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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

Day 281 - 4/8 - Pondering a 360

Soooo hungry. It's nearing 12:30 and everyone is here in the cafeteria for lunch nom. (I later found out they were mostly there for a soccer game they were showing on the screen.)

I had private time in the showers this morning. I think it was because I got in a bit earlier than usual, so there weren't swimmers there. Though there weren't any in the pool either, so it's possible there aren't any swim classes in the morning on Wednesday at the time I would be showering.

I watched Terminator and zomg it must have been the season ender because of some of the changes going on. It was kind of sad, so I decided to catch up on WCG Ultimate Gamer for some lolz. There were lolz. They've been doing all console games so far and it's made me think; you know, maybe I'll pick up an Xbox 360 when I recover. I haven't had one and there are some exclusive games I've been wanting to play. Once I'm earning real income again it would be about 1/2 week to get the monies for it, so we'll see. Of course, top priority post recovery is a Samsung screen since I had to sell my previous HDTV and currently would only have my 24" PC monitor to use as a screen. It would be fine, but it would be small and unbalanced compared to my 5.1 sound setup. Anyways... no point making any solid plans. We've seen how that's gone for me lately.

After lunch I'll check jobs and do some board checks, but my main thing will be catching up on shows. I have class tonight too, but that's not until about 6.

I've been forgetting to mention my contacts. On I think it was Sunday I discovered the minor tear in one had become major and the contact was no longer useable. I decided to switch to my backup pair I keep in my school bag, which I always carry just in case, and they aren't blurry or bad feeling. Yeeeaaa. I think they are over a month old, but the last pair was about 2.5 months old. I should have thought to switch sooner but I wasn't sure if I had a stronger pair in my backup or not. No headaches so far and things do get blurry past about 15', so they must be the regular pair I wore from January to February. I'm sure I could always read back in Epic Fail and see if I really felt the need to verify it, heh.

Well, done eating so I'll move on with my day now. Hope everyone is having a good day and can have some fun when you are done doing your other important things.

Day 282 - 4/9 - Alarm birds

Here at the extra mini gym work shift. It's nearing 5:45 and this is the first chance I've had to chat. My day started way too early at just before 6. Some birds near the sleeping spot have started chirping their happy good morning songs at around 6 the past few days and they keep waking me up earlier than I need to. So, I moved over to campus and zonked back out to sleep until around 8:30. I bounced on to campus and checked on monies. I got paid, but none of the extra shifts got put on that paycheck. Looks like they are in the next. I didn't quite have enough to safely get tires and buy foods and stuff. It is very possible though if dad sends bunny day money that I would have enough, so I'll keep the option open. In the time I had on campus I grabbed a few game demos to test them on my netbook and watched Supernatural. After, I hurried off to mini aquatics work. I got the Epic Fail site ready for picture series 8, which I'll probably work on in a bit. I discovered that Puzzle Quest: Galactrix has glitches on the netbook which make it less than ideal to play, not sure why. Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, the first in the series which I already own, actually failed to run at all. Again, not sure why. But, something new I tried, Bejeweled Twist, works brilliantly and is tons of fun. After mini aquatics work I checked for my netbook sticker. It still hasn't arrived yet. It better be there when I check tonight or I'll be upset. It's taking super long to get to me. I printed some stuff in the garage then scooted off to pick up the pictures for series 8 at the store. I stopped at Starbucks to get some more time on the Internets before the gym mini work; checked boards, checked email, and got to play WoW for about 45 minutes. I scooted off to the store to grab a micro dinner and now we are here.

*phew* Huge wall of text. Busy day, but I guess that's better than just a few months ago when I only had the 5 hours of work and that's it for the week.

Last night's class gets out too late to do anything but hurry off to the cafeteria to eat. I think I didn't get there and have dinner ready until 9:30. In a home that wouldn't be a big deal. That would still have left me 2-3 hours before bed to do stuff. But now... these days... that left me no time at all before I stealthed into the sleeping spot.

