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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Day 309 - 5/6 - Fancy carrot / Change of plans

Not much going on so far today. It's almost exactly noon and I'm having lunch nom. I checked some boards and watched Fringe. I'm all caught up on shows and everything, so after lunch I'll start working on the "fancy carrot". Back in the day my site used to have personal upgrade notes, which also served as a pointer to what I thought were the best parts at the time in terms of high performance and important features at a good price. Since I removed most aspects related to my personal PC system the best parts may have gotten lost in the jumble and I've been thinking and thinking of a way to resurrect that. So, fancy carrot it shall be; a small icon next to one part in each section of My PC page and my Home Entertainment page pointing people towards what I feel is the ideal choice.

Feeling a little sad today. Lots of cuties and snuggly coupling going on, but none for me. It's still a bit gray and cloudy out, but it's warmer than it has been lately. Things should get happier tomorrow since I get paid. I'll be able to buy foods, gas, pay a few bills I need to pay, set aside some for tires; I may even spend a few hours at the game center because it's my last day to do Children's week fun before the event ends. There is also a tournament quest line I'd like to advance that I otherwise wouldn't be able to do due to the lag via WiFi.

Um... guess that's all so far today. K thx bye.

Time passes

Zomg, I'm so hungry. It's a bit after 3 and I made my fancy carrot and put it into many spots. I also updated a few items/links, so that's good.

Someone pointed out that Star Trek starts tomorrow, on a Thursday, not Friday like most premiers. Zomg! That means there is a chance I can share in the premier day silliness. It will be up to Fate, as I can't afford a ticket until the morning, so I guess we'll see if I can make it or not. I'll miss a chance to finish out the Children's week quests, but that's ok as it is unlikely I could get them all anyways. But it would work out better anyways. I could see launch day fun and have Saturday open to being at the game center uninterrupted. The weekend pass is the best deal for the money, and if I were to see the movie on Saturday I'd lose time. If I can do the premier I lose no time and get premier silliness, woot!

I'm gonna scoot off to the car and grab what little I have for a snack and set up my dinner. I'll eat during class or a break so I can scoot off campus ASAP to upload the changes and maybe squeeze in my gemcrafting daily quest.

Seems silly to be excited about something like a movie premier, but it's really nice to think I'll finally have that very small bit of free money to actually consider doing it.

That's it for now.

Day 310 - 5/7 - To boldly go

At aquatics mini work. It's around 10:50. I had my book out, so I thought I'd say hi. Hi peeps.

I got up early this morning to hop onto campus and check that my paycheck went in. It did, so I tried to get a ticket to the IMAX Star Trek, but I couldn't get tickets online because apparently they won't sell them online. Hopefully I'll get in. I'll go over after mini work after dropping a bag off at the ex-house in the garage so it's somewhere safe. The first show is at like 7 and I should be there by 2:30, so I should be able to get in unless people walked over to get tickets already. I think it would show if they were sold out online, so it should be fine. Who knows, I could wind up being the only one there that early as it's a minor theater that likely won't attract a fanish crowd. Had I the money and more flexibility I could have gone up to the city where they will no doubt be fun to be had. (It would be like 45 minutes each way and I'm sure some are already there.)

I guess that's my big thing. I've never been one for concerts, but I do like big movie premiers. Never had the true flexibility to attend the really big ones though.

Guess that's all the rambling for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

It's about 4:30. I'm going to have a snack and kill a couple of hours in the car. I figure I'll head over to see if there is a line around when the first showing goes in, maybe a touch sooner. I killed some time at Starbucks because, as I feared, the early show was sold out days ago by people walking in to get their tickets. At least I could get in to the midnight show. My sleep is pretty bad in the car anyways, so a touch less won't matter. Really disappointed I have no RL peeps to share this with, to hang out with, go to dinner with before hand. But, well, that's been my life for a while now - single serving style. I guess the good news is that I don't have to lug my food around since I'll just eat in the car then leave it there. And I can spend these hours studying for tests I have coming up. I suppose that's something.

That's all I can think of. Some fun to be had, there is a small line for the 7:00 show. But, as always, I'm missing the real fun. The real party is elsewhere.

K thx bye.

Day 311 - 5/8 - Still tight

Zomg Star Trek is so full of win. They did what I feared they might do with the restart (change the timeline), but you know I'm really ok with it. All of the classic characters are still very much the classic characters with just the right amount of new school changes. I can't wait to get the special edition Blu-ray that will no doubt be out in time for X-mas. Hopefully I'll be re-established in a home by then and able to share it with peeps, maybe the Classic series as well since that's out on Blu-ray now too. Maybe I'll even have new speakers and a subwoofer too if I'm very lucky, though sadly with it being only seven moths away, looking back at my recent past, it seems unlikely. I had a super fun time though. I talked with some people there about gaming and Star Trek stuff. Noone was in costume though, and nearly everyone waited to show up until around 11, so not so much of an early crowd at all.

Going over my bills today for this pay period after learning that my paycheck is correct and it is not short things are going to be tighter than I'd like. I can pay minimal bills, save $75 for tires, and have enough to visit the game center one of the two weekends and that's about it. I did pick up my new sneakers, so that's taken care of. They are all sproinga-sproinga as I walk, hehe. My feet are still super sore on bottom, and I got a blister yesterday, probably from smooshing my feets in various sitting positions for hours on end.

That's really all to report. It's only 11, so the day has just started. Since I only got about 6 hours of sleep I didn't go on to campus to check stuff before coming to aquatics mini work.

K thx bye.

Time passes

My night is almost over. It's 9:45 and I'll be closing up gym mini work soon. Just wanted to drop a quick note as I don't know how much I'll write over the weekend since I'll be at the game center.

A sweater has been here in the lost and found for weeks. I've decided to claim it since I'm so allergic to my old one. I'll put that one into storage after work. If the new one works out fine (it's a bit lighter weight) then I'll put the old one into the trash to be sure I don't start using it again in the future. (I'd be likely to forget I was reacting to it.)

I watched two movies and again one of them had one point it got stuck completely. Maybe I should stop using the kiosk movies. A 50% failure rate is just absurd. I think in all the years I've rented from NetFlix (probably 100+ rentals) only once ever was a disk unplayable. The trouble is my entire queue is set for Blu-ray, so I'd have to go and manually change like 60+ movies. I guess the kiosk movies are for teh cheap ($1.10 each) so I can't complain too much, and in the past I've gotten two free rentals for the two unplayable disks.

