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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Day 253 - 3/11 - Would you like fries with that?

Not sure what to say today. I slept a ton this morning after I got to campus. I didn't wake up until after 10. ... oh win ... someone just left 1/3 of a large fries order. ... I took my shower and on the way out I saw the doggie. Someone was being super cautious approaching the doggie and I said, "You can pet 'em. It's a totally friendly doggie." I walked up to the doggie; let 'em smell my hand and doggie flopped right over on it's side. I said, "See? hehe " And the girl was all "aaaawwww " I pet the doggie a few times and then moved aside and she did the same. Sure enough, doggie flopped right over for her petting. The girl tee hee-d and blushed some more.

After, I went to the Internet lab. I watched The Office, checked my fun boards, checked the job boards, checked email, and now we are here in the cafeteria for lunch at just past 1.

Yesterday I did my 3x5s for my test that I have next Monday, so those are ready to go. I've been kind of ignoring school stuff besides that though. I may work on other projects a bit later but I've been feeling a bit sad lately. Yeah, things are looking up a bit with the aquatics mini work hour addition, but I'm still a far cry from having the income to get re-established, so that's still a persistent sad.

The day's weather is odd. It's warm but cold at the same time. I left my jackets in the car, but I'm a touch chilly with my three shirt layers. Hopefully in a few weeks it will start warming back up. I guess it's been averaging in the low 60s.

Can't think of anything else to say. Bye for now.

Time passes

It's 6:45, having early dinner nom. For some reason campus is almost completely empty. Yeah, it normally thins out after about 6, but there is almost noone here.

I watched the Unit and How I Met Your Mother. I checked boards again, but they are pretty dead today. Work related boards have been getting more and more dead as time goes on.

I've seen two netbooks today. I'd love to have mine now. I have like four different sets of site updates/changes to do now. One will require the program I just recently picked up that won't run here, so that has to wait for my netbook. I've checked the room where I can do it twice today, but it's been busy. It will be awesome to be able to spend more time in the cafeteria doing web stuff. I like the activity, though it can get kind of loud. The library rooms can get kind of lonely sometimes lately.

I found most of a small spicy curly fries. Heh, today is free fries day I guess.

I mostly did one project I need to do, only mostly because I need to pick up my pictures before I can finish it. I'll do that after the library closes in a few hours.

That's probably it for today. Highlights of free fries and petting a doggie. Well, at least I still have some little pleasures now and then.

Day 254 - 3/12 - Throttle bearing

So I did my observation this morning. I'll type that in and do that assignment later when I get on campus. I was going to go on campus before that and mess with the pictures I picked up last night, but I couldn't sleep last night 'till nearly midnight and I was soooo tired I just wanted to sleep as long as I could.

On my way to work I decided to get some fuel cleaner stuff and see if that fixes the poppety/kerclanka noise. I pondered over different kinds for a few minutes then asked a guy (that works there) what he thought. As I figured he agreed that if it was a fuel issue I'd be jerking as I drove, so I was right in that it wasn't fuel, but not being a mechanic I had no other guesses. The mechanic seemed to know his stuff, so I trust what he said. (Just like I hope peeps trust what I say for PC hardware. ) He said that it is probably the "throttle bearing". The good news about that is that it's a $15-20 part. The bad news, as seems always the case with cars, is that they have to completely take apart the clutch to get to it, so he estimated that would be $300-500. The also good news is that he said the car would still run when it completely breaks, it would just be way way louder and happen all the time. So, at least I no longer have to worry about the car exploding.

Nearing 11 at aquatics mini work, so that's really all that's happened so far today. Probably ramble some more later.

Time passes

My toes on my right foot are all crazy. I first noticed this about a month or so ago, and upon further investigation right now it looks like they all shift clockwise by about 15 degrees at the first joint. My left foot all have straight toes. I think I mentioned that about 9 or 10 years ago I twisted/broke my ankle really bad and never went to the hospital. (No insurance.) I've got some cartilage growth on the joint and in a part on the top. The growth is pretty subtle, but it's worried me in recent years. I'll have to remember to check at the health center when I get back on campus later. Still at aquatics mini work, but it's 1:15, so nearly time to go.