I've been so tired lately. I think stress of things are taking their toll on my muscles, feet, and head, as I struggle with the emotions surrounding yet another semester start; yet again wondering if months of classes and plodding along will allow me a better position to recover.

Well, still a few things left to do tonight. I've got 4 more hours here. I've got picture series 8 I can do, an assignment for school, entering what there is of week 41, and my new Bejeweled Twist game I decided to go ahead and buy for teh cheap (in place of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix since it seemed to not work well.)

That will likely be it for tonight. I plod along for yet another day, doing what I must, looking for new opportunities, trying to lift my spirit where I can, trying to lift or help others where I can, and as always dream of a time when I can be in a home with a decent sized HDTV watching my movies, playing my games, showering and sleeping when I like, cooking what I want, and sharing some lolz with friends or a sweetie.

Day 283 - 4/10 - Ban on the monster

It's lunch time at almost 12:30 at mini aquatics work. Just a quick note for today so far.

This morning started early at around 7:45. I couldn't sleep much after getting to the sleeping spot. I went onto campus and put my sticker on my netbook (finally, sheesh.) I did a quick web check. I checked Steam to try and do that, but it looks like it's IP blocked. Makes sense if they block games on campus. It seems my uploading of my site is also blocked, which means I can only upload my site from Starbucks.

I went in to watch an episode of Supernatural before needing to come to work. I saw the very beautiful Christine. She touched my shoulder as she passed, said hi, and something else, but I couldn't hear what she said because I had my show pretty loud, hehe. She sat next to me and said a something. I thought she asked what the show was so I changed the screen to show the name and moved my headphones so I could hear what she said. She said, "I know. I love that show. " Girls who like your shows are super extra hawt. She did a something pretty quick on the computer and left before my show was over, waving bye as she went.

I got to work and did the pictures for series 8.

Oh, today's title - I'm going to be putting a banzor on Monster Cable products because they are being super dumb. They have always charged a bit more for their product, which has historically sometimes been better compared to other products, but now that things are digital it really doesn't. But why they are being dumb is because they are starting to sue people for using "Monster" in their business names. I could see it if the name was something like "Monster Lightning Cables" or something, but no, it started with a mini golf course and now it's an auto parts company. I'm sorry, but that's just being dumb and mean for no reason. So, ban on them and I'll change those recommendations as quick as I can.

That's my day so far. Gonna finish lunch then play for a bit before work is over. Won't have much time after though before I have to be at gym mini work.

Bye for now.

Time passes

Dinner nom at gym mini work. My bags are starting to smell like coffee. I hope that doesn't stick around. It's not because that's a bad thing, it's just not what I identify as me. My smell has always changed when I've changed places I've been, most probably never even notice such things, but it just makes me feel a bit sad because it isn't something I chose to change. I got a half of a loaf cake to nom for snack. I've been eating that forever, but that too makes me a bit sad. I always kept it on my little table in my room and now I have no room to put it on. I think maybe it's because I haven't been able to afford it since like summer that the purchase seems so connected to the in a house me. (Though it is only $5, it has been quite the luxury desert item lately.)

My life isn't so terrible though. With the hours I'm getting lately things are looking up slightly. I'll have flexibility to get a few more real meals per week if I want, to see a movie now and then, and to start a small savings to get re-established. (Though I still can't move in somewhere without the monthly income.) I can't do anything at any time I want. If I want to watch a show I have to be at school. If I want to game I have to be at Starbucks. If I want something not microwaved I have to go to fast food or a restaurant. I am gaining access to more small items that help me stay balanced and happy, but things are still difficult.

I finished all my site updates and got to play for a brief while before coming here. It's only 6 now, so I've got 4 hours to tweak a paper I did for school and have some fun. I was hoping to test Battle Forge while I was here, but after getting the very small demo file it went online and started to get a 2 gig patch. At the speeds I'm limited to that will hvae to wait until Saturday or Sunday. I may have to do it in small steps over several days.