Welp, time to go. 'Night peeps.

Day 312 - 5/9 - No car

I'm at the game center. It's just past 5:30. Having lots of fun but I found out something super sad. The weekend pass isn't a pass for the whole weekend; it's for a single weekend day. So what I thought would cover me for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, is only good for the one day. I guess I'll just drop money on my account in the future and use it hourly or something. Twenty-five per day isn't really a good deal. I mean, yeah, it is cheap per hour for here, but that's too much to pay. If it were for the whole weekend it would be better, but just for one day where I may or may not get a good group... not so good.

In other troubling news my car has started wobbling. It seems normal at speeds below 35 MPH, but as I near 60 MPH, even more so past that, it's like I'm nearing warp with no inertial dampeners; like the structural integrity will fail and it will start to break apart. I'm hoping it's just the tires or alignment and that will disappear when I change them in a few weeks.

That's it for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

No car, great. I park at like noon; go out to check/get something at 9:30 and it's gone. Apparently someone crashed and caused 5 cars to get massively damaged, one of which was my car, and now it's apparently been towed and I have no access to any of my stuff or information on what's going on 'till 8 AM, which is more than 10 hours from now, after the cold night not spent in the car. I have no idea how long it will be to be fixed, or what I'll do about getting my stuff that I need, or if it can be fixed at all. It looks like just the windshield and hood was smashed. One of the other car owners that works here has pictures, but noone came to find me when it happened, so all I knew was my car was gone.

I suppose the only good point was an officer said there isn't anything illegal about being homeless and sleeping in my car.

I guess I'll stay here most of the night and update peeps in the morning. I only pray the spare contact case I have with me will allow me to swap contacts and put the ones I'm wearing in solution overnight.

Hum... here is a thought... I could maybe see what a taxi would cost to go sneak in to the ex-house garage. Yes, that's what I'll do. It's really my only safe option to keep warm and such. I hope it's not too much. I can't afford anything.

Time passes

It's about 2:30 AM. (So it's technically the 10th.) I'm safely tucked away in a corner of the garage at the ex-house. It is extremely unlikely I'll be discovered even though I kind of need to stay until 8 AM. The odds are astronomical that my ex-roomies will be up and about at that hour. Normally on a Sunday they wouldn't get up until around 10. It will be Mom's day, but neither of them will have Mom's day things to do. So... for the moment I'm certainly safe, it isn't too cold yet, which is good, but I have nothing for a blanket and I don't even have much in the way of extra cloths to fake it with multiple layers, and it is already getting pretty cold. I could go over to a shelf and unpack one of my bed blankets, but that would be overly difficult and make noise, and with noise comes the possibility of discovery. (Though the ex-roomies house isn't attached to the garage, there is a house sort of between them.) Sadly I'll likely ruin a pair of contacts with what I need to do to take them out to sleep. I'll put my spare ones into regular water, and use the solution they are currently in to store the not as used up pair I'm currently wearing. That will hopefully hold them ok for the night. The person who crashed's insurance better pay for everything that's come of this. There's no way I can afford repairs, or a rental car, and even the $15 I spent on a taxi over here was far more than I should have spent. That's going to have to come out of the reserve I put away for tires.

I just don't get it. Here I am homeless, pretty much still heavily struggling to make more than critical needs of food, gas, car insurance, and phone. I finally, finally, get enough to have a little bit of entertainment; go to a movie, spend a day at the game center, neither of which I've done in I can't even remember how long, and today is the day that person crashes right in that area where I parked. It couldn't have been any other day in the past so many weeks, or future two weeks before my next visit (or longer), or anywhere else in the lot, no no. The odds are just too high to believe, but as a Fatalist I believe it must have happened for a reason; it was Fate. I can only hope that their insurance will pay for everything. Wouldn't it be nice if it not only paid for everything, but also gave me a bit extra for "pain and suffering"? I'm certainly not like a regular person who has a home and can just shrug it off and ask for help from friends for rides. This not only knocks out my car, but my home, and prevents me from doing all my daily routines. The way my life has been going lately though I fully expect them to claim my car suffered engine damage from the hood being smashed in on it and said damage makes the car totaled and then they offer something so weak in terms of cash I can't possibly get a replacement car. (Which, even if it were maximum bluebook value would already really not even be enough to replace it, as even in perfect condition it isn't even worth $1k. You really need at least $1.25k around here to get something that's not damaged.)

Well, not much to do but try and rest/sleep and see what is said about fixing it in the morning. Being a Sunday I fully expect nothing to be done and I likely won't be able to get to any of my stuff, which means yet more expenses for tending my contacts and buying food. I don't know how I'll manage to sleep without blanket covers even if I did get a loaner car.

Well... it's rapidly getting cold, so I should see what I can do for covers and try and settle in. At least I recently dropped off my old sweater. That can serve as extra layers or a small blanket. Maybe I can even get some sleep, though it will be tough knowing that I've had to turn my phone off to conserve the battery and that I'll have no idea what time it is unless I turn on my netbook. I fear I may oversleep and be caught by the ex-roomies or something, though the odds of that are effectively nil, as the sun will start to shine in here and the birds will no doubt start to make noise around 5 or 6, long before I need to be up and can call to investigate things at 8.

Well... night peeps.

Wow, this is really pathetic. It's only about 5 minutes after I was going to try to rest and I'm certain I've discovered a spy camera that, no doubt, the ex-roomie who hates me must have installed. There's this new device I noticed when I was last here that looked like a smoke alarm, but I noticed just now while I was looking for a flashlight that they used to keep in here that it had a cable running out from it. I followed the cable back to the corner of the garage, and noticed other cables going down. At first I just noticed something that looked like a video cable, like they were splitting it to the neighbors, but no, the cable in question runs to one of those tiny cameras that aren't much bigger than your thumb folded in half. How incredibly sad is that? He hates me so much that he not only completely avoids me, but now he's installed a spy camera in the garage so he is alerted to, or records, when I go in and out. I hope it doesn't record me, like the sensor goes off and it records time stamps. (It can't see where I'm sleeping. The door is in the opposite corner and it's pointed just at the door.) If it could record time they would know I was here during the night and didn't leave 'till morning. But then, it's possible that if it can see in the dark he'll get a picture of me discovering it. I guess it's no biggie really. I expect this is one of only a few nights it would catch me coming in when I didn't tell them I was coming over. Of course, if he hadn't lost his job and wasn't home all the time it would be a non-issue, as he'd be at work during the vast majority of times I'm here. I'm conflicted now. Do I investigate further in the light when I can see it to verify, or do I pretend I don't know it's there assuming that it can't capture images in the dark or that it's just a live feed, not one that records? (From what I know that'd have to be a very expensive camera to see in the dark.) I don't know, the whole thing is just so ridiculous. They should just let me stay here. As I said way back at the beginning of the story, they claim that they didn't want me on the street, yet they didn't offer the option of staying in the garage. Something like compromising and letting me stay from 11 PM until like 9 AM seems pretty fair to me. I'd be safe, dry, get plenty of time for sleep, and yet not somewhere comfortable enough I'd actually really want to stay longer than absolutely necessary. I'm betting it doesn't record, though the presence of what seemed a smoke detector, but is likely a motion sensor, makes it more likely it does just record when someone passes for a few minutes. I'll bet it's just a live feed and that's it. Though he does have a server, so I suppose that there is software out there that's cheap, or maybe even that came with the camera. Maybe I'll spy on the spying and see if I can find out what type it is online tomorrow, hehe. I wonder too if he's got more than one in here.

