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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Day 169 - 12/17 - Frozen updates

It's very early, 8:30. I'm in the school spot and I've decided to take a super quick shower, so I'll do that after I'm done writing this.

Something is certainly up. There are 8 cars in normal spots near me, three of which arrived recently, and were girls going to class. There are 10 other cars in staff spots. Over across the way in the uncovered area there are probably 25+ that I can see. Again though, I'm betting from next week on it actually will be all closed.

Woot for updates. As you may have seen week 25 was posted in full last night. I asked the nice Michael person at the game center if I could be unlocked and he let me. In other good news it seems my friend/ex-roomie will be out of town this weekend, so Sunday I'll stop by the garage, pull my system out of storage, back up my USB, install the WoW expansions so those are ready to go, and most importantly print more personal and rabb1t cards.

Frozen car again this morning. The front winshield was frozen but not frosted, the back totally frosty with ice. My phone, which I put mid car, is even starting to show a bit of frost on it sometimes, which can't be good for it. Bread is toast. I tried to keep it warm by leaving it under my legs, but it still dried a bit and got pretty hard since last night.

Guess that's it for now. Gonna check email and boards at the slow library in just over an hour, then be at the game center in about three hours. Doubt anything will be noteworthly other than I watched Terminator yesterday, and today I'll watch the finally of Heroes and reunion show of Survivor, possibly How I Met Your Mother and the Unit if those are new.

Guess that's it. K thx bye.

Day 170 - 12/18 - Sleeping in a freezer

Welp, I am officially sleeping in a freezer now. Last night when I left the center my window was iced; this morning too. Both times it took a few minutes to defrost enough to see through. Most nights so far it's just been fogged or cold, only once or twice before has it been actual ice. This is two mornings in a row now. I guess at night it's getting into the 30s, maybe lower. I know with celcius zero is freezing, but I don't know about feirenheight.

It's just past 9. I'm starving, but that's ok. My pay should be in my account and I'll go get food after I'm done writing. In a big surprise last night I got notice of a donation. Yea! Yea! Yea! So now I will have enough to pay for classes (or parking) and won't need to count on as much from dad to cover the rest. It gives me a touch extra for food, so I'll get some chips and cereal to snack on, as a variety of foods is really the only way to quiet the tummy.

I was also finally able to do a wash. Sucks so bad when I have to wait more than a week. My cloths get so stinky. I really should toss these sweat pants that are like three or more years old and get new ones. Being that I use sweats as night cloths these were pretty worn out when this all started. Now that I'm wearing them every night, and sometimes under pants during the day, they are getting really bad. My shoes have no sole parts either. I still have my boots, but those really shouldn't be worn all the time. The sneaker shoes are $10-15 for a new pair for teh cheap, while the boots are close to $100 to replace.

Guess that's about it. I have had a hard time watching shows, as they have been choking everyone out at the game center for some reason. The tech is out on vacation, so I may just have to wait until times they are less busy. But yeah, that's my day. Check bank, get monies, get foods, do my wash, have some fun at the game center, and then mini work.

That's it for now.

Time passes

Here at mini work now. Had a tasty not micro pizza - not micro in the sense I got it to micro and was like, "Oh poop. This isn't a microwaveable pizza." I always forget to check for that. Tummy is happy for now. Hopefully it won't sit like a led weight later.

Pretty sick still; sneezing, sore/rough throat, pretty sleepy even though I got about 7.5 hours sleep. I slept in a touch till 7 AM today, and will again tomorrow. I don't think there will be many walkers in this super cold weather. The high schools are off the next two weeks, as am I, so I'll set my alarm for the later 7:30 time without too much worry. (Though I do need to check if my church is doing any midnight mass or whatever.)