Guess that's it for tonight. Hope everyone has (or has had by the time you read this) a good bunny day.

Day 284 - 4/11 - Quick note

Not sure what to say today. It's around 7:30 and I nommed some Panda for dinner. I got a shower this morning. Since the repairs the showers have been super hot, so it's easy to take one that's just a teeny bit hot. After my shower I spent my school library time catching up on shows; Heroes, the Unit, Dollhouse, Survivor. I finally did my taxes after that for teh cheap online. It originally said I owed like $650, but I got a reduction because I earned so little down to $250. It looks like we get stimulus checks again, so I should get around $100 after subtracting what I owe. I moved to a Starbucks then I checked boards and played for a few hours. I'm taking a break from the Internets while I'm eating, but I have about 2.25 hours of access left tonight.

That's really my day. It's been a not very interesting to read about day.

Bunny day tomorrow. I hope everyone has/had fun with that. Sadly I won't be putting out candies, sleeping in, and then gaming all day in my room, or watching a movie if I like. I can make the most of what I do have access to. I will have a handful of candies for my friend/ex-roomie, because that's how I roll, and I will bounce between places and likely spend 6-8 hours playing / being online. Much less than I would otherwise if I were in a room/home, certainly much less comfortably, but, well, it is a vast improvement over previous weeks and months where I couldn't play unless I paid $2-3.5 an hour. Paying about $0.50 an hour is very reasonable. Sad compared to something so simple as being in my room with a proper desk, proper chair, bed, lounging chair, and my 5.1 surround sound and Blu-ray movies to watch. So many people around me all the time talking about things so much better than the most simple of pleasures I can't have. Anyways, nothing new here. Guess I'll stop my rambling for the night.

Day 285 - 4/12 - Bunny day

Dropped off bunny day candies for my friend/ex-roomie while moving from the sleeping spot to school. Took a shower at school then decided to see if the WiFi was on even though the library was closed. It was, so I hung out outside of the library for a couple hours. It was nice to have some private web time somewhere that was quiet. I may do that on future Sundays, particularly as things warm up.

Doing laundry now. I don't expect much of any real interest to happen during the day. Being bunny day boards will be super quiet.

I noticed the other day that another (full sized) laptop used the same kind of keyboard, so it indeed must be like that for ventilation. I like my netbook a lot. The screen gets dirty a lot from the travel, but at least it doesn't have one of those privacy screens or a glossy cover. I hate those. I'd certainly get one again if I had to do it over and didn't have access to a desktop. I'm even considering upgrading if I'm still homeless nearer to the end of the year when the new Nvidia Ion based gaming capable ones come out. Something fully gaming capable with a 12" screen at 1280x720 or 1280x800 at less than 3 pounds would be roxor. I discovered I really don't need a lot of battery power for what I do. The three hours in class leaves this one at 65% remaining charge. And, even though gaming drains it a lot faster, even after 2 hours on the highest performance setting I've still had something like 60% power left. I guess we'll see where I am and what's available when the time comes. We are still four months or more away from that generation coming out.

Guess that's all. Just rambling. Happy bunny day everyone.

Time passes

Decided to have a fancy dinner nom. It's still pretty early at not even 6:30. It's not like bunny day is a fancy dinner holiday for me typically, but it is about surprises. Surprise me, here is fancy dinner nom. It's only a few dollars more since I'm at Marie Calendars, and I get tasty cornbreads for teh free.

Guess that's it's really. It's sad to not be properly celebrating, but I'm mostly doing what I would have I been in a home. It's just... different than normal/ideal.

K thx bye.