Well, I couldn't find the flashlight, so that's problematic. I guess I'll just have to fumble in the dark until around 6 when first light is coming in and things brighten up.

I don't know, maybe it's just for this safe they put in here. I don't know why, but they installed some safe thing. It's about 5' tall x 2 feet x 2 feet. Why in gods name you'd want to put a safe in your garage instead of, oh I don't know, like next to your water heater or in a closet inside the home, is beyond me. Me, if I'm going to have stuff I want in a safe, I'm going to want it somewhere super secure and super hidden; like in a closet with a false wall or at least inside the home behind locked doors. The garage, that seems more like file cabinet material to me.

Ok, now I'll be trying to sleep. Though the car damage and spy camera just makes me extra sad and feel even more unwelcome around here. Not like I didn't feel unwelcome enough by them putting me out onto the street in the first place.

Day 313 - 5/10 - Out in the cold

I would be lucky if I got more than 2 hours of sleep last night. By the time I got settled last night it was nearing 3:45 AM, and by 5:30 it was getting so cold I was shivering.

I decided to investigate the camera a touch on the way out. The thing that looks like a fire alarm is indeed a fire alarm. Here is the kicker though, due to how the duplex is designed the ex-roommate who hates me had to go through the neighbors garage to run the video line. So not only did he put a spy camera in to potentially spy on when I come and go, but he had to make the neighbors aware of his intentions. While I wasn't ever super close with the neighbors I've sort of known one of them for over 20 years. The ex-roomie who hates me must have presented the idea as security for the safe. I'd hate to think the ex-neighbors are against me as well.

It's just after 9. I called my insurance at 8:05 and was effectively told they can't help me at all. Any and all monies and help will have to come from the other person's insurance company - which likely means a long drawn out process that will take weeks. After the call I spent the 15 minutes walking over to the Safeway / Starbucks shopping area. I'm going to have to research where my car is and if I can get a police report. The insurance company apparently won't be able to get it for weeks.

I don't know what I'll do. I don't have the $15 to pay for the taxi last night, let alone the hundreds the windshield and hood will cost, or who knows how much for a rental car in the meantime to get to and from work and school or to get my car out of tow. (Taking the bus to work is an option, but it's over 1 hour each way, not counting additional walking time of 20+ minutes each way, for a trip which would otherwise be a 10 minute drive.)

The only thing I can try and do is contact my ex-roomie and find out just how friendly she still is. Me, I'd totally help. If someone already owed me so much a little more wouldn't matter, particularly under these circumstances when it's likely they'd pay that back in a few weeks. But I don't know... we rarely talk anymore. (She hardly replies to emails and never calls.) And she hasn't extended any other help in my getting re-established recently other than holding my stuff in storage for me. (Which I'm now paying her a something a month that's fair.)

Well, off I go to send her an email about it. The phone is at 60% and will likely shut off before the night is over.

Time passes

It's 11, having lunch nom - chicken, the only food I have save for a 2-lieter of soda I got at the store. I hate to eat foods that weren't from here, it seems rude, but I'll be here all day. I don't know if they really mind or register what customers do specifically. They see so many customers during the day.

No reply from the friend/ex-roomie yet. She's likely still asleep, or hasn't checked email.

What a terrible time I'm having lately. The car is going to cost $185 just to get it back - money I don't have unless I spent everything I have including food money for the next two weeks. These are one of those times you need a friend who will come rescue you; someone to show up here, hug me, reassure me it's only money and everything will be fine, take me home with them so I have a place to sleep, offers to get my car back in the early morning so I can find out about jury duty and drive me to work, and take care of the costs until I get paid back by the dummy head's insurance who crashed into me. Is my friend/ex-roomie such a type of person? Once upon a time she was, but I don't know if she is anymore since she put me out. I will actually be surprised if she replies and says anything but "Sorry, can't help. I'm so sorry for you."

Guess that's all for now. This is one of those times where there's that saying about 'a burden shared'. I have no RL friends to share these troubles with or to rescue me. I have you peeps though, and I know many of you do genuinely care, and I suppose that has to be enough for me for now.

I've decided to post this now and give updates as news comes since it's so tragic and people may want to know.

Time passes

It's nearing 8:30 and my access for the night is nearly up. Just giving peeps a quick update. The update is, there is no real update. The friend/ex-roomie hasn't yet replied to my email. I decided to email the ghost. We haven't heard from him much lately, he's just sent one or two emails since I last mentioned him. I don't think he'll be able to help though, as he would have already if he had the monies, and now he's out on vacation for two or three weeks, so he's not even around me anymore.

I did get a super helpful donation from a rabb1t peep, so yeeeaaa for help from my peeps. I know you peeps care for and maybe even love me, and many times these days I think that's just about the only thing keeping me going. *tear*

I'll write more in a bit for tonight, but it won't be posted until probably the early afternoon tomorrow.

Time passes

More from around 8:30... It's getting so cold in the shop here. Hopefully it won't be so cold outside or in the ex-house garage. I really have nowhere else to go tonight. It's part of why I stayed local. I hate to go someplace I'm not welcome, but I don't have much choice with the weather. It's still getting much too cold to just 'camp out'.

I've got way too much food with me. I need to break up the bits to reduce the weight. I'll buy some soups on the way back ex-home. I can have them for dinner on campus. Lunch and snacks still have to be pre-cooked in some way.