Time passes

It's 7:30 and the day is almost over. No tasty leftovers for dinner, so I've just got soup and crackers, heh.

I watched the first episode of season 5 for Ghost Hunters, so it seems I won't be behind this season, yeeeaaa. I finished off one of my assignments, so that's good. Checked jobs and there was nothing there.

I went to see the doctor person on campus and they had already left (over 1 hour before the health center closed.) I talked to the two nurses there and they suggested possibilities but agreed with me that I'd likely have to see a specialist. With no pain it likely isn't anything to worry about, but I am worried. Crazy toes are crazy toes. They suggested I make an appointment to see the doc, which would cost $10, who could then forward me to a specialist where I may get free service. So, I'll have to try and remember to do that next semester when I'm not totally out of cash all the time and there is an open appointment slot.

So that was my day so far. Car is semi-broken and needs fixing. My poor foot and ankle may need fixing. And I have my usual sadness about me that is my life these days. Oh, and I posted picture series 7.

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

Day 255 - 3/13 - Possible netbook delay

It's late for my first writing, but early for dinner. It's nearing 5:45. There wasn't anything to say this morning, then I was super busy. I was super sleepy and slept in until 10 when I needed to go to aquatics mini work. I had an ok time there then hurried back to campus. I finally did the school project I tried to do (but couldn't) on my desktop system at the ex-home. I should have done it sooner, but was delayed by depression about my not being able to do it how I wanted, as well as missing some of the pictures at the time. After that I had to hurry here, no time for shows, just time for a quick board check. The other day someone asked what netbook to buy and I told them about the Asus 1000HE. They put it on rush order this morning so they should get it tomorrow. Hopefully they can give me some good review infos about it.

Sadly getting my own 1000HE won't happen until four weeks from now, if I'm super careful and conservative. (That's counting only minimal help from the ghost and zero other monies. More than that and I may be able to get it sooner.) School cost more than I estimated this semester, so that's put me off by a bit. I was really really hoping to get it by the last half week of March / first half week of April as school is closed then. Without one I'm looking at a total site update blackout, only a few hours of access per day, and a whole lot of time to do absolutely nothing. (Not counting the hours I work, obviously.)

My life is like I'm in a race with the tortoise, only he's kickin' my butt because I'm gimped. I am, however, getting some quality time with the snail and he's a pretty nice fellow actually.

Day 256 - 3/14 - Another ghost

It's about 6:45 I think, noming Panda Express for dinner. I did ok on my class presentation thing I had to do. (What I've tried to prepare the something for at the ex-home.) I did a lot of changes on my tips file for Death Knight. They were a mix of changes for the next patch and adding some thoughts about things I didn't previously talk about. I watched Dollhouse, Terminator, and Bones.

I got a pretty big surprise in my email. Within the past month I tried looking up someone I knew back in the day on the Internets. I couldn't find anything on her or her guy, but it wasn't surprising since it's been 12-13 years since I've seen them and I didn't recall their full names. Anyways, the surprise was that she sent me an email. It will be interesting to find out how she tracked me down. She emailed me through the rabb1t site, so it wouldn't surprise me if someone pointed her to Epic Fail and some of the things I've talked about seemed familiar to her. I sent a reply but didn't hear back before my time ran out. So, that's two ghosts from the past I've found again. Well, who found me.

I did my laundry, I'm eating now, and that's really my day. After I'm done eating it will be about 2-3 hours before 'bed'. It will be so nice when I have my netbook and so much more can happen in a day. But then, I never know how interesting it is to you peeps to read about my board checks, what level I am, or what new crafting thing happened, heh.

"Your ideas are clever, and you will be rewarded." (In bed) Heh, good fortune, but I'm still single.

Um... couple hours to kill in a parking lot, don't expect anything at all interesting to happen tomorrow, so I guess that's it.

Hope everyone's Saturday has been much more fun and interesting than mine. Possibly reconnected with an old friend, but my day has been pretty regular outside of that. K thx bye.