Day 286 - 4/13 - bla bla words

It's a bit past 6:30 and I've got dinner ready. I feel kinda weird for not writing yet. Lot's has happened, but I don't know if it's noteworthy. I checked boards, helped some people, found no jobs to apply to, went to mini work, moved around some older screenshots onto my site, made a button for that on the menu bar, and I think I'm now current on all my TV shows.

I got an email from my friend/ex-roomie. The candies made her smile and she said she thinks and worries about me, so that's happy. Got an email from the ghost checking up on me since he's got all online classes this semester and doesn't see me. But there is still the sadness of my life, so that's sad. I feel kinda neutral/meh today. Good things and bad things evening out, with the constant overtones of my sad.

Guess I'm just feeling a little lonely lately even though I know I'm not alone. Probably feelings brought on by being in the coffee shops - the extra busyness of people around me, yet my only interaction with them is very quickly in passing, reminding me I will more than likely just be a blip in their day and quickly forgotten.

Guess that's it for today.

Day 287 - 4/14 - Patch 3.1 day

It's 11:30 at aquatics mini work, nearly lunchtime. It's sunny out, but super cold because it's super windy. My day started a bit early at 8:30 and I decided to try to download patch 3.1 for WoW. Unfortunately, due to the slower WiFi speeds and what I'm guessing are a lot of peeps downloading it. It was estimating 5-8 hours to finish! FilePlanet doesn't have the patch file yet, sadly, as that would only be like 1/2 hour through them. Maybe later today they will.

That's really it so far today. Going to try and get patch 3.1 today and I've got class tonight and that's all I expect will happen.

Time passes

Having a snack. I've got about 1/2 hour until I should scoot off to class. I did get to download all of patch 3.1, so that's ready to go after class. Outside of that I didn't get to do anything fun today. Well, I checked boards and stuff, but I didn't get to play or watch shows. Well, tomorrow I have no work, just class in the evening, so I can sleep in then have fun with shows and stuff the rest of the day.

That's probably it. K thx bye.

Day 288 - 4/15 - The week that answers life, the universe, and everything?

It's around noon and everyone is in the cafeteria for lunch nom. I was going to chill here for a bit and do some board checks but the network keeps dropping. I did a primary job site check and email check then shut the system down. This morning I took a shower then watched Heroes and 24. It looks like WCG Ultimate Gamer is up so I'll watch that for teh lolz next. I was thinking of leaving early to go play my game for a bit, but it seems there is news that the login servers are like broken. So it seems the gods that watch over me want me here on campus, so I'll just say hi to my peeps. Hi peeps.

That's really it so far. It's sunny but still a bit chilly. I don't have a jacket on now, but I'm not so warm. I expect by 4 I'll need to go get my jacket.

Um... don't know what else to say. K thx bye.

Time passes

Having a super early dinner in the cafeteria at 4:45. I was suuuper hungry and wanted more than the snack I had with me, but I also didn't want to have to wait until 9 to eat. That's just lame. (Plus, I can save some of this meal for snack after or during class.) It's cold and dark and everyone has pretty much left campus by 9. Eating in a home that late would be fine. I'd have shows and then stay up and play 'till midnight anyways.

I've decided since I have a touch of flexibility, due to my aquatics mini work shifts, that I would eat not soup a couple of times during the week. Hopefully a few meals of a sandwich or pre-made chicken will help stabilize me a bit more. If I remember to do that it shouldn't be a whole lot more expensive (than soup). Sandwiches are like $2-3 each if you make them yourself, chicken about the same per meal, compared to $1.50-2 per soup. I've recently discovered I really can't eat the cheap ones anymore. Either my tummy has become too fragile or I simply don't like them anymore.

Um... can't really think of what else to say. I'm not really looking forward to class. The teacher for Wednesday is pretty boring and has a very uninteresting teaching style.

Got a bit of a cough and sneezing today, fair bit of congestion and headache too. Hope I'm not coming down with another cold.

Guess that's it for now, maybe more later.

