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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Day 155 - 12/3 - Campus plans

Tasty doughnut and juuuuuice time. Things worked out ok yesterday for monies. Checking this morning the monies I expected to show up did show up, and the gas charge has not yet shown up. The gift card lady is supposed to call me basically any minute now. I hope she does so I can go get that and grab some lunch foods on my way back to campus. I also have some writing to do at the class campus, so I'd like to scoot off this one between 1 and 2 PM. It's 10:30 now, so there isn't much time left here.

Having just cereal to eat for dinner, dessert, and snack last night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was a bit restless at night between 4 and 5 AM, but other than that I slept ok. (I often have a tough time staying asleep if I'm hungry. Usually I'll go grab a small glass of juice or a small bite of something to quiet the tummy.)

I played quite a bit last night. Like... 7.5 hours I think? A bit longer than I planned, but I was having fun working through some quests and trying to get my crafting up. Someone who I knew from launch actually peeked in. She's on a different server now as a horde priest, so it was really rare to see her on her old bod. She's all graduated and a professor now, so her life is happy.

That's really all for different news. In regular news I posted week 22. I'll do the .pdf when I change campuses. I've also decided to add a WoW button to the main menu, so that will take a bit to create. Lots of shots are up now. I may have to consider reducing the size a touch to put them 2-up. As single large ones they may start to hit people hard in terms of time to display the page. I'll ponder that as time goes on, as I'm restricted to somewhat medium settings at 1600x1200 res as opposed to what I'd guess would be max settings on my system at 1920x1200. I don't think I'll do too many more shots from the game center.

Well, it's 10:30. I'll go study for a bit then call the lady in about 1 hour if she hasn't called me.

Time passes

Lunch time; Back on campus after picking up the monies for the gift card. The clerk at the store who kind of knows me (we've chatted a few dozen times) said I was smiling. I said, "Yes. I have food. I didn't have food for half of yesterday." heh. I got a crazy deal, buy two soups get three free, so I've got a few days worth of good (not cheap) soup. I also decided to get some sandwich stuff, so we are here in the cafeteria and I've got a sandwich and small spicy curly fries. It's just past 12:30, so I think after my nom I'll just head out. I've got laundry, a book to pick up for my book report (which I'll mostly read at work where I have nothing else to do), get more gas to have lots of gas, then do some school projects and tweak my site.

I emailed some professors requesting help figuring out which classes exactly transfer how and the one who replied so far suggested I stay at Foothill. Seems odd to say that to me since I've only taken five classes so far for the Child Development certificate/degree. One class may not transfer over, so I was questioning if I should really transfer. But today, today I think Fate is heavily influencing my decision. I really like having a library, cafeteria, computer lab, financial aid, health services, book store, etc., all in one place. The mini campus I have classes at now just has like a dozen classrooms and a computer lab and that's it. If I need anything I'd have to go to the main campus like 15 minutes away. Plus, the mini campus takes 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to get to as opposed to the campus I'm always at which takes like 5. It just makes so much more sense to come here and get it all if the classes offered are effectively the same. Plus, Fate put a big push on my heart, as I've seen over two dozen cuties today, a number double or triple normal. There are sooo many peeps here (overall), whereas the other campus is tiny and feels lonely.

Anyways... guess that's it for now. Hopefully class will let out early tonight. It's the second to last one and the schedule references something we've already done, so I don't know what we are going to do.

Poor tummy. I've only eaten 1/3 of my fries and the grease is already destroying me, heh. I always forget to try and avoid these. So yummy though. I don't always make the wisest choices.

Time passes

Quiet time during a quiz in class, hehe. I didn't do any of the school stuff I came early to do. I took longer to do laundry, again, and updating the site took a pretty long time despite it just being a few characters changed per page and a couple of picture edits. Guess I have to come early Monday to do the school stuff I wanted to do today. Not a bad thing, but my time didn't go as planned. I'd do it after class but the place I need to go would be closed, so I'll go and play at the gaming center after class and play and worry about it next week. One of the things I was going to do I can do during my time on the campus I'm normally at, so there is that. That one should be pretty easy to do there.

K better go. Things will probably start up soon.

