they are likely just 'party friends.') Of the probably hundreds of applications sent over the past 1.5 years, no jobs want me. This morning I sat in my car alone and it all seemed to add up. It seems like while I'm at yet another potential new beginning it may not matter. Today it feels like this could be it. This could be my entire life now and in the future. It seems either I'll limp along making barely enough to survive, maybe in the next eight months scraping together enough for a system upgrade so I can play at least a few games, watch my Blu-ray movies, but that I'll never get ahead and the majority of my life will still decay and rot; my teeth getting worse, my car slowly getting worse, my cloths continuing to be destroyed one by one.

Today I wonder if anything has really made a difference in my life. Yes, I seem to maybe be reestablishing some social ties. Yes, I can occasionally get a movie I want to collect. Yes, I can still play at least one game that's important to me. Yes, more are happy and learning things at my site. Yes, more are learning about Epic Fail and possibly living fuller and happier lives because of my sad words. Yet despite all these gains it seems my life is not progressing. My new classes, passing the CBEST, all the applications I've sent, none seem to have put me in a better position with potential employers. Job board postings continue to dwindle and employers still seem to not reply when I do find a job to apply to.

While I know the world and people can surprise me, today feels very much like I am alone and falling through the cracks and that I'll never be able to return to the world on my own.

Week 80

Day 554 - 1/6 - Want to game

Tummy doesn't want soup today. It's feeling pretty icky, sick, and unstable from when I had a soup at lunch. My poor tummy is so fragile these days. I guess I can see what school foods it may want later and get myself something solid to eat.

I haven't done much today. It's taken over an hour to do the most basic things due to the wireless at school moving so slowly. I'd have accomplished way more by 'checking out a computer' and then just swiping the landline and hooking it up to my system. (Which is easier due to my having all my bookmarks and such. I didn't because I needed to charge my netbook and phone and there aren't always power nodes near the systems.) I found one nearly perfect job to apply to but the network is so slow it can't send the email (and landlines block my email from going out for some reason.) It's 30 hours a week as a teacher's assistant at a K-12 school. The only major downside is it's pay is low at $11 an hour. I'd have to completely wipe my debts to zero in order to be able to survive with that (and could only afford a single room in a shared house; no way I could get an apartment on my own.)

I still don't feel like I belong today. I slept a total of around 10 hours, so I'm catching up a bit. Today I really just wish I had enough money to not work and I could be in my home playing my games and talking about my experience at my site. Unfortunately I don't have the money for that (at least not yet) and there are only maybe one or two dozen game reviewer type jobs in basically the entire world, so getting paid to do that is very unlikely.

Oh, I checked my grades for last semester and I indeed did just fine getting an A in one class and a B+ in the other. I think both professors may have been a bit extra lenient with me due to my being homeless and all, but I did do all the assignments and was there every class (on time). I'm the only guy in my Tuesday class this semester, which is rare even for child development. The redhead cutie from last semester is in the class, but she didn't wave or say hi or anything. Hopefully I can get in to the class tonight and have two classes so I don't have to worry about financial aid coming after me (and to get more classes done.) It would be nice to find the redheaded hottie I flirted with a year ago. I'm sad our two (?) dinner outings and ice cream with the other students never turned into an actual friendship.

I reserved my name on the Xbox network. I went to see if I could check for availability yesterday and, to my surprise, it let me sign up. I guess the network extends to being used on the PC, which makes sense for pairing with Microsoft Games. So, "gh0strabb1t" is now reserved for when I can manage to get a 360. (Of course "rabb1t" was taken, probably long long ago.)

That's all for today really. It's just about 2:30, so I've got about four hours until class. I guess I'll just do some Epic Fail stuff since I checked for jobs already and the stupid network is being too slow to reach my fun boards. Bye for now.

Day 555 - 1/7 - Depressed

I can't believe it; the mall connection is still down. It's been over a week, most of which was post New Years. I noticed a new food store connection that's unlocked, so I'm connected through there, but I'm getting dropped and have to re-load pages about every five minutes. I fear what gaming would be like.

I slept a total of about 10 hours again last night but I'm sooooo tired. My eyes are so sore and I'm all groggy, as if I were still in a home with a normal life but only got about 3-4 hours of sleep.

I don't know how the rest of my day will go. I was really looking forward to playing, but with web surfing impaired it's unlikely I'll be able to game at all. At this rate I'll wind up just going back to school because at least there I could 'check out a computer' and not be dropped.

