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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 15: Digital life, dreaming of a real one

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 765

Day 5349 - 2/22 - A big wind

Today I am pretty tired. I think because suddenly a big wind came up and caused me to lose a couple of hours sleep last night. It's almost completely gone now, so hopefully I can sleep ok tonight. But it feels really super cold compared to what it should be, so I guess it may still come back.

I guess today was ok. Because I was so extremely tired I could barely think. Doing a homework was tough and took probably twice as long as it normally would. But really that class is done now until next Tuesday, and I have to paint a thing for the other one, and then that one is done for like 2 weeks. So I really don't have a lot demanding my attention.

I guess overall today was ok, and though I feel very tired, I continue to hang on.

Day 5350 - 2/23 - Feels heavy

Today for some unknown reason my backpack feels very heavy, like nearly double what it should be. My arts bag feels incredibly heavy as well. Though I haven't carried that around before, so I really have no reference on that.

I had some weird cramps in the morning too which haven't totally cleared up yet. Mostly that is on my back, I guess near the bottom of my ribs on both sides, as well as a bit below.

I guess I had a pretty good day though. The art I was doing took double the time I thought it would, and it's not even done. I have details to put on Monday.

I am a bit sleepy, but overall things seem ok, and I continue to hang on.

Day 5351 - 2/24 - Still heavy

Today my things still feel extra heavy. My backpack feels like I'm carrying an extra 15 pounds in it, and my boots feel like they weigh double or even triple what they do. I really don't understand why. It may be just because I'm getting older, but it seems very sudden.

I guess I had an otherwise ok time. Things were pretty regular, basic, and quiet. I am not playing my shooter very much because there is very little to get with the new expansion starting Tuesday. So I am peeking at a new game I got recently, but that is really the only thing new or different.

I continue to try my best to hang on.

Day 5352 - 2/25 - Literally freezing

Today has been gray and looking like rain all day. It hasn't yet that I've noticed, but it is literally freezing cold. Up in the hills near San Francisco it's gotten snowy, which is completely crazy.

My brain has been really weird lately. All day yesterday it thought it was Saturday, and it's been thinking today is Sunday. I really don't know why.

Other than that the day has been pretty regular, and I continue to hang on.

Day 5353 - 2/26 - Rainy

Today it has gotten pretty rainy. The day was a pretty regular day, other than I mostly played a different game. I did watch a show, so that was a bit different, but that was really it. I don't know what to expect tomorrow, but I have a painting to finish, so hopefully my art case will keep the things dry.

Hopefully I can feel ok, and continue to hang on.

Day 5354 - 2/27 - Probably rainy Monday

Today I don't really know what to expect other than I will be finishing a painting project. One of my games will be down for a huge patch, so hopefully I can download it and get it all ready for tomorrow.

And hopefully I can be warm enough and dry enough to continue to hang on ok.

Day 5355 - 2/28 - Maybe new expansion

Today I will do part of my school week's work, but hopefully mostly I'll be playing my shooter's new expansion. Though of all my play window I really only expect to be able to play half of the time. The company doesn't have a great track record for big release days. They often delay the open, have a massive wait time to get in, or have to take it down again due to some critical bug or other issue. So I guess we'll see how much I get to play.

Hopefully I can be warm enough, not get too rained on, and continue to hang on ok.

Week 766

Day 5356 - 3/1 - Not enough sleeps

Today I did not get enough sleeps. Last night I couldn't sleep for a few hours after getting 'in bed', and then for some unknown reason I woke up after only 5 hours of sleep and couldn't get back to sleep. It was actually pretty tempting to shower this morning instead of tomorrow, but I knew that would throw off my brain even more, and I didn't really need to shower that much.

I guess I had a pretty good day though. I got about 2 extra hours to do stuff because of that, so I easily finished my school stuff for the week in the morning, then spent the rest of the day playing and trying to relax. It would be a lot nicer if the school cafeteria were warmer. I don't know why they let it be so cold.

As sleepy as I was I hung on ok.