Day 156 - 12/4 - Moar prize

So I got a nice surprise last night at the euphNET gaming center. I go in and I'm saying hi to peeps and settling in to a spot and the nice Brian person says "Here you go", and hands me a sealed one of the fancy Creative Labs Fatal1ty headsets they use. I'm like, "Wwwhhhuuuttt? " and he's like, "It was part of the grand prize for staying the most hours, I just didn't have it before." So I now have fancy comfy headphones for teh free! In other surprises, the systems I use (I pick one of two in a particular area) got upgraded to the nice LCD screens. They are replacing the old CRTs they have with their chosen Samsung 1680x1050 22" screens. (Not one of the monitors I recommend at my site, but they seem good.) Yea for 16:10 aspect! Tanking and FPS games are so much better with wide screens as it gives you a greater situational awareness. Of course, I could be weird and play like most everyone at the center and zoom out so far that my character is only 2" big on the screen, but that is just weird to me.

It's OMG too early time at 7:45. I think I'll have a bit of an odd schedule today. I'll spend a few hours working on one of my finals, then around 11 go get gas (I didn't have enough cash to do it yesterday) and pick up my book for the other final. After that I'll go over to the game center, have lunch there, then play 'till I leave for mini work around 4:30. I didn't get much accomplished last night. I got about 1/3 level and did a quest or two, but that's it.

Guess that's all for now. k thx bye

Time passes

Looks like the library will be closed and I'll be blacked out from site updates between December 13th and January 4th, so it looks like I can't do Epic Fail weekly posts on the 16th, 23rd, or 30th. So the 6th of January, when I would normally post week 26, will be when I can post again after next Tuesday's posting of this week, week 23. Maybe there will be good news when I'm able to post again, but I doubt it as I expect the already massively slow job postings to come to a complete halt in about a week.

It's now super late shave and dinner at just short of 7. There was a game that ran long before the regular groups that set everything off by quite a bit here at mini work.

I have the mystery of the disappearing book to share with you. A few days ago I ran research for a book that would not only be at the school library, but at the public ones, as I'm unable to check out at the campus I'm normally at. I find one and start reading the copy here on campus. Yesterday I go to the public library close to school to check it out. Not there - it doesn't exist. What the hell? I saw it just the other day. The librarian runs some searches and verifies it's at the other library. I go to said library today to look for it - it doesn't exist there either now. So I pick another book and check it out. Bam, done and done. Forget that first book. It seems crazy I verified it and then it disappeared, twice. Well, I have a book now, but the previous notes and 30+ pages I read are now for nothing. I think I'll try and speed read a bit. It's due Monday so I really need to be writing and inputting it no later than Sunday.

Guess that's it for now. I'm not sure if I'll play after work or not. I played about 4 hours earlier today. Work has me back in the not-home area around 10:30, so I'll likely just try and rest since that is after the safe window. Lately I've been unable to sleep in the mornings, so I've run on 6-7 hours for the past few nights since I've played 'till 11 to midnight the past few days. Probably best to try and get extra rest to charge the brain for doing the report. I did get about 90% of my other final done, so that's something.

Time passes

Woot. Reading the directions for the book report it only has to be four pages. As you can tell by Epic Fail four pages is going to be totally easy. Phew, much less stressed out over that now as that's like half what I was expecting to need to write.

Day 157 - 12/5 - Study stall

It's just a few minutes after 10. I'm going to study for a bit for that one final book report, then I'm off to have lunch, then off to the game center for some play time before work.

Did a lot of board helping today so far. I couldn't check for jobs as I'm restricted to the main library today where the job sites are pretty much all blocked.

I had a happy thought this morning - I may not be entirely blocked from doing Epic Fail. The other day at the game center I was able to open my USB, so it is very possible I could still continue to enter it in web form. Those weeks wouldn't be spell checked 'till later, but I could very possibly be able to keep current with the web versions. I'll verify that later. I will also have to get the series five pictures up soon I think or those would have to be held back as I can't do those without being on campus. There are five shots left. I know one I need to take, but I'd be wasting four if I develop it now. But, I don't really have money to replace the camera if I did it now. Checking my bills I'm currently short $125 from my balance point to zero, which means I can't get current until two weeks from now on the 18th. (Baring any surprises like donations or unexpected money from dad.) (Not counting the fact that I need $50-100 to pay for next semester within the next four weeks.)

