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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 785

Day 5489 - 7/12 - Done with DMV

Today started feeling bad, but I am finally done with the DMV for now. I figured I'd get there early since there were no appointments available. I got there an hour before they were supposed to open and I was the sixth person in line. At 30 minutes before they were supposed to open a couple of people came out to do pre-paperwork with the first few people and one casually said, 'oh, by the way, we don't open until 9 today.' Really? You couldn't have marked that on the website so people like me who checked the day before would have known that? So I sat for not 1, but 2, hours before they opened. And then it took another 20 minutes to get called to one of the like 25 available windows. And yes, it was just me turning in the doctor's note paper. Seriously? Why did I have to spend 2.5 hours for something that took 5 minutes that I could have easily mailed instead? Or sent electronically through the website? Complete idiocy. But I guess it's done now, and hopefully in a few days or weeks it will be forgotten.

I guess I had an ok day after that. I barely made it to the library in time for it to open, so I settled into my usual spot and had a fair day.

Tomorrow will hopefully be better. I will stop by school for a shower and early micro lunch. I suppose I could even stay and noone would really question it. But when I went last time there were only like 6 people in the area that I could see, which when full is probably a couple hundred, so it was really super dead and my being there all day would surely be noteworthy. It's an option though, I guess, if I need it. While it would be a more stable network and have access to the micro it would feel very strange being so empty, especially since I don't have classes.

But hopefully tomorrow will be better and I can put this great loss of hours of life behind me.

Day 5490 - 7/13 - Unexpected heat

Today was pretty good, but apparently we have a heat wave. It got up to the high 80s, and will apparently peek into the low 90s in the next few days, so it's crazy that the weather keeps bouncing like this.

I guess it was a pretty good day other than that. I played and had fun, but for some reason some things took much longer than I expected. I guess it was fine though.

Day 5491 - 7/14 - Hot, swollen

Today it was pretty hot outside again. It was fine though as I mostly avoided it. My right arm and hand are more swollen though. I'm a bit worried as it's been happening for a while now. But it also seems to get slightly more or less swollen depending on the day, so I still can't help but wonder if it's maybe something I'm having an odd reaction to, or something like circulation based and how I'm sitting or something.

I guess today was a pretty good day. My eyes were a bit fussy though and didn't want to focus on things. And then there was the swelling and the heat. But it could have been much worse for any number of reasons.

Day 5492 - 7/15 - Another hot day

Today was again pretty hot. Not really much else to say. My hand and arm are still a bit swollen and I'm still not sure what is up with that. I suppose today was pretty ok though.

Day 5493 - 7/16 - More hot

Today I think was peak heat, or yesterday was and today was even. It got up into the low 90s. The library was pretty quiet and empty when it opened and then for a bit, but by early afternoon it got pretty packed. It was so packed that there were 3 other people at my table, so that was sad. I'm still not really comfortable with that and everything going on.

My hand and arm finally don't really feel swollen. But sadly since lunch an area of my teeth has been hurting pretty badly. I think maybe because I had some super hard salami as my main food, and my teeth have never done well with hard foods. I think because of that I started to feel very sad, alone, and like pain is always in my life; either physical or emotional.

But hopefully soon the pain will subside, the temperature will settle, and things can be cool and calm again.

Day 5494 - 7/17 - Hopeful Monday

Today I can hopefully pre-load a game I got. It's early access starts Wednesday, I think, so hopefully I can start loading it soon. It's the sequel to a game I loved and played for something like 350 hours. And this one looks like it will be similar, but with more stuff and even more character customization, so hopefully it should be super fun. I'm very glad I still have a system that should do ok with it. There's really no way my older one could handle it.

Hopefully today won't be too hot, but if it is it should be ok as most of my time is inside the library.

Day 5495 - 7/18 - Another unknown Tuesday

Today I don't know what to expect. It will probably be a regular day at the library. Hopefully things will be calm and restful for me, and there won't be too many people around.

Week 786

Day 5496 - 7/19 - Game labor

Today I spent the bulk of my play time doing something not super fun. I am unlocking 'secret things' in my actiony monster killing game. They are doing seasons and one starts tomorrow, so I wanted to have it all done and ready, so I never have to do it ever again. It took 4 hours, and while it wasn't unbearably bad, it wasn't as fun as doing other things would have been.