Day 257 - 3/15 - A curious bird

There's a silly pigeon on my car looking at me. He's like 2.5 feet away on my hood. hehe. Took a pic, not sure if it will come out though. It's 11. I just took a long hot shower alone, so I'm suuuppper clean. I've decided to start taking my cloths bag with me to the locker room. It's been 8.5 months and nothing bad has happened to my stuff yet, but this will reduce my worry when I'm taking a long shower. Plus, I can choose what cloths I want when I'm done and not worry about room to change.

I wonder if I can get a WiFi signal in the locker room. If I can once I get my netbook I may just spend several hours of my Sunday in there. I'll have to try and remember to check once I get it. When it's warmer I could be in the car, but inside there are benches and power I can tap. Well, there are a few outlets in the parking structure, but they aren't always on.

So... two hours at the library is it for me today, then hours upon hours of nothing. I'll likely mess around pondering World of Warcraft things and maybe start early thoughts about April system builds. If my friend from back in the day has replied I can peep that, but I expect the boards will be dead. They always are on weekends because people are busy playing.

That's all for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

The slow public library is all exploding. There is a problem with their system server brain. Some systems work ok until they get an error, but once they do you are screwed. I'm now locked out of both my regular account and a temporary account. It's sad too. I saw a reply email from my friend in there. Well, I guess I'll try and hang out and do one of my assignments that's late and see if the systems get fixed so they can unlock my account. Lame. Yet another thing I'd have been able to do days ago with zero problems with a netbook. I needs my netbook ASAP.

Time passes

I decided to go to the not slow public library since the librarian on the phone said their systems were unaffected so that I could talk to my friend. She had nice happy things to say. Though she didn't say how she found me, so that remains a mystery. She lives close, but not super close. I'd guess about 1 hour to 1.25 hours drive away. So that could be some fun later when I'm not totally out of monies.

I tried to do other stuff, but the systems sucked too bad to do anything. They seriously need to upgrade the public library systems. There was one person who needed help on the boards. Hopefully pointing them to my site will help them out. And, zomg, there was not one but two people who smelt like ash trays in there.

It's odd weather today. It sprinkled earlier and now it's a mix of warm and cloudy.

That's likely it for my day. Nothing else to say that I can think of. K thx bye.

Day 258 - 3/16 - Scotty don't!

Today certainly hasn't been what I expected so far. I was shocked awake by my (move the car) alarm at 6:45. You know, those times when you are completely totally asleep and having a really deep dream and the alarm totally interrupts it. So, I move the car then expect to fall asleep again. But, despite how totally tired I am I can't get back to sleep. I decide to go on campus to do some stuff. I see three totally beautiful girls on the way in. I got in to the little computer room to update Epic Fail, which is 2/3 of a week behind. I put the USB into the computer - nothing. No flashing lights, no slightly audible reading screech, no 'bwodeep' from the computer registering that it's in, nothing. After a bit it says that there is an unrecognized USB. I restart the system and try again - same thing. I try a different system - no response from it at all. I try a third and a fourth, still nothing. It seems the drive is dead. I'm now totally cut off from all my programs until I either get a replacement USB and get a chance to get to my system to copy stuff over or I get my netbook and load things up onto there. I'll likely just wait for the netbook as there is always the risk that another USB would fail or I'd get a virus. Plus, of the ~3.5 weeks until I get the netbook I'd be unable to update for 1.25 weeks anyways.

I had friendly chats with my friend. She offered me a USB she has, but I don't know, I think I'll just wait. It will be sad, but I'm sure the time will pass quickly enough. I suppose too I could go to a copy shop and see if they have a web program to update the main page and alert peeps, but I'm sure the concerned will email, which I'll still have access to.

I didn't lose much, so recovery won't be too bad. I'll just have to go to the web pages online, find where it's different from the last backup, swap to code view, copy and paste, and it's done. The big thing will be getting caught up on Epic Fail that hasn't been entered since the last backup.

Besides, you never know. I could get a surprise for Saint Patrick's day and be able to get my netbook sooner.