In a pretty decent mood. What with the donation adding in, cutting dad predicted money to a small amount, I'll balance and have a touch 'extra' once it's all in. By that I mean I'll meet my minimal bills and food budget, have enough for classes (I hope), parking, $15 for new sneakers for teh cheap, enough for maybe a months subscription to WoW and maybe one or two visits to the game center, and $10 for iPod parts. Yes, this is the first time I've mentioned that. I found one months ago and turned it in to a lost and found and they called me recently saying it hasn't been claimed, so I have a 3 gig iPod mini for teh free. (Guess that's like $100-150 new? This one is kind of beaten up and scratched. And I'm not 100% sure of it's model or version or whatever.) I don't know the first thing about them, but skimmed the site quickly and found out I can put my CDs on there (without buyinig the digital versions). So, I'll pick some Sunday and get that hooked up. The $10 for parts is what I roughly remember the USB connection and power cable being listed at on Amazon. I thought about maybe ebayinig it or whatever, but then I thought maybe after I hook it up I can find it's owner and send it home to them. The battery seems dead, or it's broken, so I can't see any infos it may have stored. If it's functional and I can't find an owner, I guess I'll move to the present and be like 'normal people' and load up 3 or 6 CDs. (Since I am currently very not normal since I don't have one and don't listen to CDs.) I also thought about checking out a few pod casts might be ok. Every super rare now and then I will listen to one on my PC. So anyways, I guess that will be something to look forward to after I order those parts.

It's pretty quiet here so far. I expect today and tomorrow won't be as busy what with people visiting family, friends, and it being so fricken' cold out after dark. This is the last week, so you never know. Things could flip to super busy because it's people's last chance and all till next year.

Guess that's it really for today. Tomorrow will be nice. I should be able to sleep in again. The school has still been a little busy / open in the morning, so I've not only got my shower to look forward to, but 100% clean cloths to get into afterwards with a clean towel to use.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holliday. If all goes as expected I'll drop this onto the web in time for people to see my happy holliday mentions, which makes me happy. (Both in terms of people seeing it before the holidays are over and that I can still run an occassional update during the school blackout.)

Day 171 - 12/19 - Multi-strike

Wooo happy day. It looks like a change on the test server for Death Knight changes one of the abilities I have that I thought was meh. Previously it prevented / negated haste abilities, but the change makes it into a multi-strike ability where it will hit two targets. Woot! The one ability with Warrior that I missed the most was cleave, which strikes more than one target. Now, philisophical differences and wielding 2 two-handed weapons asside, there won't be anything I miss from Warrior. I can always just play Warrior, but I tend to stick to a single character at a time.

I ordered my iPod parts. Looks like they may not get to me until close to the New Year, so I guess there is no rush to get my music. I may get it and just put it in the glove compartment anyway. Waiting for the game center to open. Should open any minute. That's probably all teh news for today. Mini work tonight, but that's it.

Day 172 - 12/20 - Project Arctica, part 1

Just a quick note. It's 1 AM (technically on day 173, heh). I started today in the garage. I was thinking I didn't know how long what I wanted to do would take, so I figured I'd see if I could start this morning. I did, and it was super cold. My breath was frosting in the air and I had to rub my hands together to stay warm at times as they were going kind of numb.

There has been a camper in my sleeping spot the past two nights. I know they didn't see me come in Thursday, but they may have this morning / last night. Hopefully they will be gone soon. The fence is pretty busted up, so I really hope it isn't one of those residents or they may get upset at me sleeping there. Why someone would choose the dead of winter for construction is beyond me.

Well, being 1 AM it's way too late for me to be heading to sleep. I joined a dungeon group at 11:15 figuring it was for one place, but it was somewhere else. A couple of groups I was in today people were being poopy at me, complaining they didn't think I was doing my job right and all, so I'm super tired and actually kind of sad.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day in many ways. Night.

Day 173 - 12/21 - Project Arctica, part 2

I'm cheating and writing this directly into Epic Fail's digital version, hehe. It's now 8:20. I got in at around 7, but I tried to get some extra rest when I got here. I couldn't sleep. It's actually colder in here than outside I think. I can see my breath sometimes again. Outside it was a lot warmer than it has been. It's not "warm" per-say, but it is closer to October weather than it is the freezing mornings we've had lately. Hopefully it will stay this way through most or all of the rest of winter.

I'm going to finish up here with Project Arctica by running a final backup of my USB to my hard drive. Of course it is my hopes that I have enough to do a core change, and I'd need to reformat my hard drive and lose all the data on it, but if I don't it's good to know I've got a current backup both on the drive and on CD backup. After that I'll look for a few CDs for the iPod, then pack up. Hopefully I'll have enough time left over to take a shower at school. As mentioned, I'm betting this will be the last day before the locker rooms stay closed until next year.