Day 289 - 4/16 - Body wash to wash the body

It's 11:30 at aquatics mini work. I feel pretty ok today, if a bit sleepy. I got up at around 9:30 so I rushed over to do my daily jewel crafting quest before work. It's fun, but kind of a pain if you only have a few hours to play due to the back and forth travel it takes. Thankfully the 20 minutes I had was enough, so that's out of the way and I can work on leveling later tonight. I'm nearly 80.

I'm out of soap. I think I'll see about a 'body wash' kind of thing. Bar soap is cool and all, I like traditional kinds of things like that sometimes, but it has trouble drying out. A body wash liquid thing would be much easier. Maybe I can find one with a scent I like so I can has a smell (that's not coffee.)

Last night's class was ok. We did some activities and I made some peeps lol, so that's happy. There are actually like three cuties in class. One blond cutie that sits behind me was playing a game on a DS, so she gets 2x hawtness for being a gamer grrrl.

Guess that's it so far. The day has just started, but I don't have work tonight so there is lots of time for something interesting to happen.

Time passes

It's 6, time for early dinner nom. I went shopping and watched some shows since our last chat and that's really it. I got a body wash that only has a little smell. Should be safe for my allergies. I'll do some board and job checking during or after dinner.

That's it really. A good day all I suppose, but nothing really interesting to report. K thx bye.

Day 290 - 4/17 - Forging new traditions

Last night my character hit 80, woot. I has no experience bar anymore, hehe. It's odd being max level again. I do still have tons of special jewel crafting things to get with the daily quests. I think even if I did that every day it would take 6+ months to get them all.

My day started a bit early at 8:30. I played for a bit and now I'm at aquatics mini work. I'll probably watch some shows before I need to go off to gym mini work. Hopefully I'll remember to grab a book I need for my first test while I'm on campus.

Guess that's all for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

I'm at gym mini work. It's nearing 6. I'm going to wait a bit for dinner to do some studying first. I've decided to start a new tradition. For a while now I've tried to have a better micro meal on Friday nights - nothing too fancy, usually just an on sale TV dinner or micro pizza. But tonight I'm adding another new tradition. At the Safeway I buy said dinner at are one of those movie kiosks; been there a few years now I think. Tonight I decided to see what it costs. It's for teh cheap at $1.10. The downside is that the movie is due back in 26 hours. Plenty of time for me though, as I drive by the store a couple of times a day. It's certainly a far cry from my Blu-ray watching I used to do on Saturdays and sometimes Sundays with uncompressed audio in 5.1 in high def. The 26" or so screen with 2.0 sound here will have to do. At least it will be a little something; a minor step forward regaining at least some of a happy tradition. I would, of course, much rather be forging a new tradition with a sweetie, maybe new friends, in a new home we are creating together, but I can't. For whatever reason I'm still alone, yet people chat friendly with me all the time. Maybe some of you out there are forging new traditions with your sweetie or friends. Just remember to include everyone in decisions and make comments remembering that others have feelings and opinions just like you do.

Guess that's it for now - Off to study, micro pizza, and finally see Iron Man.

Day 291 - 4/18 - People don't seem to get it

It's nearing 4 and I'm having a snack outside of the library before my next thing. I'll probably go do my daily quest and check to see if my online friend peeps have a raid they can get me in on. If they can't or I don't see them I'll likely go do laundry and eat a fancy dinner after. If they do then I'll do that, whenever that is.

Feeling a bit sad today. I think it's just the shows I've watched, but so much seems lost. Not just in my life, but in everyone's life, every day; loss in relationships, loss in life, loss of resources. It seems things could be so much better if people weren't afraid. So much better if they spent just a few extra seconds to show they care about other people, about themselves, about things around them.