I'm sad I haven't gotten to pre-load my new shooter too. The early start begins Friday in the early evening, so I'm getting pretty worried I may not be able to download it before that. I mean, I suppose it really doesn't matter, but still. You can play with strangers or friends, but I expect I'll just be solo, so any kind of 'head start' really isn't important. But it's really the principal of the thing. If they say head start is on x, and it comes with the fancier version, then they should give extra time before that to download it so people can all be ready. If they were promised x and then can't access it for some reason, that's not really ok.

But I guess the day overall wasn't bad. Nothing bad happened that was new, so I continue to hope for better times ahead.

Day 5497 - 7/20 - Bad dinner

Today the pot stickers I had for dinner tasted like wet shoes, so I only ate about 2/3 and tossed the rest. I have lots of other food though, so I'm fine. But it does remind me of back a while ago when all I could afford was a single basic soup and a single can of soda for food for my whole day. And times when I'd spill a soda and cry at the loss due to too much stress and no comforts.

The connection was pretty bad today. Half a dozen times it dropped to basically dead. I actually almost left to go back to school, but right when I was going to leave it was ok again. And then when it started dying again after that it was too late in the day to bother changing locations.

I guess overall the day was ok. I got to pre-load my new game for tomorrow that is the sequel to one of my most favorite games ever, so that is exciting. And I guess I was warm enough, and the people at my table were ok, so that wasn't too bad.

Day 5498 - 7/21 - Almost lost

Today two people almost left something behind at the library, which is crazy as it's been probably years since I noticed that last. The first was a very beautiful girl (and her boyfriend) leaving just as I was packing up to leave. I saw a phone where she had been sitting and I was like oh noes, 'wait wait wait, phone phone phone,' and I jogged after them. They were super happy. Then a couple of minutes later near the stairs there was someone's wallet which I'd guess had fallen out of their pocket while they were sitting there. They were like, 'phew, thanks, that would have ended badly.' So that was nice to be helpful.

Other than that I was just extremely tired. I've lost a lot of sleep lately. I had fun with my arcadey monster killing game for the bulk of the day. But after 4:30 I got to play my new shooter for a bit. I just got through the tutorial, but it was super fun. Though I'd forgotten how slow and clumsy your character feels when you are just starting. (It's very similar to the first game.)

But I guess besides being overly tired today was pretty good.

Day 5499 - 7/22 - Super tired

Today really I'm just super tired and exhausted. I again lost probably 40% of what I should have slept last night for seemingly no reason. I would guess it's probably stress, but I don't know.

The connection seemed ok today, and things were pretty quiet and calm. Though the library was freezing and I had all my layers and hoodie on. And I did see three beautiful girls at the food store this morning, so I guess that is something. Maybe Fate is just reminding me that I can still feel something and there are new girls to be found, so I guess I shouldn't give up on hoping to find a sweetie someday. But I guess today was pretty ok, and so I continue to hang on.

Day 5500 - 7/23 - Pew pew fun

Today was pretty fun. I did a tiny bit in my MMO, then a bit in my arcadey monster killing game. Though they are doing a season, which I'm leveling up and doing all the same stuff I just did, so I don't know how long repeatedly re-leveling will keep my interest. Then I spent a lot of time in my new shooter, which is super fun.

I'm very extremely tired though. I slept pretty quickly last night, but not immediately, so I still maybe lost a touch of sleep again.

Hopefully tonight I can sleep easily and have a super fun time with my games again tomorrow.

Day 5501 - 7/24 - Possibly last micro Monday

Today is possibly the last Monday I can micro for a few months. I'll have to check the schedule, but there is a high chance I can't access it after the summer quarter is over, which I think is this week or next.

I don't know what to expect for today, but hopefully I can have a shower, get micro food for the day, and then have a calm time at the library.

Day 5502 - 7/25 - Hopefully restful Tuesday

Today hopefully I will maybe be catching up a bit on sleep, or at the very least not continuing to lose any. I don't know why I've lost like 40% of what I could have slept on several nights lately. Maybe I have a cold or am fighting something. I have sneezed a few times lately, and my eyes do seem goopy, but I don't have any other symptoms.

But today will hopefully be restful, calm, and fun.

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