Being on my system again has been strange. When I first took it out of the case it felt like little more than a big hunk of metal and electronics, not unlike picking up a reciever. As I put things together, hooked up the mouse, the keyboard, the monitor, turned it on and saw my background (I'd actually forgotten what my desktop background was) it was like seeing an old friend again who's been away out of the country. It's been so long since I've used my computer. I'd forgotten how much faster it was than the public systems at the libraries, school, and even gaming center. The gaming center systems are much better than the public ones, but I'm fairly certain even they are behind my system in terms of CPU power, and they certainly are behind on graphical power. The high end ones that you have to pay by the hour are actually a touch better than my system though, having dual graphic cards of the same type I have, but the system type I use is on a fair bit lower powered graphic card. It's enough to run at the 1680x1050 of the monitor, but with the moderate settings in Lich King that I use it ranges from about 20 FPS down as low as 10 FPS. I have to pretty much turn the nicer new settings completely off to keep it in the 20 to 30 range.

I guess I should be scooting off and finishing out my time here in Project Arctica. I hope I can be permanently reunited with my old friend soon enough. Though, with no job offers in site, we are sadly looking at still holding at 3 months till re-establishing myself more likely than not.

Time passes

It's just after 11:45 now, waiting outside the game center for them to open. The only thing I regret about my time with my system is not being able to print a new talent sheet on my photo quality paper. Since I last changed it a few days ago (heh) I haven't had access to take / store a screenshot. I moved Photoshop onto my USB, so hopefully I can access it from there in the future. (And thus could access it from any system I can access my web site at.) My backups have jumped in size. It was previously about 150 meg, but this time it was around 400. The screenshots and pictures for Epic Fail have greatly increased its size. No biggie really, just an interesting change.

It's raining now. No clue where that came from. I wonder if that's why it was warmer last night.

I picked up some foods - got a few fancy chicken soups for teh cheap. Hopefully they will help make me better. Still sick; sneezing, headaches, sore eyes, bit of an ear ache, and the persistant scrachy throat.

Hopefully I can hae some fun today and people aren't poopy and stuff. There are too many people who stress out over things instead of enjoying the challenge before them and trying different strategies. There was something lost last night I could have used too. The leader took it and disenchanted it (destroyed it for components) without asking if I needed it. Never mind the fact that it was 50% higher armor for that slot, it had Intelligence, so obviously it wasn't an item for me. Some people, sheesh. Slow down with your play guys. This isn't a race. It isn't about finishing the dungeon or quest as fast as you can. Much like real life, the most you will gain from a game is what you gain from other poeple. Their thoughts and opinions, their company, what you learn about yourself by being with them. Never play for levels or loot alone. Over time those will be lost or gone. Only what you take with you outside the game will really matter.

Day 174 - 12/22 - Shopping, flirting

It's just after 10:30. I got about 1.5 hours of extra rest after getting to the school sleeping spot. I think I've gotten about 9 total hours of sleep. I need it 'cause I'm still sick.

I decided to get my new shoes today. I thought about it yesterday, but I didn't have time. I took a quick shower after my nap and headed to the store. It's pretty busy in there what with last minute shopping. There was a cutie in the DVD area with a pondering look and I said, "Amazon is cheaper," because I always do, "of course, it wouldn't get here quick enough at this point." She just kind of smiled. After another minute of her pondering I said, "You can always just get 'em a gift card if you don't know what to get." She just kept smiling as girls sometimes do when they aren't interested (in you) and they don't think you are too much of a creepy guy. After that we meandered different directions. At the check out there was a super cute girl and I said to her, "Are you ok? You look kind of sad. " and she replied "Yeeeaaa. I've been sick lately." And I told her how I've been sick too and have a scrachy messed up throat, which reminded me I wanted to look for cough drops. Then I said as I left, "Well, eat chicken soup and get lots of extra rest. I'd say to have your guy take care of you, but I don't know if you have a guy. " and she giggled and stuff. I left it open for her to reply, but I scooted off so I didn't seem like creepy guy. I decided to get the cough drops after putting my shoes and socks in the car, so I cheated (to flirt) and went back in her line. I said, "I'm back. hehe" and we both laughed. At the end I said, "Besides, this gives me a chance to cheat and give you my card and say 'if you don't have a guy to take care of you I'll come over to' ". And she giggled and smiled again. We were kind of interupted by a coworker half way through, so I was kind of interupted and she was kind of distracted by what the coworker was doing. I think she was talking about break or something. She did smile at us when she saw me give the checker my card, hehe. Anyways... teh rabb1t flirted. She's probably too young to be interested, but you never know. I made her smiley and giggly and she made me smiley and giggly too, and that's always a good thing. She has my card with my number and email and stuff, so it's up to her.