A sad loss, but things could be much worse. The gods are just temporarily shushing me at my site. Guess that's it for now. Just that and super quick board check before I had to go to mini aquatics work. I'm here now and it's only just after 11. Probably more later. K thx bye.

Time passes

Well, the day is over. Pretty crazy day in all; shocked awake, failed USB, aquatics mini work, a few hours to check boards and do a project, class, and now we are here. I'm pretty sad about the USB death shutting down access to my site. Though, as I mentioned, of the remaining time before I hope to get my netbook more than 1/3 would have had no access to my site anyways, so it isn't that much in terms of loss. And, I suppose this week I should focus on my two finals anyways.

Gonna run out to the store and get some cookies, but that's really it for my night. It was sad to not really be near activity today. I'll have all day Tuesday and Wednesday on campus though, so that will be happy. It's good to be working more, but I feel a bit more isolated. It's ok work though. It's actually kind of nice in terms of going nowhere jobs.

Oh, the USB did flash its lights in one system, so maybe it's just temporarily sick. I'll check it now and then and see if it mysteriously starts working again. Strange to go from fully functional to dead, but that can happen sometimes.

Well, maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

Day 259 - 3/17 - Saint Patrick's Day

I forgot it was Saint Patrick's day today. I suppose it doesn't matter since I don't drink, heh. In the cafeteria having lunch now. It's probably around noon. Lots of business and life here. I suppose that's one reason people join guilds in games, so they aren't alone. It's always so sad on days I can't have lunch in here.

My USB drive is still sick. It's lights went on in one system and the files all showed up, but it locked when I tried to open files. So it seems I'm still locked out of the data. I'll keep checking, but more than likely it's toast.

It's odd being unable to update my site like it was in the early days. It's like, I know things will be fine, they won't get too far behind, and a lot of help I do is direct via PM or email, but still. I wonder if more than a handful of people will notice. I do get around 1,750 unique people a month, but I'd be surprised if there were more than a couple dozen who check more frequently than once a week.

No job news today. Not much going on with the boards, though I did help someone via PM. I picked up one of the books I need for a final, so I'll do my 3x5 cards for that on Thursday and Friday at mini work. Other than that I've got TV shows to watch and likely hooking up with the ghost for dinner.

I'm surprised that there doesn't seem to be anything going on here on campus. There are some in green, but that's it. I expected some kind of fun or silliness going on.

It is kind of nice not having to fight to get to a system to do things I feel I need to do. Doing them as notes to myself in email has a far lower sense of urgency or critical need. Plus, it's nice to not be in the little room. I like the medium sized Internet lab and there are no creepy peeps there. Down in the little room there are some... odd... people with... unpredictable... behavior.

It will be nice to have my netbook; being able to do things I want when I want whenever I want. It should be far less stressful. Not to mention I can has games.

Well, guess that's it for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

Standing outside waiting to meet the ghost and go to dinner nom. Just thought I'd share what seems like good news really quick. The USB seems fine again. I don't know how. I don't know why. But it seems to see the files and interact just like normal. I tossed a heads-up warning on my site about it and uploaded another page just to verify things look ok. I'll proceed with trying to get Epic Fail updated and posted as quick as I can, but it may not go up until the morning. One of three systems I can use has been sick for a while. It's got like 300+ viruses, so I'm down to just two I can use. Needless to say they aren't free often. I'll take this as a sign to run backups every week after I post Epic Fail until I get things onto the netbook.

Time passes

Back from dinner. I just finished inputting Epic Fail and now I have to run a quick spell-check then I can toss it onto the web. Seems things will be normal for at least this week.

Day 260 - 3/18 - In order to truly pwn one must pwn at all games

Last night I hurt a spider. It was crawling on my windshield above me and it scared me. It was like 2" big and I was all yikes because I thought it was inside. I noticed it was outside so I thought I'd turn on the wipers to scare it away, shoo 'em away from the direction of my roof where it could sneak in through the soft top. But it didn't change its path and it crumpled when the wiper hit 'em. I felt, and still feel, all sad. I very badly hurt the poor spider, maybe killed them. I used to kill spiders and bugs all the time when I was young, but in the past 15-20 years I've been trying not to. They are just trying to live their lives. It's not their fault they are scary looking. Normally I capture them and put them outside, but I had no cups to capture this one and I'm already "outside". My lack of capture materials and nowhere for me to back off to (to be less scared) made me panic and hurt the spider.