I am truly dreading tonight. While it is tolerable to be homeless with my car - it's more boring than bad most of the time - tonight is one of those nights I will truly be homeless. I'll have to stay out until I figure at least 11, ideally midnight. Of course, if the spy camera can see in the dark and records it wouldn't matter when I sneak in. I'm hoping it's just live feed or maybe even not to spy on me but that it is somehow connected to the fire alarm and it's just for safety.

Well, nothing much else to say. They seem to be shutting us out a bit early, so I've got to go. Maybe more later.

Time passes

It's just after 9 and I'm officially a homeless person in the park. The tennis park is almost attached to the shopping center I was at, so this is really the best place I can think of to be without spending money. It's pretty chilly out. I'm so sad I missed the day. Had I my car I wouldn't have been so sad and I could have just hung out and done laundry slowly, eaten a casual lunch in the park, things like that. But due to my sad all I can do is try to distract myself - all the while feeling on the verge of tears and hopelessness.

And yet I still wonder what plans there are for this Knight of Fate. I stopped at the store to pick up two soups, and even though I was just in line for a few minutes I made two groups of people smiley and lol. They weren't having a bad night or anything, but ripples of change were sent out by my presence nonetheless.

If it were warm enough I'd consider stowing my bags and just staying here, but it's too chilly and it is bound to get colder.

How odd it seems that there are walkers at this hour, yet through my experience I now realize just how precious alone time is away from others. It's like I knew that before, but it really hits home now that I have so little alone time.

The small things are not so small.

Day 314 - 5/11 - Vehicle #3

Let's see... It's nearing 11 (AM) and I'm at aquatics mini work. I slept for a bit last night - actual sleep, though I had crazy dreams. I got maybe 6 hours total, which is a lot compared to the 2 or so of the prior night. I actually feel pretty well rested and in a much better mood. Even though I was all smooshed/cramped as I slept there is no pain or aches now. Now my eyelids are just super tired and my eyes are a bit soreish.

I got up earlier than I needed to at around 7. I walked to, and waited at, the bus stop to go to school since I had a few extra hours, but as I waited I realized that the police station is on the way to mini work - at least by bus route, by car it isn't - so I walked across the street to go the other direction towards work. I took the detour to the police station to get the report, which took about 1/2 hour and $4. I'm glad I did though. I now have all of the infos on the driver, three different accounts of what happened, and their insurance company and policy number.

I got here 45 minutes early. I decided to hop into the shower really quick then called Allstate (the crasher's insurance company). The agent was super nice and helpful and she actually sounded kinda hawt in a '30s Texan' kind of way. I've never been one to find a 'Southern drawl' attractive but country girls can be just as hawt as everywhere else. Anyways, her super friendliness and helpfulness has made me consider switching insurance companies. I have AAA now, but the person on the phone really couldn't help me at all. Though understanding, she really didn't seem all that helpful. The Allstate person said they would hook me up with a check after they do an estimate, which could take up to Friday! But she said they would indeed hook me up with a rental car. (Which AAA basically said, 'You didn't pay for that so QQ more, too bad for you.') She gave me the claim number they are putting us all on and the name and number of the agent assigned to the case. I called him about 10 minutes ago, but he didn't answer. Hopefully he will call me back and can hook me up with the rental car before I leave work. That would be r0x0r.

So, seems like things are moving very smoothly for recovery. I'll be out my car for maybe a couple of weeks, but they have to hook me up with a rental, so things will be fine since I can pick up my stuff after I'm hooked up. I'll just transfer things from my current car to the rental. It will actually be a big step up what with the hard top, tires that are totally fine, an actual trunk / lockable space, and no other problems.

Oooooh. Friend/ex-roomie just called. Yeeeaaa. She apparently just got the email. As I thought though she wouldn't have known how / been able to help. She did mention she could return the storage check I gave her, or see if she could convince the ex-roomie who hates me to let me stay in the garage though, so it's possible she has considered that before and my not being allowed is all his fault. But things should be fine from the impression I got with my chat with Allstate.

So... phew. Everything should be ok and back to normal in a few weeks.

Oh, I have to tell you the crazy story of what happened. Apparently this guy was in the second lane of a two-lane city street. He was passing cars on his right (so he was in the more middle lane). Apparently he was doing 60-70 MPH... on city streets... where there is a 40 MPH posted limit. Isn't that crazy?! So suddenly he's like, 'Ack, that's my turn,' and yoinks his car to the right across the lane of traffic in order to try and pull in to the parking lot. He hits the curb and a planter thing, which shoots him into the air, where he flies over two cars, then lands on top of / slides across one car, my car, a third car, and has then slowed enough to land on the side of the fourth car and go rolling away into the middle area.

But everyone is ok, phew! He is apparently 17 and had a 15-year old passenger. I've told peeps before but I'll say it again, please, please be careful out there. Be safe all the time in everything you do. Sure, take risks, have fun, but don't be dumb. Life is too short and too fragile to risk it carelessly. If you will arrive somewhere late that's fine. If you rush you, or others, may not get there at all.

But yeeeaaa, everyone is ok. And hopefully later today I'll be hooked up with a rental car and can go get my stuff out of my current car and have everything back in place (in the rental.)

More news later I'm sure.

Time passes

It's nearing 1:30 and I spoke to a nice person who is not the agent handling the case. She said that all parties are going to have to be contacted before they can pay any monies or set me up with a rental. That seems pretty rediculous if true, as contacting like five people and getting all that info could take days. That's not ok. I'll be calling the agent pretty much every half hour if that's the case provided I can actually find a pay phone to call from. (It's an 800 number, so it's for teh free.) The problem is that around here pay phones basically no longer exist because everyone has cell phones. Hopefully this is fixed quickly. Without a car I'm in big trouble for sleeping and getting around, particularly on Friday as I'd be stranded at my gym mini work because buses don't run after I'm off shift.

Time passes

Well, the agent in charge of the case is now off shift. He never called me, nor did I get a hold of him. Hopefully he's busting his butt to try and get us set up. So, another sad night for me is coming shortly, but I did give my friend/ex-roomie a heads up and may get an official ok for staying in the garage until I'm back in a car. Disappointed, but now, during the day, I'm ok with knowing things should be taken care of soon enough.

I got a reply from the ghost. He was all bossy and poopie. Not really supportive or nurturing at all. He said he'd try and make it down to meet me and maybe hook me up with some foods, but with my phone nearly dead we may miss one another.