Um... guess that's it so far really. Pretty quiet here on campus with things closing down after next week. I just went to the sleeping spot last night after work, but couldn't sleep 'till nearly midnight. I'm running on around 7.5 hours, which is ok, but I'm pretty sleepy.

Oh, big woot - Joss Whedon's new series, Dollhouse, has an official page up now with a teaser trailer. It doesn't air until mid February, so hopefully I can be re-established by then.

k study time

Time passes

I kind of failed at studying earlier. My brain and eyes are sleepy and slow, so I couldn't focus. I'm at mini work now. There are some younglings here. They aren't supposed to be allowed in for free play, but they are just being good and shooting hoops. No harm in that I think. I won't be poopy and kick them out if they are careful. Kids deserve a safe place to play, ya know? It's not hard to let them play and explore if they are safe.

Gonna have a soup in a few minutes, then try and study. The good news is I don't really have to read more for my report. About 2/3 of the book is just bla bla with examples that won't help me in terms of answering the assignment questions.

I got about 1/2 level playing and I'm very close to a mining rank up, so I'll likely do just crafting if I go back to play more tonight. I probably will, as it's safest to not go to the sleeping spot 'till a bit later on Friday and Saturday nights.

That's really it though. Oh, sadly the computer couldn't see my USB drive when I tested it yesterday at the center. I think they have to unlock the system or something. I think they would be ok with me doing it though if I asked.

So um.. yeah, dinner then study time. No doubt I'll have bla bla tomorrow.

Day 158 - 12/6 - Speedy library final doin'

It's about 10 minutes 'till the library opens. When it does I'll see if I can enter my book report into a generic text program. That way I just have to reformat it on Monday and it's done.

I'll be leaving here at 11:30 to be sure I get to the gaming center before noon. Yesterday after work it was completely packed. What with it being so cold I just left. Had it been warmer I likely would have hopped onto a console (those were open) and played for a few hours, but with it already being 10:30 I didn't see much point in playing for 1 hour then going back out to a cold car.

That's it so far really. Big day for gaming to look forward to today and tomorrow. Not as much as if I were in a home, but it's a huge improvement over the nothing I had for the past five months. With 12+ potential hours to play hopefully I can find a good group and do something interesting. I may hook up with my ex-roomie and her sis on the alt bod, but they don't have a solid day chosen for gaming yet.

So... um... yeah, yea for fun! (And yea for finishing important school projects.)

Day 159 - 12/7 - Radiating cold

I'm glad I thought of the generic text input yesterday. Typing in the final took about one hour, which was most of that bit of time. And it didn't take away from play time because the game center wasn't open. I also just now finished my other final, so that just has to be typed in.

It's pretty early still, just past 9 I think. Since the center doesn't open 'till noon I'm not entirely sure what I'll do with my time after my super shower / shave. I'll likely have about 1.5-2 hours to kill, so I'll probably just go sit in a parking lot since the public and school libraries will be closed until the center is open.

It was really cold last night, but I don't think quite as cold as it's been this winter so far. It's still pretty cold now. There is only the smallest bit of frost on my back window, but the binder's cardboard and metal radiate cold, and the food is as cold as if it were in a fridge. I'd have no problem getting and keeping a big juice 'till I drank it all up in this weather. I certainly don't want to be out here in the cold, let alone sleeping in it, but I suppose the opportunity to keep food fresh a touch longer is something positive.

Guess that's all for now. I'm super happy to be able to game again. It will be pretty sad when I lose a lot of that ability. Without at least 10 more hours a week I can't really afford it. I suppose the good news is that with 10 more hours at just $12 an hour I'd have about $150 a month after paying the credit card bills, so sparing most of that for critical costs I would likely have $30-50 for an entertainment budget per month. That would allow me to at least get 6 hours every other week plus the monthly subscription fee. At least, as sad as it would be to only make that much and still be in my car, at least that would greatly increase the chance of retaining emotional balance so I can be in a better place emotionally to study and look for work.

Ah well, theory and conjecture are nothing more than that until I at least get that 10 more hours per week.

Probably won't be much to say today. The year is coming to a close. People are disappearing from campus as classes end. People are disappearing from the streets to stay warm and visit loved ones. Day by day I become more alone, yet day by day I find ways to try and reconnect.