I grabbed blank disks last night to run my backups. This morning I got to the little room right when it opened to be sure I could get updated. I made sure everything was current. I actually did it so quickly I went ahead and prepared a few things for the future. I made the shell for week 38, updated the other pages to have the link, and made the changes to the retired builds page for when I get my next builds ready. Being slightly ahead on things I made the backup. Phew! So, now even if the USB totally explodes again I'm beyond current. I'll only be able to post week 38 and then we hit a near two week blackout. I think I may even have my netbook by the time my blackout is over. Hum, looks like I'll have about a week of access before I'd have the netbook, so I guess I will do two more updates via the school systems before then; provided I can actually get on a system that first week of the semester. Hum, I may just pass on trying to fight the crowd for that and wait for the netbook.

Had a doughnut and it's just past 9:45. I was going to get a juice, but it was just dispensing water.

Guess that's all for now. I'll be off to take my shower and start my day now that I'm beyond current with my web life. K thx bye.

Time passes

Hum, not much to say. It's lunch time at just past 1. I really just took a shower and checked email, job boards, fun boards, and that's it since we last talked. Well, I saw a totally beautiful girl at the micro who's exactly my type (physically) who I chatted with for a minute about microing her pizza. I saw the doggie again. I thought I might, so I took my camera with me in case I did. You can has pictures. I checked his tag this time and his name is "Buddy". He recognized me and was walking over to me and it was kind of tough to get pictures, hehe.

It's finally starting to warm up. I've got just two shirt layers on.

The people at the main table I watch are playing the World of Warcraft collectable card game. There was a tournament over a weekend a few weeks back that I wanted to go to, but I didn't have the money. It was something like $25 to get in/play. I suppose it's ok. I've never played, so I would have had no clue what strategies to use.

That's all I can think of for now. I'll probably just chill here for a bit then go back to the internet lab to mess around for a bit. I should do some studying for my Saturday test though. I'll probably do that for a bit during dinner.

K thx bye.

Time passes

Nearing 6:45 and I'm having early dinner nom. It's pretty empty in the cafeteria, probably due to peeps cutting right before their test to either have fun or study at home. Next week is all finals.

Today was very weekend-like for me. I'll study in a bit but so far I did my updates and backup, which helped to greatly reduce my stress, and I've watched some shows. I actually found a new one - the World Cyber Games Ultimate Gamer. It's one of those reality competition shows sort of like Survivor where people get eliminated. For those who don't know, the World Cyber Games is like this huge pro gamer competition that's broadcast on TV. The WCG Ultimate Gamer show is about pro gamers who have to do real life challenges that are based on games plus the actual games. And it's all games, so the person may or may not be good at that game type. It's full of lolz. I like it. Those are my peeps there. (Though I've never done tournaments.) It's only two shows in so far, so I got current. There are some hawt girrrlz on there.

There's a netbook on one side of me and someone else on the other side with two portables. I think she's transferring stuff from a bigger laptop to a netbook, hehe. Seems like I see one about every three days now. I don't know if it's that there are more out there or if it's the same dozen or so people and I'm seeing them over and over.

Guess that's probably all that I'll have to say tonight. I should study a bit then go have a last bit of time in the library before it closes.

K thx bye.

Day 261 - 3/19 - Lost the found, found the lost

I think I may have lost my iPod. I noticed this morning that its plug was missing, so I checked the headphones bag and it wasn't there either. I have a vague recollection that I plugged it in on Monday in the Internet lab and I must have left it there. Bets that it's still plugged in up there under one of the desks, but it's possible someone found and kept it. I'm at the aquatics mini work now so I guess I won't know for a few hours.