For some reason my jaw and cheeks have been hurting a lot today. I think it is because I've been out in the sun so much, what with all the walking and bussing, and I've been squinting due to not having sunglasses. It may also be due to swelling of my sinuses and throat because of allergies to people's scents and all this extra stuff I'm being exposed to while walking. (Not to mention that I've been carrying around the old sweater that I know I'm allergic to. I'm not gonna do that in the future. I'll just be a bit too cold and not suffering pain than be warmer and be swollen and stuff.)

I asked my friend/ex-roomie if she still has her charger, we had the same phone once upon a time, but I've gotten no reply. (Edit later: She said she found it and will put it out at my mail for me, woot.) I may want to just order one to be sure I get one soon.

So much pain and suffering lately. I wish I could go to a room, put out my cloths, go to take a shower and shave my parts, come back, find my cloths are washed and folded for me, then go to sleep. I'm so tired and exhausted from all of this.

Guess that's it for now.

Time passes

Got official word that staying in the garage is ok, but only for tonight. What's that about? It's not like the ex-roomie who hates me uses the garage at night or early morning. It just makes me feel so unwelcome. It's like they are saying 'we don't care if you are dead'. I mean, sure, if you are trying to save a drowning person and they are too heavy to be saved and they will drag you both down I can understand letting go, but shutting me out like this when I'm in such extreme need, when they know I've noone else to turn to? That I don't get. I guess there really are just two kinds of people in the world - those who are caring, kind, and generous at their core, and those who, well, just aren't. Some who aren't are just selfish, some just don't seem to care, some think that because others can do it you can too and you just must not be trying if you can't.

I don't know what I'll do if I can't get hooked up with a car tomorrow night. I suppose I can try the abandoned building on campus again. It seemed like it hadn't been touched in probably decades, so if things haven't changed that one door is still open. I suppose staying up most of the night and sleeping during the day would be acceptable short term.

No point worrying I guess. With the spy camera in there I can't risk defying them and sneaking in again, but I don't know what I'll do in the future if I can't get into a place to stay. Maybe in a few months I'd have enough saved to consider a hotel during emergencies, but I think that is around $100 a night around here, so it is nowhere near cheap.

I don't know, I just feel so unwelcome in so many ways. My ex-roomies don't want me around, my ex-friends don't want me around, jobs I apply to don't seem interested at all, new peeps I meet that I like that I'd consider being friends with don't offer friendship... And being the type of person to not push my way into things - I don't go where I'm not wanted - I can't help but wonder... why?

Day 315 - 5/12 - Hi-yo, Silver, away!

It's just past 10:30 and I'm at aquatics mini work. I got here early again around 9:45 and took a shower. I grabbed some disposable razors for teh cheap yesterday, so I shaved some of my parts. Yeeeaaa.

I got let in by a person who only works here during the summer. We were chatting a bit 'cause she asked about my netbook. She is super cute and attractive, so I gave her one of my cards with infos about the netbook on one side. I'm like, "Here's the model of the netbook and on the other side is me, 'cause I'm flirting at you 'cause you are super cute. Whuuuutttt? " And we both loled. Yeeeaaa for flirting.

The agent guy in charge of my case called. He said they were getting conflicting reports from the driver. It's like what? You were driving like a crazy person and tried to change your story after it was put into a police report? Crazytalk. He said they are pretty sure I'll get a rental; they just have to check on the total damage to be sure it doesn't go over the claim limit. I told him I'd be here until 1:30 and it was implied one might be set up for me by then. I won't hold my breath on that, but instead hope for some kind of positive news on it.

That's it so far really; took a shower and shaved some parts, flirted with a cutie who is going to school super far away, and got hopeful news about things getting repaired.

Wow. I'm in such amazing pain lately. I must have a new major cavity happening or something. Hurts so bad makes me want to cry, but I can't go in anywhere to get it looked at. My only hope is to keep massively overdosing on pain killers and hope that holds me until it stops hurting.

I'm totally hungry. Maybe I should eat early. K thx bye.

Time passes

It's 1:00 now - win! The reservation for my rental car has been set up and I can get hooked up with that after I bus there after work. I'll have to go over to get my stuff after I pick that up, but things should be back to normal+ very soon. The agent didn't say if I'd get hooked up with insurance for the rental or not, I may have to pay for that myself if I wanted to get it, but if that's more than a few dollars a day I really couldn't afford it. What with recent events I'd be worried about that.

Time passes

I can't get to the sleeping spot just yet, it's blocked, so now is a good time for closing thoughts.

My day didn't go anywhere near as easily as expected. At 1 I was told that the reservation was in and ready. The rental place wouldn't pick me up at work, so I had to bus over. That took about 45 minutes. When I arrived they apparently didn't see my reservation. It takes us about 20 more minutes of talking to them to find it. So, finally squared away the guy is like, 'Ok. I just need to put a hold on $50 on a credit card as deposit.' I put down my debit card and he's all, 'oh, that's a debit card. We have to pre-charge $300+ for a deposit and charge the rental days in advance.' Needless to say I went pretty ballistic and we had to call the insurance place back again. About an hour later of me complaining to the crasher's insurance company, complaining to the rental place, explaining the situation to the rental place, the rental place manager was finally nice and hooked me up with a funky thing and set it up to only hold $50 on my debit card. When all was said and done instead of getting into the rental car at around 2:30 it was nearly 4.

I raced over to a local Starbucks to check on the address of where my car is and update my peeps. I then raced over to get stuff from my car. Upon inspection it very much looks like it should be fine besides the windshield and hood. There are only the tiniest of impressions in the hood where it barely came into contact with part of the engine. And, just to check, I tried to start it. It started as per normal. The place does body and glass work, so the main guy there said he could hook me up. He seemed like an old school honest and hard working guy, many mechanics do, and I got a good feeling about him and the shop. So that is tentatively set up and ready to go; we just need the insurance place to talk things out with them. By the time I'd gotten my stuff and did that chat it was nearing 5, so I had to rush off to class. I was going to be late.

The car is super quiet and smooth. The turn radius is a bit bigger than my car, but mine is tiny. Oh, this rental is mid-sized, I got boosted up for teh free because they were out of the type I was supposed to get, lawl. It's silver so I thought I'd nickname it that. Hi-ho Silver, and away!