Day 160 - 12/8 - pew pew pew

The cafeteria is still pretty busy. It's 10:30 and I totally want a breakfast, but can't afford one. The systems have gotten really busy with peeps printing finals and such. Thankfully I was able to get Epic Fail current and prep my WoW site for some pictures. I haven't been able to check any boards at all, so that will probably wait 'till the evening. I'll be leaving here in about one hour, play for a bit, then go over to class campus early to print my stuff and work on site pictures.

Not much to say. I had fun yesterday. I got some skill ups with my crafting. I got about a whole level in a few hours doing quests in the Burning Crusade area. I totally should have gone straight there after I got out of the Death Knight noob area. The old areas I knew of were lower level than I recall. I'd guess about 5 levels below me, so it was really slow going. Now I know to tell new Death Knights to go straight to Outland.

I am discovering play is a teeny bit off what I expected, so I'm rethinking one of my tallents. As I discovered early on with a different one this one (Lichborne) also just doesn't seem to be useful as often as I expected to use it. Plus, Death Strike seems to generate more heatlh, so the added Lichborne + Death Coil as a heal seems unnecessary. Anyways... I'll likely put strategy talk up on my page.

Oh, I almost forgot. I was doing my quests and I saw the guild tag "Afterlight". I was like zomg, that's the name of my old guild from 3+ years ago. I ask the guy if it is the same one, and it was. I got in touch with an old friend who was the guild leader at the time. He had to rush off, but I'm sure I'll see him again. Crazy that he's been around this whole time. He found a sweetie now that plays and they have been married for about a year. Yeeeeaaaa for love! It surprised me to see the guild tag, as I've checked the old guild site a few times over the years and it's been dead, no new posts since around when I left, so I figured the guild was no more as they were always one of the smaller guilds.

So... yeah. Guess I'll scoot over to the game center soon. They open in an hour, play for about 3 hours, then head off to tweak pics for the site, print finals, and do my board stuff. Class will hopefully only be about an hour, leaving lots of time for play before sleep. No class or work tomorrow, so woot, 12 hours of play time there. Oh, I tried Left 4 Dead yesterday too. I was all 'pew pew pew, die zombie die!' It seemed really open ended in terms of level design. I may play more, but the single player didn't seem a story driven as I expected. Pretty good game though. I only played about one hour, so it's not really enough to judge it fairly, heh.

Maybe more bla bla later. Bye for now.

Time passes

Couple minutes 'till class, literally. About 3/4 of the class is late. Not super surprising for final night when we are pretty much just turning in / talking about a paper.

Had fun earlier. Did some quests, got closer to another skill rank. I updated my WoW site with more pictures and tweaked the site, looks hawt now. I also updated it to 1280 wide size, which I'll do for teh rabb1t site in late 2009 or 2010. I also put in some strategy tips for Death Knight after my links to my talent builds. It surprises me how much the class varries even in just the early 60s. Maybe it's just some don't know what abilities to use when and that's why I'm seeing more variety in kill speed and survivability.

K gotta run. Class is like starting even though we are missing a lot of peeps. Hopefully we'll end early and I can have extra play time.

Oh bother, the professor just said we will wait 15 minutes to start. *sigh* 15 minutes lost to just waiting.

Day 161 - 12/9 - TV and play time

Lunch time. I have the ultimate cheap soup - Ramen. I probably should have just gone straight to the game center. The cafeteria is empty and the game center opens in 15 minutes, but now I have to wait for my lunch to heat up correctly.

I watched some shows today; Terminator, How I Met Your Mother, and Fringe. I guess I'm not as behind as I thought, as I'm current on the Unit and Clone Wars.

Um... that could be it for today, heh. Busy day of gaming today. I'll have roughly 12 hours I can play before I get sleepy. I could play longer, but I get pretty sleepy as we near midnight.

So cold today. I have my sweatpants and regular pants on over them. Guess I don't have to change to sleep later.

Um... k thx bye

Day 162 - 12/10 - Lights

Just a quick note while dinner warms up. I was driving around just now and noticing the lights on houses and such. This year they seem ... important. I don't know if I should feel happy or sad. I don't decorate my own house - I usually get a small 2' tall tree, I like the little ones, then put on my 3-4 ornaments - but this year the lights and stuff outside seems important. Maybe it's just because it is a sign people are happy and celebrating. Maybe it's because I don't have somewhere to decorate.