Earlier today I showed someone where something was to be sure she got there. Sure I partly did it because she was totally hawt but I do that quite a bit. It's not a big deal. It takes 10, maybe 30 seconds, and you are sure they got what they needed. Looking around here outside the library around the fountain there is all this gum on the floor. It's really gross. Why is it so hard to walk the 15-25 feet in almost any direction to a trashcan to throw it away properly? Why am I one of the few to walk to the trash? Do people really not care about things other than themselves? I think, and wonder, and it makes me sad.

Time passes

Laundry time. I like doing laundry. But then, peeps likely could guess that since I like showers and being clean and all.

People don't seem to get my cloths. All the time when I'm wearing my cammo pants and boots - it doesn't matter what I'm wearing up top - people ask if I'm in the military or if I'm ex-military. Am I the only gamer on the planet that wears military style pants and boots anymore? Am I so out of fashion the only non-military personnel cloths people are allowed to wear are shorts?

I had one of my Survivor buffs around my wrist - I've only done that half a dozen times during my homeless days - and the nice librarian David asked what it was. I told him and he's like 'ooooh. What's it for?' And I'm like, 'It's a thing, you know, a personal thing.' Everyone pretty much has a thing; that hat they always wear, that watch, a certain piece of jewelry, rubber wrist bands are the current thing for many people. But I think people just don't get my things. It seems like noone ever recognizes my subtle gamer cloths; they only recognize my super mainstream ones. Nor do they get my cammo or Survivor buffs. Maybe I'll just stick to gamer shirts and occasional boot or cammo pants wearing. (I'll still probably get the new school digital urban cammo pants I saw when it gets cold again.) It's sad to think peeps may just find me odd, confusing, or out of place; instead of realizing it's a thing. Tough to really be "fashionable" with no monies.

Not sure what I'll do with the rest of my evening. It's only around 6 now. I reported the disk I rented. It got stuck three times when I was watching. They sent me a coupon for a rental for teh free. I will likely get a medium fancy dinner and just play for a bit at Starbucks, though I already did my daily quest.

Still just kind of melancholy I guess. I know you peeps get me and hopefully you are caring peeps who do throw trash away proper and take care of things to share with others. But lately thinking of all the (daily) lost resources and uncaring which seems to be going on all the time just makes me a bit sadder than usual.

Time passes

It's just after 10:30. I can't go to sleep yet because some peeps are blocking the sleeping spot. I'll check again in a bit. I decided to go to Panda for dinner. My tummy regrets the choice a bit, but my wallet doesn't. (Medium fancy restaurant food is about double that.) But some interesting events occurred that made me wonder. First, when I was ordering dinner I saw a young couple from class ordering their dinner. They smiled and waved and I smiled and waved back. When I had set up my game and was eating a child came and sat down next to me with his DS. His mom loled at how close he was to me. After dinner in the Starbucks one of the peeps gave me a free food. He's done that before. They have expiration dates, so they have to toss foods now and then. It reminded me too of Friday at the gym mini work when a child said hi to me. Earlier in the day someone asked me to help them move a something they were using. All of this just kind of hit me - my weird aura doesn't entirely push people away. In fact, upon reflection of events like that, it seems to both draw and repel at the same time. Kids love me. Pets love me. In both cases I've had parents/owners say 'gee, my child/pet never are friendly to strangers.' And then there are the adults who talk to me friendly in passing all the time. So, the weird aura doesn't just repel. People are unusually comfortable or at ease around me, but at the same time they don't seem to ever invite me to join them to hang out, nor do girls ever seem to be romantically interested.

So now I wonder... the aura attracts and seems to repel at the same time. I guess I hadn't noticed that subtlety before. But still... why is it like that? Maybe they are two separate elements; a high charisma setting people at ease, and the other an aura of unknown quality that seems to keep people from wanting to get close. Maybe it's a something which people can't relate to which seems to push people away from making strong/lasting connections.

Well, guess it's just rambling since it's something we may never know the answer to and it likely isn't something that will help your lives by knowing it.

Anyways, night peeps.