My sleep has been weird lately. I've had trouble getting to sleep, so I don't fall asleep until midnight, but then I zonk out for a total 9-10 hours. I suppose if my body needs it it needs it. But still, it seems strange.

That's it so far. Gonna work up the 3x5s for my final. Maybe I can finish that today and drop off the zillion pound book back at the library.

I'll probably have more bla bla later.

Time passes

It's one of those times where I feel like I'm forgetting something. Like someone or something is waiting for me, but I have no idea what it could be. I'm current on all my shows, checked email countless times, checked for jobs, checked fun boards half a dozen times, went to work this morning, got current on web stuff, nothing is missing. I even did indeed find my iPod still plugged in under the desk.

It's nearing 6:15 and I'm nomming dinner early. I've been super hungry today for some reason.

Well, I can't think of anything to say. Guess I'll study for a bit then go back to messing around in the library on teh Internets, though I'm current with everything so I really don't know what I could do other than get ahead by working on the April system builds early.

Time passes

It's nearing 9:15 and my day is over. I'm having a small snack in the car. There wasn't really anything to do after I studied for a bit during dinner so I went ahead and finished the April system builds. I found half a dozen things to change as well, so that's good. I likely can't post them until next week though. I'll only have about a 2.5 hour window to do it tomorrow and that's it. I've got zero access to the systems that can do it on Saturday or Sunday. Next week campus will likely be totally abandoned outside of the cafeteria, and even that may be pretty barren, so I should have plenty of opportunity to update and post then.

It's so strange that the semester is almost over. I was going over old notes and thinking back and it feels there should be so much time left.

Well, I have no control of that. Time moves on. The people shift and change. (Though the big change won't come until after the summer.) The things I did I did, and the things I missed I missed. It does worry me though. It's another reminder of time that's passed; another reminder my opportunities have not grown. My income hasn't really changed. I'm no better off now in the eyes of employers than I was before the semester started. Oh sure, two more classes I may get As in is something. But it's not a degree, it's not a certificate. It's nothing that's likely to improve my chances of getting a job.

And so this has become yet another night I'm left wondering if I really can ever recover on my own.

Day 262 - 3/20 - Missing plug

I had a bit of a scare when I got in to aquatics mini work. The mini TV was under the counter and its plug was missing. But after a bit of looking around the office I found it.

This morning I got up early after getting to school and I had exactly enough time to update and post the April system recommendations, woot!

I'm so hungry today. It's just after 11 and I think I may eat soon. Not sure how many interesting things will happen today since I spend most of Fridays working.

Maybe I'll have more to say later.

Day 263 - 3/21 - Pizza nommin

Bit of a super late lunch at 4:45. I think I did ok on my final. I watched some shows and did some posting. Peeps were like, 'Thx mr. rabb1t,' and it's always nice to be appreciated.

Doin' laundry now, but that's really it for my day. Not much to say. Just an average Saturday these days save for the semester ending for my Saturday class.

Guess that's it for now.

Time passes

Dinner nom. I just tried to kill some time at GameStop, but these days the demos are pretty much all turned off. I wonder if that's because they don't want people playing for teh free all the time because sales are down or if it's because they are cutting costs by conserving energy and lowering their power bill. There was a mom in there with her kids trying to find a Mac game. It's like, 'lol, you can't find a Mac game in stores unless its brand new'. I tried suggesting some places to look but it's hard enough buying a PC game that's not new at a gaming store let alone a Mac game. Gotta basically go online for that.

I'm nomming in a Pizza My Heart place. I like the atmosphere, but I've no idea what the Hawaiian theme is about. The two girls working here tonight are pretty cute. The pizza is pretty good. Its got that super thin crust. I prefer regular or thick crust myself. You can get it by the slice for teh cheap. They have WiFi here so maybe I'll make this my play spot in the future. I'll have to run some tests and all.

Um... guess that's it for tonight. Apparently a sad day for this bunny not counting doing ok/good on my test and the board praise. It's raining again. I'm feeling sad and lonely with no sweetie or friends to spend time with or share lols. (My other ghost said I should go visit her, but she's far enough away that would be kinda dangerous with my bald tires.) I miss my games. I guess at least I should be able to stealth into the sleeping spot in about an hour.