Anyways... I guess what they mean to each of you will be different, but as the saying goes, happy Hollidays to you and yours. I hope everyone is warm, safe, and happy.

Day 163 - 12/11 - Farewell to past me

It smells all breakfasty in the cafeteria today; sausage, bacon, waffles, mmmm! I spent a bit of the morning doing some financial aid forms. I got an email with directions to do x, but x didn't exist on the site. I think fate has been firming my resolve to come here lately. I felt... odd last night with it being the last night of the last class on that campus, like a door closing on a chapter in my life for greater than just two more classes. I think it was because I'd been on that campus so many times in the past, gone home after to make dinner, eat, and watch TV. It's like the final piece of my old life was finally being given to the old me, as the old me turned to walk away forever. So... I think I should change campuses, help transition to the new me, leave all things which are old me I can no longer have behind in the past.

There are an awful lot of cuties on campus today. I have to go by a percentage of the total, as there are so few on campus. Computers are free, several open everywhere, the cafeteria is maybe 15% full. Yet there is an electricity in the air, an excitement in being prepared and settled in for next semester, a settled mind and soul which can go back home to family and friends for the holidays.

It's a few minutes after 11 - having a sandwich in the cafeteria. After, I'll head over to wait for the game center to open. There is mini work later tonight, so my game time will be cut short tonight. But that's ok, I desparately need the money.

Guess that's probably it for today.

Day 164 - 12/12 - Epic cheat

I've decided to post these few days early, just so you peeps have them. I'm cheating right now by directly writing in Epic Fail's electronic form instead of first writing it on old school paper form.

Since the game center locks out my USB I doubt I'll be able to give you peeps any updates until early in the new year. I suppose it's only a few weeks, but I also know some worry about me. I suppose there is extra cause to worry in recent times, but hopefully things will work out ok. I don't have any money at all. I'm quite behind on things and my food is almost completely out again. My pay on Thursday will hopefully get me caught up, but it won't leave any money for all but the most minimal essentials, there will be none for school. I also confirmed that I won't get any hours the last two weeks of this year, putting me a bit further short. I won't be able to pay for any school stuff that I should have already gotten set up and paid for. For that I'll have to wait a few weeks and hope dad sends me money. (Baring any surprise donations.) If I don't get any money from him, or if he does another stupid gift card, I'm screwed. I would have no way to pay for school. I wouldn't know what to do as I'd be in a world of hurt due to needing to pay off loans that come due if I'm out of school. Maybe there are a few of you out there hoping to send a donation due to a bonus or just the end of the year freeing up some monies, and that would be awesome. I continue to be in a very extreme financial bind and I don't know how I'll move forward without positive change or help from fans.

Nearly out of time for updating. Guess this will be it until the new year unless I can convince the game center to unlock my USB.

Hope everyone has a fun Holliday and is safe, happy, warm, and loved.

Time passes

Lunch time, so hungry. I've got really no snack foods at all and no money to buy any. I have enough soups for lunch and dinner, but that's really it.

I came up with a new Death Knight talent build I could try out if I start to do more main tanking, but with my time at the game center nearly out I probably won't try it out for a while. Maybe... maybe not, hehe.

Financial aid said I may qualify for loans. Zomg, my previous campus didn't offer me that. Loans, while putting me more in debt, would be huge and immensly helpful right now.

I haven't gotten official word yet, but I'm guessing I have Thursday and Friday next week at work, then those last two weeks the center is closed. I don't know if the game center will be open though during Xmas. New Years will be somewhat irrelivant, as my month pass will be expired by then.

Um... guess that's it for now. This will be the last entry here in the cafeteria, possibly on campus anywhere until the New Year. I will peek in next week though on Wednesday and see if the showers are open, and again Friday if they are. Those showers have been my regular during the week shower time. I'll also check Sunday, as I expect they will be open this Sunday, maybe next week, then be closed. I guess we'll see.

Time to scoot off campus to play.

Day 165 - 12/13 - Sprinkles on top

It rained last night. I've kind of been wishing it would lately. I fell like it sort of restarts things when it does. Plus, it's nice to hear the rain on the roof if it isn't too loud. There was a bit of wind which made my plastic roof go kerthump kerthump, so that woke me up a bit. It did trap in a bit more warmth, so I slept a bit better than I have been lately.