Day 292 - 4/19 - Return to center

Let's see... It's just after 3:30. Nothing really interesting has happened today yet. I took a shower then came over to use teh Internets for teh cheap. I've calculated out what it's costing. It seems with how much I've used it these past weeks so far that it's around $0.25 per hour. Woot for teh cheap. Now that I'm max level the big things to do are raids. Still plenty of quests to do, and of course my crafting stuff. Just spent like 4 hours doing that, but raids are the big adventure. I'll have to go to the game center to do that. Sadly though the best deals for that are $1 an hour, about $3 with meh deals, so that is way more expensive than my netbook at Starbucks. Don't have much choice there as the netbook (and WiFi) can't really handle groups, let alone raids. It's pretty 'slide-showy' just doing solo stuff. Good enough considering I'd otherwise have nothing at all though.

So yeah... considering spending a bit of time at the game center in a bit and maybe doing that once every other weekend. We'll see how my monies hold up. I don't want to pay too much to raid when the money could instead be saved for computer upgrades. But just questing when I'll gain no experience and meh loots seems disappointing now that my option to raid is open.

I have a test on Tuesday to study for, but what I studied so far was total common sense. The reading said nothing I didn't already know, so I'm not into it. Plus, it's super sunny today and really warm; a perfect day for hanging with friends and doing a movie and BBQ, so I'm not really in a studying mood. Maybe if I had a room I could more easily get into a studying mood, but outside all the time... it's much tougher.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. While mine is a lot brighter with unlimited Internets and my netbook there is still much sadness and worry about all the things I have no control of in my life.

That's all for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

I decided to play some at the game center. It's late now, nearing 10:15. I had tons of fun and was grouped almost the whole time. Peeps said I did a good job tanking, which is always good to hear; particularly since blood spec gets poo and isn't considered good for tanking. I was actually main healer for one group, heh. But, as I got my five minute warning from robot voice (you get a voice synthesized thing that tells you when your time is nearly up) I rapidly became sad. Not so much because I didn't get to raid, which is what I had hoped to do, but more so because I had a decent sized screen with good graphic settings and solid speed, reminding me what I normally can't play on. But, to a greater extent, it reminded me how much I can't group normally - how very alone I am both virtually and in real life. In game I normally can't group due to my netbook and connection restrictions. In real life I can't group because I have no real life friends to hang out with.

So very sad to leave. But still, I do have my car to sleep in. I do have reasonably good heatlh. Not counting my teeth I'm free from any real injury. Things could be worse.

K that's all. 'Night peeps.

Day 293 - 4/20 - Foods for teh free

It was totally warm yesterday and it is again today. I got up at around 8:30 and went to do my daily crafting quest and change my secondary spec. Zomg I've changed my spec so many times. Since I got there early I decided to get my small hot chocolate. The guy put up two cups, one inside the other, as they always do, but the maker person made me two hot chocolates. I'm like, 'Ummm... the guy made two? Did you only charge me for one? What do we do with the extra?' They did only charge me for one and I got to keep the second for teh free.

That's it so far; got up early, did my daily quest, changed my secondary spec, got a second hot chocolate for teh free, and it's totally nice and warm again. Gonna finish studying for my test after lunch, then when I get to school I'll catch up on any shows I'm behind on and check boards.

That's it. K thx bye.

Time passes

Decided to have some cafeteria foods for early dinner nom since my tummy has been fussy since lunch. The counter was a disaster, receipts everywhere. The counter guy was having a hard time picking up the basket since he busted up his knee doing sports. I spent like 10 seconds picking them up for him 'cause that's how I roll. Instead of charging me like $6 something he only charged me just under $4 saying it was for helping him out. hehe. Today is free foods day.

It's like 6 and it's still super nice and warm. I'm out by the fountain instead of inside so I can enjoy the warm. I'd guess it's in the high 70s(F) as I was a touch uncomfortable earlier (which only happens post about 85F).