Day 5357 - 3/2 - Two week experiment

Today I am maybe starting an experiment, again. Last night I had 2.5 cookies that had a lot of chocolate. I haven't had that kind in years. A few hours later during the night I got pretty bad mystery tummy pain. So I really don't know, maybe my issue is with chocolate. I have it fairly often in small amounts, pretty much a bit almost every day. So I am going to try an experiment for two weeks of zero chocolate. I'm also going to try to not have brown soda, but that may be just a minimum of one instead. It's the only caffeine I do besides chocolate, and today I'm starting to get a headache and am massively sleepy. But I'll see if my tummy issues change while I do the experiment.

That is really it for the day. I played a lot of my new shooter expansion, watched a few shows, and that was really it. Sadly my area in the cafeteria got really loud, so my ears are ringing from how loud I had to turn things up to hear, but I guess I had an ok day today.

Day 5358 - 3/3 - Try again

Today was pretty good I guess. I had given up on a super hard mode thing in my shooter a few days ago because I literally spent hours repeatedly failing. In the meantime I've done regular difficulty level stuff and just been getting used to the new things. I tried it again today, and beat the mission that killed me 50+ times in like 3 more tries. So that was good. I have one more super hard difficulty mission to beat, but hopefully that will seem much easier now that I am much more familiar with things. (Later add; I tried the last mission 25+ more times and it's stupidly hard even with my new knowledge. It doesn't at all seem worth doing.)

Outside of that I just watched a couple of shows, so I guess the day was pretty good. I was warm enough. Things were quiet. And people who sit near me didn't seem bad. So today I held on ok, and I continue to try to hang on until forever better days.

Day 5359 - 3/4 - Busted internet

Today was kind of sad. The connection disconnected me about an hour before I'd have normally left and did not reconnect me. Yesterday and today it took 3 tries before getting on, and during the day today I got disconnected a few times for about 5-10 minutes each time. It's not a good sign since once the library connection starts to go bad it seems to stay that way for weeks.

I guess other than that it was a pretty ok day. It poured rain in the late morning until early afternoon. I thought it would keep going, but since then there has barely been a cloud in the sky at all. I was getting worried right before I left though since a couple of people around me were coughing a bit, and a guy at my table had sneezed a few times during the day. It always makes me worried when people are sick there as it's not warm enough to just pack up and go be outside away from people yet.

But I guess overall I held on ok, and can hopefully continue on until better days.

Day 5360 - 3/5 - Raining ice

Today had quite a rough start. I couldn't connect at my regular spot in the library at all, so I carried my system all the way across to the other side to see if a different connection point worked. It did connect, so I walked back to my spot figuring if the issue is just connecting it should be fine. And it did work, for a time. When it disconnected I tried walking back and forth again, but that time it didn't work more than a few minutes. So I tried staying in the spot on the other side where it could connect, but it didn't actually connect at all. So whatever is going on in the library is probably happening in all areas. Apparently several complained yesterday about connection issues. But from about 12:30 on things connected ok from my regular spot, and I had the rest of the day to do regular things. My shooter was showing signs of having trouble connecting though after a bit, so I did stop about an hour earlier than usual and just watched shows.

There was quite the crazy rain in the morning though. About 45 minutes after I settled into my regular spot it started raining hard enough to hear quite loud rain on the roof. And it got louder, and louder, and when it was extremely loud I noticed little dots on the ground below. It was actually frozen rain. I continued for only about 20 minutes, and after less than 5 minutes on the ground the ice was already melting, but it was quite the sight. I haven't seen frozen rain or light snow at my elevation in probably 20 years, and probably 20 before that.

All in all today was pretty good, and I hung on ok.

Day 5361 - 3/6 - Painting Monday

Today I need to redo some of the most recent painting for class that I did. I guess it's kind of wrong, and even though the directions say what to do, I still think they weren't great, as the style wasn't really explained at all. While I was originally pretty into the professor in the drawing class, I think I'll pass on any future classes with him.

The painting should be ok, maybe even fun, so hopefully I'll have an ok day and hang on easier.

Day 5362 - 3/7 - Regular Tuesday

Today I expect will be a pretty regular day. It will probably still be overly cold, but I don't expect anything different. And so hopefully I will have an ok time with my class stuff, and have fun playing and watching stuff after.

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