I cought a cold from a regular gamer peep at the game center, likely the nice Brian person as he's been sick for like a week and he's there for the first shift.

I tried out my frost spec for Death Knight. It was ok. I got crazy armor with all the defences on, like nearly 12,000 compared to around 8,000 with my Blood spec. But, thats with all abilities on, which only happens sometimes. I was again grouped with a bunch of dungeon noobs. It amazes me how many people get to 55+ who seemingly know so little about group and pulling tactics. I've decided to write some more strategies down for my page, as Death Knight has several abilities for several strategies.

It's omg too early time at just past 8:30. I figure at 9:15 I'll head over and see if the showers are open. I heard the bells, so they may be. I don't think the bells are year round. By 10 I will be at the public slow library. I figure I'll kill time until 11:30 there doing email and board checks. That way I don't have to use time at the game center to do that.

Guess that's it for now. First official day of break. Just three short years ago at this time I was happily playing WoW, sleeping in, watching movies, being excited about present fun with my friend/roomie. But now... now my career plans have come to a screeching halt, I'm cold, alone, there are no presents to be given or recieved, my TV had to be sold, and I sit alone in my car. Maybe next year my life will be on track again. Maybe next year I'll be with a sweetie, and happy times with my friends will warm our home. But I'm beginning to wonder... after roughly 8 years of being single, with no real friends save my now ex-roomie, will that ever really happen?

Time passes

It's pretty late now, nearing midnight. I'm totally sleepy. I was going to play longer, but I'm off to try and sleep. I had a lot of fun playing.

Some peeps brought in cheezburger around 6, then pizza around 9. Both made me super sad, as I can't afford either and I'm low on food, so I'm pretty hungry.

Hopefully it won't be too cold out there and I can sleep pretty quickly.

Night peeps. Hopefully I can sleep and hopefully foods will work out ok. Been pretty sad today about not having food. I just want to be able to play my game and have enough food then flop into bed, but I can't.

Day 166 - 12/14 - No coffee cake

Chilly morning time nearing 9:45. I'm so hungry. I'd love nothing more than to go to Hobees and get a coffee cake with bacon, a couple of sausage, some fruit, and a juice, but I can't. I have no money at all to spare. What little I have for food and gas is on lockdown and not useable until tomorrow at the soonest, but more likely until Tuesday. Even then, such a meal would likely be close to $10, far greater a luxury then I've been able to afford in probably years (in terms of food budget.) I can't even remember the last time I got a breakfast for teh cheap. My ex-roomie would make some on occassion for the special days (Easter, Xmas, etc.), but in recent years she shared food less and less. (I think due to her boyfriend like hating me. As you peeps have seen she gave me BBQ and pizza nom when he's been gone and we hung out lately.)

I got to shower yesterday and today. Today I even napped for about 1/2 to 1 hour. There are about 8 cars in my immediate area, 8-10 more that showed up after I arrived in the soccer area behind me, and now church people are showing up.

With 1.75 hours until the game center opens I think I'll head over to a shoping parking lot. Here in the covered area it's freezing, though I doubt the open spot will be much better since it's so cloudy today.

My character is progressing well enough. I'm about 1/5 the way to 67, should hit 68 today since I'll be at the center for about 12 hours (not all of which will be playing WoW.) Jewel crafting is going a bit slower. I'm only around 180 of I believe 400 skill, so I think I'm still about 100 points off from doing gem crafting. I was in another group yesterday where I had to explain basic strategies to people. I don't get how these people got to 50+ without knowing these strategies.

Guess that's all I can really think of to say. I am still helping out peeps on boards, so that keeps my spirits up a bit too (in addition to being able to play).

Um... maybe more later. Bye for now.

Day 167 - 12/15 - Return of the shield

Zomg the shield is back. After weeks (over a month?) of it being in the wrong spot it is now in its proper spot. I slept really really well for the first time in weeks. It isn't that it offers a whole lot more protection, though there is that added layer of visual camouflage, it's mostly that it blocks a very bright parking lot light. Now when I toss in my sleep or need to reposition to pee I don't get blasted in the face with light, I'm in nice soft shadow. In a few days to a week I should be recovered and not feel un-rested most of the time like I do now.