K thx bye.

Day 264 - 3/22 - Pondering future Sundays

Having some lunch before my library time at just past 11:15. I wonder what I'll be doing at this time on future Sundays. If I had any kind of place to live I'd have no doubt gotten up earlier than I did, taken a super quick shower, and been playing WoW by now. But with no real income to speak of that seems such a terribly long way off. I suppose it's possible that in four weeks time I could be playing here in my car from my netbook. It will depend on if I can find a solid network connection or not. The ghost was explaining once that he tried to do WiFi play and found there are two types of connections; burst transmission and streaming. Streaming is what I need. It sends info without waiting. Burst type waits a bit before sending info, making any kind of real online play almost impossible. Doing the broadband wireless would always be an option, but I'd have to get my own modem, plus there is that 2 gig cap per month. Doing the super quick math that's ~70 meg per day. That sounds like a cap that would easily be hit. I suppose I can try and research how much bandwidth gaming takes if I get some spare time.

Not much to say today. It's one of those days where I don't feel like a part of any world around me - just an outsider looking in.

Time passes

Kind of sad day now. Someone was poopie to me on one of the boards. They are like, 'I don't believe you've been doing it that long because you have pointless emotes in your posts', and, 'I'm going to go find what's blatantly wrong with your site.' Yeah, like I can't have about four different writing styles and choose the style that suits what I'm doing at that time. Someone else was disagreeing with my design/layout, so that's sad too, but I know that's far more subjective based on personal taste. The other guy was being poopie just to be poopie. That's not ok.

The rain is drying up and it's finally starting to get warm again. It's super windy today, so it's still pretty cold.

The computer glitched this morning and wouldn't let me in. Leftover craziness from last week I guess. I got a temporary pass and got two hours off that. I checked my card on the way out and the librarian said it was fine. In theory I can get another two hours, lol. I guess I'll just stick around in the parking lot and do that in a bit. There are still two projects I need to do for school I haven't been looking forward to or motivated to really do yet. They are pretty much due tomorrow, so I've really just got today and tomorrow to do it. In the evening there is the final and then that's it for classes this semester. It still seems too soon for it to be over.

Feeling pretty sad. This is one of those days I'd spend time just doing solo quests and crafting most of the day, maybe do a dungeon or raid if I got invited.

I guess I'm just not feeling very wanted or invited lately. I feel like I'm having to push myself into places to try and prove I belong. The praise the other day was roxor, but now people are giving me some poop. And it's the weekend. Always a little sadder on the weekends since everyone gets to have fun but me. Plus, it's a reminder of yet another week passing that I'm still failing at life. Sometimes it seems like it's always been this way.

Time passes

I got some more library time, but my card is still busted. I'm guessing they will have to give me a new one. There was a post in support of me against the poo head I mentioned earlier, so that was nice.

I spent the majority of the extra time looking for data on wireless broadband gaming. The important info I found indicates coverage may or may not be any better than WiFi. The manager person also told me that when I looked into it weeks ago but it was good to see that verified on boards with specific reference to WoW. I guess I'll just have to find a good WiFi spot to play from. That and I've been looking for single player off-line games to play. I've got a few in mind for teh cheap and I'm always considering more recent ones I've been wanting to play. It will also be really nice to print from the netbook. Setting up just the printer would be like five minutes. I can keep current with the awesome full color printing I want to do.

Not much to do but wait though. I keep hoping for a boost of support from somewhere to speed up my plans and try to control my costs as much as I can to speed things up.

It's sometime after 6. The sun is going down, the wind is kicking up, dinner is half nommed, and that's likely it for tonight. Thanks for being here to listen to me ramble peeps. *hugs* Hope you had a better day than I did.

Day 265 - 3/23 - Endings

It's late day around 6:15. I think I did meh on my final final, but hopefully it will turn out ok. I decided to celebrate the end of the semester with a hamburger meal at the cafeteria. I got the last bit of fries, so I got a super huge amount. Ooooh, stray spicy curly fry. I eat you spicy curly fry! Nom nom nom.