It seems super warm and has a bit of a smell to it, much like the difference between if I was in my car or a hotel room. I'll have zero problem staying warm at night in this. Of course, it was shorts weather today too, so that helps. I am, however, concerned about the seat. It's bucket-like and as such is very contoured. It may be difficult to sleep in. The back windows are tiny slits. There is no way anyone could see me sleeping without coming up on the sides and getting very close.

I guess that's all I can think of from my initial impression. I still have to get a quote for fixing the car and the time to get it fixed. I still haven't mentioned other cost reimbursement, like the taxi or $4 for the police report - I even have to pay tax on this rental at $2.50 per day, so it isn't totally free when it should be. That is a tolerable cost though if I can't get it back, as I get a solid hard roof, lockable car, a trunk, and everything. I can finally leave my bunny/clothing bag in the car and walk away with zero worry. Sure, sure, it likely wouldn't be touched on campus, particularly since the front feet area would be in shadow, but since you can literally just reach into the car, I worry. This isn't the case with Silver.

Guess I'll sign off here, type this in so I can drop the update off on my way to campus in the morning, then see about getting some sleep.

'Night peeps. Thanks for worrying about and sending positive thoughts to teh rabb1t. We are slowly working towards recovery, even though it looks like it will cost some small fees.

PS, my friend/ex-roomie actually mentioned the spy cam in an email. She was talking about how her boyfriend, the ex-roomie who hates me, has been laid off for a few months now and that's given him time to do 'smaller projects' he's been wanting to do. Apparently this whole home security thing is one of them. She said she loled at how low res the camera was and could barely see the door at all, not counting the fact that the majority of the view was blocked by the stuff they have in there. So I guess it is currently just live feed and I don't really have to worry. But still... I worry and it makes me feel a bit unwelcome.

Day 316 - 5/13 - Body and mind, recovering

It's just about 12:15 and I'm having lunch nom in the cafeteria. This is my first writing, as this is really where my day starts. The day sort of began around 6 AM when I moved from the sleeping spot to Starbucks. I dropped the final form of week 45 onto teh Internets then did my daily gem crafting quest to be sure I got that. (It only takes about 15 minutes and I'm not always sure I'll have that time after class on Wednesdays.) I moved over to school, parked, and zonked out pretty quickly again. All in all I got about 11 hours sleep; the body getting caught up on what I lost Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, not counting all the extra stress.

I woke up again around 11 and got into the shower. It was super crowded, but that's ok, as I just needed to shave some parts and rinse off what I couldn’t from aquatics mini work.

After getting back to the car I sorted stuff out into its proper place, with a lot of it just going directly into the trunk. I had an interesting idea of seeing if I could lower the back seats and be half way into the trunk, as that could theoretically make a flat bed like area to sleep. But that didn't work, as it seems the releases either need a special tool to open it or they are simply stuck. None of the three latch things would budge no matter how I pushed or pulled.

So, now things are settled back their usual (un)normal that is my life these days. All that's really left of recovery is to wait for the estimate from the shop guy and the adjuster guy and get the car fixed. I will actually be surprised if anything changes this week. The guy is supposed to be there to do the inspection by Friday so I don't really expect any change before then. I'll actually be surprised if I'm back in my car before next Wednesday. I'm ok with it. Everything is transferred over, so it's all good. It is, in fact, better with the rental what with having a lockable trunk, solid hard top, and insulation.

Can't think of much else to say. I've lots of shows to catch up on and studying to do for tests tonight. What with all the poo lately I haven't been in a proper frame of mind to even try and study for either test. Hopefully I did ok last night, but I probably couldn't have done much better had I studied. It was extremely data laden, and I'm never good at that. That's part of why I started my site, heh, an electronic notes page to help me remember what is what.

Guess that's it for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

I'm so hungry. It's 4:30 and I'm going to have the dinner I brought with me now. It might be that since my body caught up on sleep it's now catching up on foods. It's ok. I can get more later after class if/when I get hungry again. I'm in class when I normally eat on Wednesdays anyways, so it is always a little weird.

It is a bit chilly too. I've got shorts on, but I think I'll go change in a bit. I'm getting chilly and it will only get colder as the night goes on.

I think I'm covered on TV shows now. Most had their season enders, so I probably won't have new shows for a bit.

I tossed my old sweater into a donation bin. I know I'm far too allergic to it to keep it, but I'm also super sensitive to smells; perfumes, colognes, and smokers, can all set me off if they get too close. So I'll leave it to donation and if they also find that it makes them react they can toss it. Many people aren't anywhere near as sensitive as me and I hate to throw away something that is still pretty good.

Guess that's all for now.

Time passes

My test is over and I'm having a hamburger with spicy curly fries meal. About 2/3 of the fries will be saved for later. I'm sure I did fine on my test. About half the questions were totally common sense while the other half drew on knowledge I had from previous child development classes.

I looked at some BlizzCon info a bit more. The totally silly/fun murloc in battle armor pet you get for going (or watching it on DirectTV) caught my attention. It takes place on the two days directly following my birthday. I never noticed that before. How awesome a birthday present would that be?! I think the ticket is just over $100, which could be manageable, as probably would be the like 500 miles in gas. What I couldn't afford would be the like $200 per night for a hotel room, of which I'd need at least two, three if I wanted to stay there before the con for my actual birthday. Then again... if I got more income before that (it's in late August), I likely couldn't be re-established in a home and would have the flexibility to go. (Being hired and re-established within the next 2.5 months is unlikely, as I'd need over 1 month to save up the money to move in, plus time to find people who would I seem like I'd get along with and who would agree to let me in, or find somewhere affordable on my own, which would be impossible without making closer to 35k a year than not.) Though reservations and the ticket would need to be bought within the next few weeks, so it is unlikely to happen.

It's just after 8 and I'm off to play for a bit before going to sleep. 'Night peeps.

Day 317 - 5/14 - Damage assessment

It's nearing 12:45. I got a call from the adjuster person earlier. He said they are claiming the car as totaled. He's guessing it's around $2500 in damage and said they would be offering me bluebook value. That would be totally unacceptable as that is maybe going to be $800. I called the repair shop guy to talk things over and see what he thinks. He thinks, due to the "resale value" being nearly $1500 (according to the bluebook) and adding on the computer brain I just put in which was $500, I should ask for around $2k plus the towing and storage fees. I asked what he thought the minimum would be for fixing it and he estimated $1k for the windshield, banging out the hood, and cleaning out the glass. I guess we'll see what is what later when I'm presented an offer. So much poop if they mess up something that's working just fine and say, 'here is too little to replace it with something else' as compensation.