I totally have a cold. My throat is all funny feeling and rough, my eyes itchy and dry feeling, and I'm sneezing quite a bit. The temperatures are down in the low 40s at night so that certainly doesn't help. All last night and this morning it's been raining.

Hopefully my money that I've had to keep in reserve will be unlocked tonight. My car's needle is almost flatlining again and I've basically eaten up all my food. I have enough for two snack meals of pretzles, maybe three, but that's it. That is all the food I have. If my money is released I will have enough to get plenty of gas and a fair to moderate amount of food to cover me until Thursday when my paycheck comes. If not... I can charge gas and be realitively sure the charge won't go through before the money is freed up, but food... as we saw last time that will likely be denied even if I tried to charge it.

I was pondering kids again. There was the weekend family next to me at the game center yesterday - the dad, young teen son, and daughter, who I found out was "almost 11". I don't know how he does it, or how my dad managed at this point in his life. Back in the day, when my dad was my age, I was 9. I think of that, of the gaming family, of peeps who have emailed me with families, and I have no clue how they manage. I can't even take care of my own bills, let alone concieve of how I'd pay for a family.

I moved my character to the new area last night. It was like zomg teh loots! By my second kill I got a random drop two handed weapon that did double the damage of my best weapon, and after completing only two quests I had two new armor pieces that were about 15-20% more armor and equal or better stats. I'll spend probably the next few days just doing adventuring since I'm still pretty far behind on crafting. Although I may look up a hint site for that to see if there would be a better zone to skill up in. I'm only 10 skill away from mining in the Burning Crusade area, and it seems to have plenty of open nodes to mine. If I could get that rank I think I could level it up pretty quick again.

Going to the public library at 10. The fast one near the gaming center will be open then and I can do email and bank checking then. It's 9:20 now, so I should stop writing for now.

Pretty sick, very hungry, pretty chilly, but hopefully all these will pass in time and things will go back to being as they should.

Time passes

Standing outside the euphNET gaming center now. I'm like 1/2 hour early, but someone is inside already. Could be a janitor cleaning person. Hopefully someone came early to replace the toilet seat/lid. It was popped off the screw things yesterday.

I had a teeny tiny bit of useable cash. Just enough for one gallon of gas and a cheap soup. Not much, but enough that I'm at zero risk of overdrawing before my money is freed up tomorrow. After it's free I can get a touch more food before my pay clears on Thursday.

Emmmm... that's it.

Day 168 - 12/16 - Hoping to update

It's just after 9. I'm so totally hungry. The good news is that the $25 that's been locked will be free today. I just need to move it to my account from savings and I can use it. (It automatically moves $25 from checking to savings each month.) That will be plenty to get basic foods and a little gas to cover me 'till Thursday. Certianly not enough for a super tasty breakfast, but there may be enough to eek in a doughnut along with my basic foods. I'll be able to go check / do that in a bit at 10 once the public library is open.

I'll ask one of the peeps at the game center if they can unlock my desktop for a bit and update my site. That would be awesome. Not really much new to say, but at least everyone would know I'm still struggling along and nothing bad has happened to me. I suppose the WoW Death Knight strategies are really the only non-Epic Fail changes to the site.

I had a mix of good and bad sleep. It was good, as I was shaded from the bright light. It was bad in that I tossed and turned and cramped a lot. Like it was back in the early days. It rained pretty much all night again, and being that my roof is cloth and just a few feet over my head, that likely didn't help any.

Quarter after 9, just a bit longer then I'll move over to the library spot. Oh, I'm currently at the school shower spot. The doors were open this morning, so I tried to get a touch more sleep and took a shower and shaved all my parts. It looks like it may be open and safe here, so I'll likely keep coming here in the morning to get a bit of extra sleep. Due to the towel taking forever to dry I probably won't shower again until like Friday.

Um... guess that's it. About fifteen minutes to kill then I'm off to the library, to buy some foods, then the game center to play my brains out. My character is half way to 71 now, and I'm actually surprised I'm progressing this far. I didn't think I'd get to see any of the new continent during this time, so the fact that I'm getting to see some is totally happy. I still haven't grouped much, not sure why. I expect that the groups will increase as I near 75 and even more 80.

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