Today I lost my credit shield. The people who were going to fend off my creditors have said they are dropping me because I can't make payments (13 missed now.) Understandable I suppose, though they are holding a bunch of my monies. The deal was to pay them ~$1750 for a deposit / fee for dealing with my creditors, then once I'd put that much in they would negotiate a settlement. I'd given them ~$1400 then had to stop payments, so they never did any negotiation that retainer was to pay for. Since they are now dropping me, without doing the service that deposit was to pay for, I basically politely demanded at least 50% of that since they really haven't done any work. I think them getting $40 a month to effectively do nothing is more than fair. We'll see if they give me anything back or not. I doubt they will.

Oh, my TV plug was missing from aquatics mini work, so that was sad. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it.

That's it for my day. End of the semester, end of my credit shield, possibly the end of my mini TV watching at aquatics mini work, celebrating dinner as a farewell to Fall, and that's it. I'll have a bit of time to watch a show or two and do board posts, but that's all for tonight.

Day 266 - 3/24 - Impending Spring blackout

It's just after 11:30, having an early lunch. I got current on Epic Fail and watched 24. Hopefully you'll be reading this later tonight, or at the very least some time this week, because as of about 1 hour ago my USB popped again. Currently it's dead, so hopefully I can get week 38 up before the blackout. If not the 2-3 week blackout will be a lot longer for my peeps.

Things are already thinning out. There is hardly anyone here in the cafeteria or at the computers.

Someone at my debt consolidation place said they would "forward my request" to a manager. It wasn't a flat no, so maybe that's something. Anything returned could greatly accelerate my netbook plans, which my need for becomes greater each day.

The contacts I have in, the last pair of my current perscription, are getting too old I fear. Things are always blurry more than about 10 feet away. I may have to switch to my stronger pair all the time. (Those give me headaches after about 4-6 hours.) I do have another pair of this perscription in backup, but they are also in a similar condition.

Well... soon enough I'll have my netbook. My online and offline life data will be safe and sound from then on. Shortly after I'll be able to afford an eye exam and box of contacts. The box will get me three pair which normally is six weeks of use, but I can easily stretch that to 9 or 12, maybe even 15. It's ok though, as once I get my exam I can get three pair for ~$25 anytime I want for a year. With the higher hours that should be no problem every 6-8 weeks.

That's all the rambling for now. Maybe I'll have more interesting news later. Hopefully the USB will un-explode and you'll be reading this before my 2-3 week blackout.

Time passes

Let's see... what's new; not much really. Just a regular day since we last spoke. I watched the Unit, got to watch Supernatural , which I haven't been able to the last half dozen times I tried because their video player hardly ever works, and I got caught up on Battlestar Galactica. I'd somehow gotten behind there. I had dinner nom with the ghost and he gave me a bit of monies to help me out.

The USB wasn't feeling well enough to let me get at my files and stuff to post this evening. But, it was feeling somewhat better. It was seeing the drive and sort of flashing its light. So, if it follows the same pattern as last time, it should be fully functional again some time tomorrow, which will allow me to post this week and back things up before the Spring break blackout. Hopefully I can post. I've gotten somewhat used to telling my peeps my sad story. Long sad story is looonnnggg.

The day started a bit cold but the second half warmed up nicely. Hopefully the warm weather is returning.

I checked job boards a couple of times. As usual lately nothing to apply for. It seems so crazy how when this all started I was sending 5, sometimes 10 applications a week, and now... I can't even recall the last time there was an ad I was qualified for (and not over qualified.)

Feeling good today despite the bad things, yet hearing and seeing people say goodbyes makes me sad. It makes me think of all the goals normal people reach then move on to bigger and better things to make that next step forward in the great adventure that is their life. But me, for me life seems like one of those playground things that spin and spin and spin. I'm watching kids get on and off, laughing and happy, yet I don't know how to get on. It's spinning so fast, and as I watch I don't know if I'll get a turn or if I've missed my turn and it's too late for me.

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