No jobs posted to apply to. Some sections aren't even getting any posts at all on some days now. Just six months ago those very same sections got 15-25 posts a day, sometimes upwards to 50 and more. Now they are all 5-10% of what they once were.

I would consider taking more classes to broaden my career choices, but I may soon not have any funding at all. The form I fill out on the web for financial aid is giving me an error, implying I can't say I'm getting a certificate or Associates if I've already gotten a Bachelors (implying my only post Bachelors option is a Masters or Doctorate). Previously I could do that and financial aid covered my tuition costs and half of parking. It won't be a huge increase if I lose it at this level, but it will be about $100 more I'll have to spend per quarter.

A good day all in all. Lots talked to me at the aquatics mini work, I had some fun with my game, and will again after dinner, I did some studying, and I did all my board checks.

In a home, today wouldn't have been all that different, though out here in the wilds of the city I'm constantly around places with loud music and/or noise from crowds.

But still, my day is not boring anymore. There are things going on to see at school. There is my game I can play now. And people are generally friendly and happy due to the weather. There are currently much worse times, conditions, and places to be homeless.

Probably it for tonight.

Day 294 - 4/21 - Invite to tour

Had a bit of a tough time sleeping last night. It was totally warm. So warm, in fact, for a short while I was neked with no blankets covering me, hehe. When I was heading to the sleeping spot at around 10 PM last night I saw a temperature/time sign that showed 77F. I overheard someone say mid-day was around 90F! It's around 11 and I'm at aquatics mini work. I'd guess it's around 75F so far.

I got an invite via board PM to tour Nvidia's U.S. headquarters, so if that works out that would be fun. I don't know if they do manufacturing here though, so this could just be a think tank. Guess I'll see if that actually happens. Maybe I can has pictures for j00.

They are updating WoW this morning so I didn't get to play yet. (Spent the time watching what looked like the season finally of Heroes.) I'll do that for a bit after mini work. It's ok. I changed my mind on my spec yet again, hehe, and they are wiping talents, so I can has that change for teh free. The previous build I did the other day just didn't thrill me. So now I'll have dual (DPS) tank specs. It's ok though, as one is anti-magic and more area effect based, while my original one is more 1-1 focused, so it gives me options.

I decided to throw away my beaten up house/night shirts. It was sad because one was my favorite house/night shirt. You know, one of those all softened up by washing, like 5 year old, but has massive holes in it, kind of things. hehe. I still have one left with me, with no holes, and one back in storage, plenty to last the coming summer. I need to reduce my load in the car. It's getting a bit high what with the foods I've been storing and my trench. I can probably put that back into storage. I think I may indeed be allergic to my sweater. I slept without it on me last night and when I got to the school sleeping spot I put it on me. Within a few minutes I was a little wheezy and congested. I took it off, tossed it across the car, and within 20-30 minutes I was free of symptoms again. I'll probably drop that into storage until I can afford to replace it in a month or so then maybe donate it. Outside of the hood being permanently stained from what I'm guessing are my tiny hairs it's serviceable and has no holes.

Someone suggested I make a surviving (physically and emotionally) as an urban homeless document, a short/separate tips thing from Epic Fail, and I suppose that's a good idea. Maybe I'll do that once I can make .pdf files again.

Guess that's all for now. K thx bye.

Time passes

Got a few minutes till class, so I'm doin' some bla bla straight to digital.

I didn't get to play because the game was exploding this afternoon. I noticed something icky about the new build I picked, so I'm kind of hoping the game resets to about five minutes before I logged out. That would reset that build and I could change it for teh free. Otherwise *sigh* I'd probably want to change it right away and that would cost me some gold monies.

It's totally hot outside. The temperature sign thing showed 95F! The car is safely in shade now in the school covered garage area where I normally park, so my foods should be safe. In the sun they'd likely get too hot and go bad really quick.

K, 'bout time to start class so I should close the week. K thx bye.

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