Gonna go dry my towels. My quick shower got the towel a little wet, but it never really totally dried last night. Plus, it rained from yesterday late morning on all the way to early this morning, so my seal towels are all soaked. Best to get those dry.

It's nearing 11, so off I go to do that, then I'll be playing my games from noon on. I'm nearly high enough in crafting to start gem work, which was what I wanted to do with that. So yea! I tried to play Portal yesterday, but for some reason it wasn't loaded and wanted to download a gig of infoz. I decided to pass, so I just played WoW and watched Heroes and the Survivor finally. The Unit was new last night, so I've got that to look forward to tonight.

Day 175 - 12/23 - Last web update of the year?

Let's see... not sure there is much to say. It's nearing 11:30. I just nomed a sandwich for lunch and I'll wait here in the car another 20 minutes, then go stand outside the game center. Hopefully the nice Michael person will be on shift some time today and I can drop this week on the web. I've also decided to remove my parts from my pc page, as I think they may just be confusing at this point. Now, with several system builds on record, with much mroe detailed stats and descriptions on parts, I think showing what I am personally using may be a bit confusing.

I started last night with around 750 gold, ended with around 350, but because of that I pushed myself up to gem crafting. Woot! I am finally a real gem crafter. I may try and push a bit more to get to the level the Lich King content covers, so I'm crafting and adventuring in the same area, but I think I've hit another slow down point, so I may ease off a bit there. What with only about one week of access left I don't want to lose my big opportunities, like getting into raid levels, or getting access to the final major city where all the action is.

That's it really. I'll try and remember to sign up for classes today or tomorrow. So there may be news on that soon, though you likely wouldn't see it 'till classes have already started. Dad's money hasn't come yet, so there are still some unpaid bills. Nothing super threatening I don't think though.

The swim team was in the locker room this morning. They must be the ones in the lot lately. Again I got lots of sleep last night and a one hour nap on campus. I think 8 or so hours sleep in all. It is even starting to warm up a bit now. Rained again last night.

I haven't been able to watch any videos really. They are still choking everyone out. I checked jobs last night, and as expected nothing is being posted. I expect / hope it will pick up again shortly after the New Year. I've been ok and balanced and happy since I could play again, but once my month's pass is up I really won't be able to afford more than a handfull of hours a month. But, more importantly those unpaid credit cards will hit a year unpaid and I'm sure things will escalate in a very bad way if I can't restart payments soon.

That's probably it for today, and possibly the last posting you'll see 'till next year due to the cycle times.

Happy Hollidays peeps!

Day 176 - 12/24 - Xmas eve

A sad day today, one normally filled with being with friends and/or family, fancy dinners, celebrating, well wishing, and in some cases opening one present early. The stockings hung with care, empty now, but filled magically during the night for extra surprise fun. I have none of that this year. My 'close' family usually gets together Xmas eve, but I don't know if they are actually doing it tonight, nor if it is in the 'close' location (about 1-1.25 hours drive) or the far location (about 3-3.5 hours drive if I recall). I suppose I may check mail to see if I've gotten notice on that, but my friend/ex-roomie was online last night and didn't mention any Holliday mail for me.

I've decided I'm going to set my alarm for 8:30 AM between this morning and the New Year. It's been dark and cold enough I doubt anyone will discover me. I slept almost an uninterrupted 9 hours last night - rare as I have been getting only 7-8 lately with a disruption for travel time. The showers were open today. About 5 girls from a team left right as I was getting in to the lot. Only one or two cars in my area now, but I took a quick shower to get my important bits. It was only barely warm water again.

Today may be a bit odd, tomorrow odder still. It's about 9:30 now. I'll head over to get a touch more food for dry foods tomorrow (sandwich stuff) then see if the public library is open today. If so I can do that 'till the game center opens at noon. Tomorrow they don't open 'till 6, so I've tons of time to kill and I doubt the public library or anywhere else will be open before that. I'm hoping In-N-Out will be open so I can get cheezburger. That would be nice.

No changes in gem crafting last night, though I'm 74 now and in the final city where all the action is. Hopefully things will pick up and I can start some raid stuff before my time runs out.

Guess that's it for now. Hope everyone has a good Xmas eve and Xmas. Live with love. Life is so very short and so very fragile.