Got a call from the gym mini boss asking if I could work an extra shift tonight, so that's at least a small positive. After aquatics mini work I'll go do my laundry (which is long overdue) then pick up micro dinner and a movie or two to watch during my extra gym shift. It's actually kind of a good thing, as it will more easily distract me from all this poop. But who knows, it could work out ok. Anything over that $1k repair estimate could be saved. So if I were offered like $1.5k I could get it fixed up, get tires, and almost get my eye exam / contacts. That would be at least a little something nice advancing my timetable for those items and a new sweater, boots, or other items I need.

Guess that's all for now.

Time passes

I just noticed something critical that is very not ok. Apparently this car was supposed to be returned today. I was told that I'd have it until my car was repaired. If I have to pay for it being out longer, which I absolutely need it for Friday at the very least, then this is very not ok. They told me on the phone I got to keep it until we settled and my car was repaired, not that it would run out. I'll have to call the rental place and see what is up in the morning and see if I can keep it at least until Saturday morning, and call to complain to the insurance company if not. It appears I may already owe for some overdue time.

Day 318 - 5/15 - Panic drop

So I did a panic drop of most of my stuff this morning into the ex-garage. At 7:30 when the rental place opened I called to ask about the return date. The guy said indeed I should be able to keep the car until mine is fixed or the case is settled. He said that what they (the insurance people) do is just set the contract for a few days and then renew the time as needed. I left a message last night saying if it wasn't extended I'd be very upset since no settlement has been reached, and I again confirmed that with a second message this morning saying the rental manager agreed that's what he was told.

I also looked up similar cars online within about a 40-mile radius. Pretty much all of them were at least $1500 with several closer to $2000 (one as high as $3000). Some had hard tops, which spikes the value by $500-800, but still, that confirms that closer to $2k would be more fair than not. On my message that I left for the agent I let him know that I hadn't heard back from the adjuster, but because of what I'd researched I'm expecting an offer between $1500, the high bluebook value, and $2500, their estimated damage total. (Which I'm fairly certain they'd have already had to write a check for if my car were worth enough to be repaired.)

Part of me kind of hopes I don't get my car back until next week. It's not that I don't love my car or anything, but the rental is considerably more powerful, and it's so nice to leave most of my stuff in there when I walk away anywhere. It's so stressful worrying about all of my stuff all of the time.

I put up a quick update while I was at Starbucks this morning and did my daily gem crafting quest. It's around 10:45 and still no word about a solid offer on the car. With how often this agent is not around and the speed at which he moves I fully expect to not hear anything until Monday, but we'll see. I'm prepared for the worst, but I think I'm in a very good position to argue for much higher than the minimum values.

I got a mail from the treasury saying I did indeed owe them like $250 in taxes, so that's sad news. My backpack is also getting busted up from the stress of the weight of my system and foods. It's like what the poop, I just got this a few weeks ago. I've found a cool looking one online that is designed for (15") laptops, so if I get the spare ~$45 I'll order that. That should be much better at handling the weight of the system and my binder and stuffs.

Um... guess that's all for now. Mostly just at work all day/evening, so there likely won't be much to say. I got hardly any sleep what with the stress last night, so that will probably create a less interesting day as well, hehe.

Day 319 - 5/16 - Going with fear

It's just after 2:15. I still have a bit of library access time. I thought I'd caught up on all my shows, but I did have a few more left to watch. Now I'm all caught up and they have had their season finallies, so likely no more shows for a bit. I've got about 1.5 hours left here, so I'll just chill on boards and such. It's kind of funny because I found that if I disable my WiFi I can steal a landline and my netbook can use that. I was finally able to download the like 3 gig for a beta I'm in. I doubt I'll be able to play though, as their playtimes are nights I can't log in.

I'm thinking of spending time at the game center tonight. If I eat a soup instead of a fast food meal, which I often do one weekend night, typically Saturday, it will only drain about $7 extra from my budget for the night. Oddly I'm actually a bit scared to go. It's silly I know. I've been there dozens of times in the past (mostly just when I had that free month pass), but it's like I wonder if my car is safe. Will anything bad happen again? If I can't trust people in the lot is it ever really safe? Am I safe? What if I would have happened to have been walking out to / getting into my car when that happened? Would I have not been here to write this now? Part of me is afraid to the point of thinking I should just not go (ever again). After all it does cost money - money I could put towards PC upgrades that would permanently increase my gaming enjoyment - and that part of me sides with my fear.

I haven't really decided if I'll go or not yet. Though, I am a bit sad about my situation. Things could still be worse, but I don't need this additional stress. I don't need this poo. I'm so tired and worried about everything all the time already; tired of being in various pain from health issues or carrying my stuff or walking around all the time. I'm so sad all the time about not having a sweetie or (RL) friends to share my life with. So sad all the time that, while I like my job(s) they don't pay enough, mostly due to too few hours, nor are they in any way a real career.

I'll probably wind up going just to be out of my skin for a while (do something different from 'normal me') - distracted from my various sads. But, as always, no matter what I decide do I know my sads won't change until they change. The most I can do until then is mask over them and pretend they don't affect me.

Day 320 - 5/17 - Sunny bunny day

It's totally sunny and warm, a sunny bunny day. I don't know where I got that expression, teh rabb1t brain likely just made it up, but it is totally appropriate. It's just now 10 and it's already 83+F.

It was super warm and nice yesterday too. It was the kind of day I would call off my gaming plans to instead have an impromptu BBQ and movies. But, I have no home, I have no friends, so that isn't an option.

I'm having an early lunch here in the car. I would have done it on campus but the lot was full. There were some people doing a racing event in one lot so the church people were displaced into the main lot. I figured it wasn't worth the hassle of finding a spot since I had to go off campus to get lunchmeat anyways.

I've been super sad about BlizzCon lately since I discovered it was right around my birthday. It's something I've really wanted to do but just haven't had the money. And this year... this year my b-day is an important number, a sad number, so balancing that out with fun silliness would be great. Tickets are all sold out until the end of next month, so I couldn't do that even if I had the money. Again though the $400-600 for the two or three hotel room nights is the real killer. Hum... it would take all my savings between now and then to do it, but I could do it. I'll have to consider it. As I've said before, once I'm earning enough move back in somewhere saving up for even just two weeks would be about $800 saved, more than I would have on what I'm earning now until the like three months from now before late August. We'll have to see how things with my car work out. After that I'll see if my money is free to be spent on what. Of course, I'd also have to find a white or very lightly colored button up shirt to wear as a second layer so I could put an iron-on on the back that says 'I r teh rabb1t' so my peeps can find me.