I suppose the only real good news for the day so far is that I got my new DVD case, so I'm ready for movies on the go. All I need now is an upgrade to a regular laptop or an external Blu-ray drive to watch them. I looked at older movies on DVD I may want to watch from my collection but all of the stuff I really want to see is on Blu-ray.

I was one of only three allowed to add the Wednesday class, so that's something. There really aren't any roses this year. About three girls are cute enough, but not ones I even remotely think would be interested, so I don't know if I'll even do it this year. It would be sad not to after like 10 years, but still.

Time passes

It's just after 4:45. I'm having an early half-dinner. I stopped by Starbucks to play for a bit. I guess it's a good thing I put $5 on my card so that I could use their internet the other day. I still can't believe the mall wireless is down. All I have to do today now is work on Epic Fail, single player casual games, or maybe seeing if there are any DVDs to watch at the library. I already did job and fun board stuff.

We had an in-class assignment last night. We were told to draw a picture (on large paper) that showed where we were (in our career) five years ago, today, and where we hope to be five years from now. I thought and thought and was sad. It really just reminded me that five years ago I was starting my masters and full of hope. I had one path I was really excited to get to and two or so fallback paths. None of these, or ones even remotely close to those, are where I am now. None of my class experience in the last 10 years - the entirety of my college career - has helped me one bit in getting a job. In fact, had I not left my path, had I remained in graphic arts, it's entirely possible I'd still be there, now with 15 total years experience probably earning 60-80k a year. Instead, here I am completely failing and about 80k in total debt (credit card and student loans.) (Not counting what I owe my ex-roomies or costs to get my teeth repaired.) And the only class knowledge I'm even using right now are the ones that were focused on writing. Two nights ago someone asked, "You have a Bachelors in Psychology, right?" And I replied, "Yeah." But I wondered to myself, 'What has it all been for? What has almost 10 years of classes, gaining an Associates, Bachelors, and partial second Associates gained me?'

I guess all I can do is still hope that it wasn't all for nothing and that someday I'll find somewhere that I'm happy (and can help others to be happy).

Time passes

It's almost 7:45. I haven't worked on any Epic Fail stuff yet, I've just been watching game videos. There is a lot of new stuff coming out of CES. I'm so very tired. I so very much wish I had a bed to sleep in, a warm room, a good job that I need to get to in the morning. Mostly I want to be able to play my games. Maybe it was a mistake getting the netbook instead of holding out for a full laptop, but I really don't think I would have gotten the money. It took all I had to get the netbook and I would have been about $300-400 short of waiting for a full laptop. Now you can get them much cheaper around $850 (with Blu-ray), but that seems impossibly far off. It seems like I will just continue to miss the games I want to play, not just on consoles that I already own, but also on the 360, and on the PC since my laptop can't run them.

I'm so very sad. I want to be warm. I want to be able to snuggle up cozy in my bed when I sleep. I want an at least moderately happy job to go to that has good pay and good hours. I want friends to laugh and play with. I want to be able to play games, both old and new. I want so very much to be a part of a normal life again.

Day 556 - 1/8 - Chicken beats knife

It's nearly 6 at mini work. Nothing really interesting to report today. The mall connection is still broken, so weekend play will be almost nonexistent. The only thing really interesting so far is that I got a whole roasted chicken for $5 (which will be three meals) and I loled when I tried to cut it with the plastic knife and the knife broke. Chicken beats plastic knife, lol.

That's really it. I could talk about how today was warm, cold, sunny, cloudy, sprinkled rain, or how my hands, feet, and knees were numbish from cold this morning, but that's not really new or terribly interesting.

Bye for now.

Day 557 - 1/9 - The eye

It's super late at night, after 11:45. I was actually fairly busy today. Not so much from being busy, but from my activity being held back so much. While I did research I spent two hours trying to watch a 38 minute video. You see the mall was down still, so I had to gimp along on the fast food store wireless, which as I mentioned already drops me as frequently as every other minute. Today it was actually dropping me upwards to every 10-20 seconds and rarely stayed genuinely connected more than a couple of minutes.