Day 177 - 12/25 - Xmas

We are at the start of what will likely be a very long day (in a bad way). It is, I believe, just after 9 AM. Thank the gods the tennis park bathroom is open because everywhere else is closed. It's raining again today. It's going crazy on me at the moment. There has been wind too since last night. If it continues I'll seek protection in the school lot. I haven't seen any police activity so far yet, so I expect staying in the school lot a few hours would go unnoticed. My soft top can only take so much before it hits a penetration point. There goes a police car now, but he was with an ambulance. Hope they are ok. If the rain calms down the plan is to basically sit here until noon, at which point my friend/ex-roomie said there would be a something for me outside in the mail spot we've been using. It looks like the bowling alley opens at 4, so from 4 to 6 I can stay in their lot and maybe have some people to watch. From 6 on I'm fine, as the game center will be open. May or may not get cheezburger, as the ex-roomie said she would leave out some foods.

I don't know if I'll open the somethings from my friend/ex-roomie. If it's movies I'd have no way to watch them. If games, no way to play them. I think they would be better kept wrapped for later. So sad. Everyone pretty much is opening presents, having fancy breakfasts, visiting friends and family, logging in to their games, talking about what they got. Me, I'm out in my car, chilly but not super cold, no family or friends to visit, no sweetie to snuggle, only one or two presents from my one friend/ex-roomie and hours upon hours to kill before I can do anything. Still, I suppose there are many ways it could be worse. But it certainly could be far better with any of a number of small differences.

Time passes

It's nearing 2. Things have warmed up significantly. It is actually warm for a winter day. The wind makes it cold again, so it's still cold overall. Here in the car though I've got no jacket on and the windows are open a bit.

My friend/ex-roomie gave me some foods - single serving Xmas turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and this cute single serving microwavable version of they yummy stuffing. (The Stove Top box style.) So I'll have that for dinner. Maybe I'll get cheezburger on the weekend or just save the money for the 6 month / New Year's pizza. Dad sent word he sent $100, so that matches the lower figure I'd budgeted, meaning finances will be tight, but should be doable. I got another donation lately too, so that helps. She also gave me a 60 day time card to WoW. Yeeeaaa. And a something that I don't know what it is. It's like brick shaped and sized, super light, and one edge has a semi-circle cut out with plastic shielding, so whatever it is can be seen on that side. I have a couple of guesses, but I don't know for sure. I mentioned the 'can't use it' theories and she suggested opening the card but saving the box. I was like 'oh yeah, duh, hehe'. I may let my time lapse though. Since I only have the one coupon left for the 3 hours for the free at the game center it might be mid to late January before I can play again. It would make more sense to let it lapse in early January and reserve the time card for when I can play at least 6 hours. Even if it's only two or three weeks saved, that's 25% of the time card. Of course we all hope that even activated I could be re-established within those 60 days, but as we've seen so far it is more likely than not that I won't be in a home in less than about 3 months from now. The time table will take one to two months after getting a more full time job in order to have money to move in somewhere, and about two weeks after first contact to be hired, so it will still be a while since at this point I have no first contact. I just got yet another mail about a job being canceled. I think that's at least four that the college or city said, 'thanks for your application, but this position is now on hold / canceled / whatever due to reexamining our budget.' So now it's like jobs are not only difficult to find overall, but now ones posted that I've applied to are being canceled. Pretty crazy. I still just need about 20 hours a week at $10 an hour to hit a balance of minimal food, credit card bills, and like $50 for fun (which would be the 10 hours I currently have at my mini work plus 8 more hours somewhere else). With at least that I'd be balanced for the most part and could wait things out 'till I find more. As is I'm in trouble within the next few months. This doesn't mention larger impending costs, like the eye checkup, car things, or other heath type issues which are all currently postponed. Anyways, rambling. At least at this point people are showing up at the park to watch, and the bowling ally opens in 1.75 hours, so maybe there will be more activity over there to hold me 'till the game center opens.

Day 178 - 12/26 - The day after

It's about 9:30. School is closed, so it looks like I was right about it staying closed 'till the new year. I'd guess it will open back up on the Saturday after this one, as they always have a flea market on Saturday on the first weekend of the month. I don't know if they will let me park though as school isn't in session.