It's such a nice day out. I feel good, but, as I often do these days, I feel very alone in the world.

Guess that's all for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

It's just after 3:15 and I'm having a sort of picnic. It's only sort of because I'm in the car. The park parking lot was full. I've got a half sandwich, picked up some purple seedless grapes, and some healthy chips. I'll maybe nap a bit after; I'm sooooo tired.

It's so hot outside that the car sensor is tricked. It was saying that it is 110F. It is really only about 95F; So hot.

Guess that's all. K thx bye.

Day 321 - 5/18 - BlizzCon by, or not by, Fate

Last night went a bit differently. In the afternoon I got a call to cover someone's Sunday shift next week, so that will be a bit of extra monies. Because of that I decided to get a chicken fast food meal (which tummy is still a bit tweaked over) and get a movie from the DVDPlay Kiosk. I had a particular one in mind, but I wound up getting Enchanted. I loved it. Yeeeaaa for romantic comedies. That will likely be one of the last ones I rent from them though. As usual it got stuck at several points which puts the failure rate at over 50%, with 6 of 11 rentals failing severely and the other 5 failing in minor ways. It's unacceptable.

It's nearing 9:45 and I need to go off to work in a few minutes.

I did some quick numbers on what it will take to get to BlizzCon, and wow it's going to be expensive. (As much as the complete PC upgrade I've been wanting to do.) The thing is though I really can't worry about the money. Birthdays come once a year and this year is typically one people celebrate in a big way; family and friends often 'roast' you on this one and share teh lolz. It's an important, if very sad, landmark. I normally don't count the number, another year past is another year, but this time the number can't be ignored. So, mostly for that reason, and that Blizzard has several key products in the works - Starcraft II, Diablo 3, the unannounced second MMOG - this could be their most important BlizzCon for several years. It will really be more up to Fate more than anything. Tickets are currently sold out and more won't be available until the end of the month on, I believe, the 30th. If I can secure a ticket I'll plan on going, if not, well I'm not the type to buy from a scalper. That isn't acceptable and I don't support that in any way. If I can't go, but I am in a home, I could consider watching a pay event on DirectTV. That would at least be something. Up to Fate though really, and it is still three months from now. A lot can change between now and then.

Guess that's it for now. It is warm already and the day is just getting started.

Time passes

It's 2:15 and I'm at the tire place waiting for them to fix the tire for teh free. The rental has had a slow leak in one tire and I've had to fill it up twice now. I noticed a screw in there the last time, so I figured I'd see if they could actually pull that out and patch it so it stops leaking. The insurance guy called me this morning and confirmed that they adjust the rental date based on whatever step they are on and that I shouldn't worry about what date it currently shows. Due to the fact that they haven't made me an offer I figured the tire was worth getting fixed proper instead of just filling it up and telling the rental company. I'm guessing I may be out my regular car through this week, so that's long enough I don't want to have to worry about filling the air up over and over.

That's really it so far. No other update on the car. K thx bye.

Time passes

It's around 5:45 and I'm having an early dinner. I'm pretty hungry and super tired. I found an abandoned half of a fries order, so that's good. Though they are cold and cold fries are always sad.

I don't know where the nice weather went. It's cloudy and chilly now. Looks like it might rain soon.

I've been feeling extra sad since I got on campus. I think it's mostly just sadness due to frustration about my life; having a computer that I expected to upgrade a year and a half ago in storage that's getting more and more behind every day, having a mobile system and connections that I really can't game with, having movies lately that are in a far less enjoyable form than I used to have, having to watch shows online, no friends, no sweetie. Things have seemingly weighed extra heavy on me lately.

I has a sad and it won't go away.

Day 322 - 5/19 - Difficult to have hope

It's almost lunchtime at 11:30. I got a call from the rental place asking for an update, but I didn't have anything to tell them. The adjustor never called me back after that first call on Thursday when he said, "I'll call you back later." I called the insurance agent and told him I don't know if this is normal for so long to pass with no offer from the adjustor, but if it isn't if I were him I'd kick the adjustor in the butt to get him moving because it seems like he's wasting everybody’s time and money. It could be though the insurance people are being slow because they mentioned they need all the estimates before doing stuff, so that could be what is taking so long. I just don't know. It's really ok by me, as each day that passes gets me closer to being paid and being able to do other stuff like fix the tires. But it does seem very unusual for this time to pass when it's costing them roughly $35 a day just for me (with a total of theoretically $35 x 4 for all four of the people the person hit.)

I'm pretty sleepy and pretty sad today. There is a holiday this weekend, so school is apparently closed Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I'll likely go to the game center for one day, but I really shouldn't go for more. If I don't though I could be very bored. I really don't gain much by going though. Yeah, I can group, but even if I get one good item per day that would still be weeks before I could be invited for the very high end content, bringing into question if it is worth spending the money at all or if I should just save it for hardware upgrades and wait on the high end content.

Not sure what else to say. I have class later tonight and maybe I'll get a car update to talk about before then.

Hope everyone's day is happier and more enjoyable than my days lately.

Time passes

It's just after 8:20 and I'm tossing in an update before I drop the week onto teh Internets. I went to check mail at the ex-house and got a letter from the towing people. Seems they have been charging $50 a day for storage of the car, so that's about +$750 more in costs. That means, at a minimum, I'd need about $1,750 just to get things repaired and get the car out of where it's stored. That doesn't include things like the $15 for the taxi I had to spend, $10 for busses, or the $2.50 per day in tax I'll have to pay for the rental. I'd need around $2k to clear my costs and get into a positive space. It's kind of funny because I talked to the repair shop guy and he was all excited that he may have found an undamaged white hood for my car he could use. I was being all concerned about those daily fees and he was fairly positive and nonchalant about it. He said this happens quite commonly with these types of collisions and that I really shouldn't worry too much about getting those costs covered. It's tough to stay positive though when there is no way I can pay for any of this and the fees are mounting daily.

In an effort to stay positive I bought a ticket for a movie premier on Thursday, well premier day, and I'll buy another movie ticket for probably Saturday or Sunday night, I haven't decided yet; More on those movies next week. I want to hurry off to drop this week on teh Internets so everyone can be updated. I guess all we can do is keep hoping for the best and hoping that things will work out.

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