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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 817

Day 5713 - 2/21 - Sneezing and rain

Today it's been raining off and on. I think it was totally pouring for about an hour with how wet it is, but I think it's been pretty light since then.

I've been pretty sniffly and sneezy all day. Weirdly it all seems to be in my nose. My lungs feel clear and I'm not really coughing at all, just a few sneezes per hour.

Hopefully I get better soon. And hopefully the rain clears up to nice warm days.

Day 5714 - 2/22 - Second shower

Today I had to take two showers; both of them too cold. On Monday when I do my normal shower I had to be somewhat different during the holiday, so I took my razor and left it somewhere unusual. After I'd gotten naked and set everything up this morning I realized I never put it back where it normally goes. So I had to detour on my way off of campus for a second shower to do the shaving I didn't get to do in the morning. To my dismay the shower area I thought was very warm was as cold as the rest. I left a note this time about it, but with how little the shower areas are used lately I doubt they will rush to fix them. It's taken them more than 6 months to replace a $10 toilet seat.

I'm still pretty sniffly and sneezy. I guess it's not the worst, but hopefully I'll stop being sick soon.

Day 5715 - 2/23 - Cramped thighs

Today for some unknown reason my thighs are super cramped. It's like I've done 200 squats or something. I have no idea what is up with that. My calves hurt a bit too, but nowhere near as much. I didn't do any extra walking around, so I have no idea what could have caused it. And I don't recall feeling this way until early afternoon.

I did sleep really deeply last night and had no problems getting to sleep. I did make sure my later snack was glucose free, and today when I got bread I made sure it was sourdough, so we'll see if my parts continue to feel better. Maybe if I do have a bit of glucose sensitivity it will get better over time and I can be less guarded about what I eat.

Day 5716 - 2/24 - Gross lady

Today there was a gross lady sitting across from me. She sounded like she was 5, sniffling and snorting every 15 seconds. It's like, really? You are, what, probably as old as I am and you aren't taking decongestants and nose spray to deal with that? Just sitting there snorting super gross every 15 seconds? What is with people lately?

I guess it was an ok day other than that. The weather surprisingly got up to 70F today, so we may finally be getting warmer weather. I don't think it's supposed to stay warm for long though, but hopefully soon we will get to warmer weather. And hopefully soon I can stop being sniffly and sneezy.

Day 5717 - 2/25 - Still sneezy

Today I am still pretty sneezy. Some yuck came out when I did, so hopefully that is a sign I'm getting better. I'm still a bit sleepy too, and a bit cramped in my thighs. I had a bit of the lump in my tummy feeling last night that kept me up a bit, and the bread I had for a sandwich was sourdough. So either I have to be very careful about breads, which seems strange to have come up so suddenly so late in life, or it is not related to what I'm eating and it's just in general my G.E.R.D.S. being bad. It does seem to start to happen when I lay down. I'm pretty sure the snacks I have now are totally gluten free, so we'll see if it continues to happen over the next few nights.

Day 5718 - 2/26 - Restful day

Today will hopefully be a restful day. I actually did all my homework, so I really shouldn't have much of anything to do for school today. So hopefully I can be restful, recover from my colds, and have a peaceful day.

Day 5719 - 2/27 - Probably cold again

Today will probably be cold again. The weather being almost 70F was just for the weekend. By now it is supposed to be cold again. Which is super annoying. It is almost March and should be getting warmer, not colder again. Well, hopefully I have fun in class today, and have a restful rest of the day.

Week 818

Day 5720 - 2/28 - Sneexy exhaustion

Today I have been doing a ton of sneezing. I'm pretty exhausted feeling too. I don't know if it's the same colds I've had, or allergies, or what. I haven't been able to focus on anything I've tried or wanted to do today, so I really just took the day off. I'll do what I planned to do today on Friday or Saturday. It will be fine. I don't actually have anything super critical that needs a lot of time really.

Day 5721 - 2/29 - Unexpected return of the rain

Today the rain has unexpectedly returned. It started with just a sprinkle in the morning, but has turned into a complete downpour now in the early evening. I guess again the sunny warm days are being put on hold.

Day 5722 - 3/1 - Fast rainy day

Today was super fast. I was doing work on a school project and it ate up like 4 hours. I think I may have another 4 tomorrow to finish. Hopefully though this will put me like 2 weeks ahead in that class and won't really have any other major homework for a while, but we'll see.

It was clear nearly all day, but in the early evening it started pouring again. It does sadly seem like the warm sunny days are being further put off.

Day 5723 - 3/2 - Cold and rainy

Today I felt extra cold. I don't know if the library was extra cold or if maybe I caught a new cold with all the rain we have had. I'm colder feeling than usual, but that is it really.

It was a light rain through the day, and now like in the past few days it's starting to pour now that it is early evening.

I feel a bit weird today. I don't know that it was depression, as I feel pretty neutral towards everything. I did not feel bad, or extra sad, or extra excited to play or watch anything. I just felt kind of neutral about everything, neither wavering up or down.

Day 5724 - 3/3 - Pretty bad

Today I feel kind of pretty bad. I had to do some work on another school assignment, and looking at the examples for what we should do today they were professional looking. Mine look terrible by comparison. Granted, a lot of the issues are because I'm not familiar with a lot of the techniques used in this assignment. But I still feel ashamed at how bad they look, even though I know it is not a style (of art) that I'm good at, and it is using techniques I'm not used to doing.

I guess the day was pretty ok other than that. It is still raining off and on. And I am still basically freezing in the library. I was almost shivering today. But tomorrow another week starts. And maybe things can change with that.

Day 5725 - 3/4 - Assignment Monday

Today I have to work on an assignment for the Thursday class. Really I spent pretty much all of the weekend time on the other class assignment, so this got pushed back. It's fine though, or should be. I would guess it should be only about an hour, two at most, and it's all I need to do all day, so I have plenty of time. Hopefully I'm not too cold from the weather continuing to be super cold and rainy.

Day 5726 - 3/5 - Hopefully dry Tuesday

Today hopefully the weather will start to turn warm and then turn towards dryer days. I think it's not really supposed to until near the end of the week though, but I'm not sure. I only paid attention to when it would be warming up again. Hopefully things are ok and I feel a bit better about the Tuesday class work in time. The recent assignments have made me sad.

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