But yes, today was research day for ATi's Eyefinity. I figured the mall wouldn't be connected fully so I planned to update my parts on my system builds. In the process I found a new article on the Eyefinity tech, found out exactly what it took to run, got solid figures on frame rates from several sources, and decided to alter my rank 4 and 5 builds to be Eyefinity based (and gave the rank 3 an option for it). It is super exciting to think my next monitor upgrade (which I hoped to do with my next system build) may actually instead be three 22" 1920x1080 monitors for a total of 5760x1080 viewing resolution total. I was figuring on spending around $500 on the monitor upgrade, provided I could afford to, so calculating it out after finding those monitors that it would total around $650 for the monitors and cables is pretty exciting. Of course, the base $1000 or so to upgrade my system will have to come first, then another $1000 to get a new HDTV after that, so getting all three upgrades right when I get re-established is highly unlikely.

After I did that I went over to the not-sis' house and I've been here ever since. They are busy in the morning, so after I get up I can have private time for a shower and gaming until around 1, which is super good since the mall could remain down for quite some time. Guess that's it for now. I'm still coughing from kitty and doggy fur, so I likely won't sleep for a bit, but off I go "to bed".

Day 558 - 1/10 - Got sick, feel terrible

I just got super sick not too long ago when I left the not-sis' place around 8. My tummy put out the last meal I had. Not just a little sick, full-on no more last meal in the tummy left. I haven't been that sick in I don't know how many years. I think around four years? I don't know if I caught a bug, or if it's because I'd spent 6 hours inside yesterday and 11 hours inside today, both well beyond what should be a 5 hour cap per day, or if it was a reaction to something I ate, or a reaction to it being 50F at the warmer times lately and they have no heat there really so I've been cold and shivering just about all day. I've felt a bit dizzy, had a funny tummy (likely from congestion), and a bit of chills/shivers, since about 2 in the afternoon, so I'm not entirely surprised I got sick. I'm still shivery, my throat is messed up, and my tummy still feels off, but I feel quite a bit better now that... well... that I got sick and I'm no longer being exposed to things I'm allergic too.

I did have some fun in my game since I spent more time at the not-sis' place than expected. I just hung out with her and her kids and watched some shows after I was done playing.

I've been feeling really weird about being naked lately too. When I'm in the shower my skin feels weird. Back in the day I'd get naked every night to sleep, and during the warmer weather sometimes I'd hang out naked before showers after I got up or for a bit before bed. Now I've been wearing cloths 24/7 for so long it feels very odd and wrong not to.

I'm so very sad I'm not in a warm home or at least a warm allergy free place. So very sad I'm going to be cold all night and probably most of the day. I wish this were all over (in a good way.)

Day 559 - 1/11 - Fever dreams, still sick

It's almost 2, doin' laundry. Last night was pretty crazy. I had fever dreams most of the night; crazy repeating three second periods over and over and over. I felt like there were like five copies of me in and out of phase with the rest of the mes. I felt like multiple mes until somewhere around 4. I was getting waves of hot and cold. One second I was nice and toasty warm, the next it was like an ice cold breeze was running across me. I'm pretty sure I had a fever because my forehead and face seemed super hot. Now I feel mostly better, but my eyes hurt, the outer part of my ears hurt, I'm eating hardly anything, and my throat will likely be torn up for days before it recovers. I'm drinking about 50% more than normal but the really unusual hting is that I'm peeing 4-5 times as much as normal.

I guess that's really it. I'll go to a store connection for a bit after laundry as I expect the mall will still be broken, but it will probably be a standard day of play and looking for jobs. Hopefully by dinner time I'll be ok enough to have a smaller regular dinner.

Bye for now.

Day 560 - 1/12 - Cold, stage two

Still so very sick. It's just past 1:30 and I decided to come to the mall so there would be less people/activity around me. I probably should have just stayed at school in my car and rested. I still feel pretty terrible. The cold has morphed into a different stage. Now it's heavy lung and throat congestion, inner and outer ear pain, some eye pain, and throat soreness. I still must have a bit of fever too as I had fever dreams yet again last night. It's gotten better though. The 3-5 seconds repeating from before has changed to a line or chorus of lyrics, typically from Repo! The Genetic Opera or Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, both of which I've seen recently so that makes sense.

I've got class tonight, but that's likely all that will happen.

Hopefully I can get better soon. It's so tough to take care of colds being homeless.

Time passes

It's just past 6, waiting for class to start. I ate lunch very very slowly, but I got hungry again pretty quickly after. I ate a small something else, and again I'm getting hungry again. My appetite is slowly returning, though tummy still doesn't want soup (though it wouldn't mind broth.) So I think I'm finally starting to really get better.

I put out a few resumes for jobs lately, so that's good, though one was only a few hours a week and the other was not at all in any of my current career paths.

I guess that's really all to say for this week. Bye for now.

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