Gonna mess around at the slow public library when it opens until about 11:30, then head over to the game center. Last night was really odd. Shortly after dinner, I'd say starting around 9:30 or so, it felt like I was asleep and dreaming that I was there and playing. (Instead of actually be there and playing, which I was.) I was in some kind of weird zone where my brain and body were mostly reacting normally, but my conscious mind was completely detached. I think it's because I had a real full meal for the first time in forever and my brain shut down to rest afterwards. I hit what I think is the final purchased recipe rank for crafting, woot! I can make some pretty cool stuff. I dropped about 100 gold learning everything, which was like zomg now I'm down to about 200. I guess the rest of the 'recipes' will have to be bought from other players or found in dungeons.

Um... I guess that's really it for now. It looks like Nvidia has stealth launched it's 55nm GTX 260 on us, but I'll get a lot more into that on my site. Hopefully I can put up a news posting on that soon, but if it has to wait that's ok. It looks like Evga is the first to launch the cards.

That's all for now. K thx bye.

Day 179 - 12/27 - No more trees, no more lights

It's about 10:40, doing laundry. I've been spacing out watching an NCIS marathon. I love the show, but for the past few years it's always been on when I couldn't watch, so I'm terribly behind. For some crazy reason though the marathons always show ones I've seen. I have no clue what's up with that.

I tried to sign up for school the other day and it showed a 0/0/0 sign up date, so I'll have to go in and try in person. (I thought I talked about this already, but didn't see it noted.) I will probably try Monday. I'll stop by and see if the showers are open tomorrow. Being Sunday and having the church group they may be. There were police in the lot as I passed this morning, so I didn't check.

I think I may have cheezburger for lunch today, that way I don't have to leave during dinner. Yesterday the mean/lazy worker at the game center was poopy at me. The nice Michael person was on shift when I started and I told him to let me know if the video I was watching slowed people down or not. I figured it was ok since he didn't say anything. He went off shift, the other guy came on and a bit later someone gets my attention and the mean/lazy worker says, "You can't download videos here. I've warned you about that before." It's like wtf. I can't watch videos in an "internet cafe" when one of the owner/manager people and his brother, another owner/tech person, both said it should be ok (to watch them) and they would look into why it was crippling the center? (It didn't cripple the site the first few times I was there.) So if it's not ok mister mean person, why then did the kids of the parent owners say it was ok to watch videos? Why give me grief when you only mentioned it to me once before, and when you do raids on shift and don't care to really help customers at all? Not counting when you are there and completely ignore customers because you aren't "on shift", yet you are only like 10 feet away. Well, either way, I've got less than a week access then I'll only be able to afford a visit every few weeks and I'll have access to videos via school. Hopefully before too long I'll be re-established and both would be a moot point.

So... um... that's it so far. Got another donation, so yea. I can has 6 month / New Year's pizza.

Day 180 - 12/28 - Not shower

As I hoped, the gate to the showers were open this morning. Sadly the men's locker room was not open. The women's was and I seriously considered hopping into theirs. They have a game today, tomorrow, and the next day, but don't reference on sings when those are. If I could finish with more than an hour before they would be likely to show up then a shower room is a shower room. But since I had no clue when they were due to be there I passed. I did a towel cleaning. After one use my towel is icky on half of it. I don't want to use it again. I have another towel, so it's probably ok. I so want to toss this one into the dirty cloths and get it away from me, but I can't. I have a dirty cloths bag, sure, but it's only a foot or two from me, a foot or two from my food, a foot or two from my clean cloths. I want the yuck to be away, out of sight, out of mind, but I can't. If I had a trunk it would be so much easier.

It's a quiet Sunday morning so far. It's 10 now and hardly anyone was at the grocery store or here in the shopping center lot I'm in now. Makes sense, as most people likely got things they wanted and have little left to spend after buying presents for others.

It feels like I'm forgetting something. Like there is something I need to be doing, somewhere I'm supposed to be. I checked the series 5 pictures. They aren't developed yet. The libraries don't open until noon, so I can't do that. Work is totally closed 'till the 5th, so it can't be that. The one friend that would do anything with me already did it, and she knows I have no access 'till the game center opens at noon, so it can't be something there. Maybe it's just the excitement of the New Year, knowing soon I'll be on a new campus with new people and new opportunities. I'll be saying my final farewells to the old me and some of the old ways which have been the same these past 7 years.

