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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 813

Day 5685 - 1/24 - Leg and eye

Today has mixed news. My left leg is having issues with its lifting tendon again. It's a bit difficult to walk. And I am having to again lift it with my hand when getting into the car.

But in hopefully good news yesterday and today my right eye blind spot is maybe getting better. It is certainly not gone, but yesterday and today I can pretty easily read license plates and signs, which I haven't been able to do without at least some difficulty in over a year.

I had a pretty good day. The day's homework only took about 15 minutes, so it was a very fast day. Though the cold is still hanging on. I'm still congested as hell, coughing yuck, have an occasional sneeze, and am very sniffly. Maybe a bit of exhaustion too. But I was super hungry today, which is often a sign I may be getting better, so that is hopeful.

Day 5686 - 1/25 - Hungry

Today I have still been very hungry. I had a soup, and a regular sized dinner, and was still hungry after. I have some crackers, and ate most of a row (one of 4 sections in the box) and I still feel like I could eat an entire extra regular sized meal. I don't get why I feel so hungry lately.

I guess the day was pretty good other than that. Outside of the regular school lunch group the cafeteria was only maybe 1/3 as busy. Maybe people were avoiding rain. But it stopped yesterday morning and hasn't come back, so I'm not sure what was up with that.

Day 5687 - 1/26 - Recovery

Today I am recovering. My brain is the clearest feeling it has been in a while. My throat isn't totally better, but feels much better. And while I'm still very congested and coughing up yuck it's turning more into a dry cough.

I think also my G.E.R.D.S. is getting better since I stopped the grapefruit clear drink. At nights it no longer gurgles or complains. It can be a bit upset if I eat and then lie down to sleep too quickly after, but it's more of a gunk in my tummy feeling than acid.

My throat is still recovering. A few bits today were bad in that they slowly went down and I felt a bit choked. But I just stopped eating, took shallow breaths, and felt it slowly clear, and then tumble a bit when it got to my tummy and then I was ok again. Which is a very big improvement from instantly feeling like I was being choked to death and immediately coughing everything up.

It still will probably be days or weeks to get over my cold, and maybe months to fully recover from my tummy and throat issues, but maybe I'm on the right path.

Day 5688 - 1/27 - Crackers

Today I had some crackers at lunch. I am going to have to research things because after having them they kind of felt like an icky lump in my tummy for about an hour or two. This also happened a few nights before when I had them for night snacks.

I guess the day was pretty ok besides that. I am still slowly getting better, but I am still very congested in my chest and throat.

Day 5689 - 1/28 - Not how cough drops work

Today is ok. I don't feel like playing much, probably due to the sick, so I'm spending more time just watching shows. There is a crazy lady across from me. She is literally eating cough drops like candy, crunching them up immediately. That's not how cough drops work. I don't understand the point of that.

My congestion is still bad, but maybe not as bad as it has been. I'm actually sniffling and sneezing more than anything else. So I suppose I am getting better, but it is still slow going and wavering back and forth.

Day 5690 - 1/29 - Casual Monday

Today I expect will just be restful and casual. I didn't have a lot of homework to do, so I've already done it all, so I won't have anything more until Tuesday afternoon. Hopefully things will be calm and restful since I expect I'll probably still be sick. That will likely still be a few weeks to fully recover.

Day 5691 - 1/30 - Hopefully restful Tuesday

Today will hopefully be pretty restful and easy. The class has been pretty fun, and since it's into level it isn't too challenging or stressful, so that is good. I don't really have anything I am looking forward to other than hopefully the weather starting to warm up.

Week 814

Day 5692 - 1/31 - Rain comes back

Today was ok, but it was very rainy. I was pretty congested too. For some reason my tummy got wrecked by lunch. But overall it was a pretty peaceful day.

Day 5693 - 2/1 - No more storm

Today it seems the storm has past. It was pretty fierce yesterday, but it stopped around midnight. It started again as a medium rain this morning, but by just afternoon it cleared. There are a bit of gray clouds now, but it is more clear sky than not.

I guess today I feel pretty ok. I have been still very sniffly and sneezy, but I think still getting better in general. It's tough to tell though, as I'll feel totally fine one minute, then a few hours later so congested it feels like I'm being strangled by congestion.

Day 5694 - 2/2 - Woke for no reason

Today I am still pretty sick. A few times my congestion has felt like it's strangling me, and I am still borderline coughing up yuck. (I feel like I might, but don't.) I made myself promise if I'm not getting genuinely better that Monday I'll make an appointment to get checked on Friday. If it is the remnants of pneumonia it's not going away.

For no reason I woke up around 3:30 in the morning. There were no noises that scared me to my knowledge. It was not currently raining. Nothing seemed out of place. I was totally asleep, then poof, totally awake. Thankfully it only lasted about 45 minutes then I fell asleep as quickly as I'd woken.

The weather has been off and on a bit stormy. I'd say it rained maybe half of last night. And since this morning maybe only 5-10% of the time. It's mostly been clear or just a very light mist rain. I would guess when it gets cold tonight it will rain a bit more.

Day 5695 - 2/3 - Awake, again

Today I am a touch sleepy, though I got enough sleep. I again woke up last night for seemingly no reason right around the same time as before. And like before, I went from being fully awake to instantly asleep about 45 minutes later, as quickly and mysteriously as I'd woken.

I guess today was pretty ok. I did decide to get some decongestants and they do seem to have helped reduce my congestion overall, but I've been sneezing a few times pretty much every hour of the day. I don't know if that is a good or bad sign. Hopefully I continue to recover and get better soon, though checking online if it is pneumonia that usually sticks around 2-4 weeks for normal people, so with my immunity it could be quite a bit longer for me.

Day 5696 - 2/4 - The biggest storm

Today the biggest storm has shown up. Just before afternoon it started pouring, and there was a lot of wind last night. Now things are blown over and if you have an umbrella you can get pulled like a sail.

The library lost power around 4 and closed pretty quickly after that. I guess maybe it was just their immediate area, because pretty much everyone around them seemed fine.

Hopefully things won't get too much crazier for people tonight.

Day 5697 - 2/5 - Hopefully calm Monday

Today will hopefully be calmer. At least hopefully no crazy wind. I hope school doesn't lose power. I'd lose the food I'd bought if so. I suppose I could get soups just in case, but I'd like to have at least one fully regular micro food for the day.

Day 5698 - 2/6 - Hopefully dry Tuesday

Today hopefully things will start to dry out. At least calm down to more gentle rain. I have an in person class too, so hopefully everything will be closer to normal weather instead of crazy tropical storm.

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