I got one of my iPod parts the other day that I ordered. I opened it today and discovered that it is the charger. I've no idea how long it takes to charge, but I can do that later today. Hopefully it's like my phone and shows a battery charging indicator so I know when it's charging or done.

I reached another gem crafting rank last night, woot. At this point resources are becoming very thin and I will really slow down, even with farming for a few hours per day. I'm near to 400 skill (of 450 max), which I'll pass today. Past 400 will likely be very slow gain. "Recipes" are going to be problematic, as I need to get into raids to go where the rare ones drop. I can't sell many goods from the ones everyone has. It's fun though. I just wish I had more time. My last few days of access are here, so that's sad. I expect I'll only be able to afford six, maybe a dozen hours per month, as things are.

There is this guy at the center lately. The past couple of days he's played all day and he's got a cute sweetie that shows up around 10. I don't know what their arrangement is, but he's kept playing after she's gotten there. She's still been there at around 11 when I leave, no clue when they leave. Last night he was raiding and basically ignored her. Obviously she isn't really interested in gaming, which is fine, but everyone out there don't do that. If you are playing your games, doing your hobby, and you have a sweetie meeting you later, don't ignore them when they show up. Ideally be done and ready to go spend time with them when they arrive. If I had a sweetie and she showed up after I'd spent the previous 10-11 hours gaming I'd sure be ready to spend time with her when she got there. Don't ignore your sweeties! It's not happy and will lead to trouble. Sure, have separate hobbies, but when it's together time respect that. Don't make them feel as if the together time is less important or takes second place to your alone time. I know it can be tough and you start to take them for granted. I've had a relationship back in the day where that happened and we tried together time but wound up just going back to our own hobbies. Don't let that happen. Find a new thing to do together, even if it's as simple as cooking dinner or watching a movie it is very important to not ignore each other by doing your own separate hobbies.

Guess that's it for now. A little over one hour until I move to the game center. Can't wait to have fun and eat some lunch foods.

Day 181 - 12/29 - Mostly shower

Guy's locker room was open, so I got a real shower today. Yea for clean. The water was still on the colder side of warm, so it wasn't terribly enjoyable. There were some people doing some kind of swim competition (with no audience) and now it looks like some track guys are showing up.

That's really it for bunny news. The nice Michael person said he'd buy me dinner last night if I went out to get his. (He can't leave on shift.) The fast food place is like one or two blocks from the center. He said he couldn't really afford to, so I told him he could buy me half a dinner, hehe. I got cheezburger for teh cheap.

It's just about 9:15. I've got library access at 10 for around 1 hour, then that's all the time I have at that library and then I will just wait for the game center to open. Today and tomorrow are the last days for access. (Unless my account goes 'till the 31st, which I don't think it does.) The three or four following days I'll spend my library time researching my year end update. Normally I do that in early to mid December, but there wasn't much to change then. Now that there are a few things, I don't have access so I have to wait a bit.

That's it really. Nothing big for today; at least not yet, mostly things just around the corner.

Day 182 - 12/30 - Ouchie

Slipped coming out of the shower today. There were all the swim guys again so the floor was super slippery. Landed on sort of the side of my butt and my arm. Thankfully it seems to have just jolted my bones more than anything. I don't feel bruised or sore anywhere. I had a really super bad fall when I was little on some ice during a scout field trip, hit the base of my skull really bad on the cement ground. I was dizzy and sleepy for a full day. I actually slept a lot, which now that I'm older know that was a bad thing. No one knew about my fall until much later in the day. I should have immediately been taken to a doctor. Anyways, when I started to fall my body kind of panicked and flashed back to when I had that fall. My bones aren't as forgiving now as I was when I was like 10, so it could have been bad. I seem ok though. It's just like, eep!

Today is probably my last day of access at the game center. I'll check when they are open. That will be sad, but we all knew my days were limited. Hopefully I can get back on soon.

It appears that the one library that opens at the normal time on Monday / Tuesday is closed both New Year's eve and New Year's day all day. I may have zero computer access either day. I suppose it's ok though, as school opens in less than a week and I'll be back to lots of access, this time access to everything. (Save for gaming, heh.)

That's it. Last day for gaming today, super slow days Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully I can take enough notes today to ponder my next PC builds during my offline time. Friday I have to go in to administration to sign up for classes in person. Then Saturday and Sunday I have three hours of public library access time. Then on Monday things should be right back to regular school access and job searching.

That's it for now. Time to go wait for the library to open.

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