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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 819

Day 5727 - 3/6 - Wet Wednesday

Today it has been raining a fair bit. It hasn't been a particularly heavy rain, but it has been pretty constant. I guess it's ok though. It's not too bad.

I'm glad I got the extra work for class after hearing mention of putting the thing we are doing into video form and doing that. Granted I expected it would take half the time it did, but I basically did less than 30 minutes to update it for this week. And next week probably won't need any changes. So overall I guess it is still more than I needed to do, basically 9 hours reducing down to 3 a week, likely double what I would have needed to do in the most basic form. But it was a creative thing, and when my head gets stuck on a creative thing I have to do it.

I think I'm losing some weight since my stopping bread and crackers for snacks. I'm still pretty hungry and deciding what is ok to eat in its place, but my tummy is not fully round anymore, and the areas around my knees feel slimmer too. So maybe there is a positive to it.

Overall I guess I'm doing pretty ok for a terrible life.

Day 5728 - 3/7 - Feeling odd

Today I feel a bit odd, but I'm not sure why. It was a pretty regular start to the day with a bit of play. The class took up most of the day. I guess I didn't feel like there was enough time to play and watch shows after, so I just watched shows. So that was different, but not bad or anything. But I feel a bit odd now. I can't really put my finger on why.

Day 5729 - 3/8 - Channel removed

Today is a sad day. I came in to the library in the morning to find an email that said my video channel had been banned and removed. I appealed the decision rebutting the claim that I violated their, 'spam, scam, or deception,' claim. It was denied. It took me a while, but I realized it may have been for the same reason as the online selling site. I had posted an unlisted video for school, meaning no one could see it without the link, and the title was something like, "Little Death - ES, FTV 072g", referencing the name, my initials, and the class number. I am guessing since the title contained "death" it likely got auto flagged. Though why they didn't just remove that one video and do a strike against me or something is mind boggling. I'm still trying to fight it by sending another email explaining it, but it seems like they aren't being looked at by a real person and are just being auto rejected. Hopefully the appeal of my refused appeal will be seen by an actual person, because anyone who looks at the 1.5 minute long video will clearly see it's a low quality school video. The class name and quarter is even clearly marked on a title page before the actual video starts.

But my current expectation is that I will probably have to create and rebuild a new channel on Wednesday. I want to give it until at least end of day Monday to see if a person actually reads my appeal and understand what I'm saying. And Tuesday I just won't really have time. I guess it's not really a big deal. There are just my video podcasts, 19 of them, and then everything else that's there is really too old and unimportant to matter. I probably will recover some of it for historical purposes since I probably have the backups. (Things like news captured at events where the first X was shown type things.)

Really I guess I'm just heartbroken at how little they seem to care. I barely made any comments, so what I may have said isn't a loss. The stuff I've done lately is all backed up for sure, so that can easily be re-uploaded. It just feels most sad to not be cared for or listened to after automatically flagged and attacked with an extreme reaction that is totally unnecessary.

Day 5730 - 3/9 - Still pretty sad

Today I am still pretty sad. I didn't feel like playing much, so I stopped playing early. I tried to just be in a better mood because it's really not a big deal to rebuild what I lost. (I'm assuming it will stay lost.) But I couldn't really cheer myself up much. It's tough when you can't get yourself treats to do so.

I guess the day was ok other than that. It was restful and pretty quiet. And the people around me weren't too annoying.

Day 5731 - 3/10 - Forgotten treat

Today in the morning I got a cheap food treat to help cheer myself up. Because that's not something I normally get to eat I'd forgotten about it by the time I got to the library. Thankfully I noticed when packing up to leave, because if I hadn't it would have gotten smooshed and ruined. But it is a little bit late to eat it, since it's a 'risky' food, so at this point I'll just save it for tomorrow.

I've been pretty sniffly and sneezy, but I feel a bit less sad over the channel loss. I guess it feels kind of like part of me has died, and if I were gone people wouldn't know me since it's gone, and I think that's what I've felt the most sad about. Really though the need to change 50 or more web pages, not counting links to the videos themselves, is a bigger loss than the channel itself. But it does make me sad that it no longer being there means even just those few people who would be cheered up, or found something new, or fun, can't currently do that. So the plan is still to rebuild it at some point.

I guess today was mostly ok, all things considered.

Day 5732 - 3/11 - Preparing to rebuild

Today will be the last day I stay hopeful a human sees my emails and reverses my video channel removal. If they say no again, or I don't hear anything positive by the end of the day, then in the evening I'll go get my backups and see what I can prepare for rebuilding the site.

Hopefully outside of that I can have an ok day.

Day 5733 - 3/12 - Probably rain Tuesday

Today it will maybe rain. The rain is supposed to continue in and out for a bit. Though the weather shows it is finally starting to get up to 70F by this weekend. So hopefully pretty soon we will finally have warm days.

Week 820

Day 5734 - 3/13 - Half rebuilt

Today I started to rebuild my video page. I really doubt any will care, but if even just a few do then that is something. I guess it's about half done so far. I should have it fully recovered (as much of it as is relevant) in a day or two. I guess I'll keep doing every new podcast even if I don't really feel it's worth it because maybe it will be worth it to someone. I wouldn't want someone to miss something nice or that's a surprise just because it was a format they aren't used to.

I'm very extremely tired. I'm not really sure why. I'm sleeping ok, so it must just be something like the time change getting to me. Or allergies or a cold. I'm still very sniffly and sneezy.

Day 5735 - 3/14 - Theoretically recovered

Today my channel is theoretically recovered. I say it like that because it may never get any views, and it can always be deleted again.

I guess today was pretty ok. It finally seems like it is warming up, though I expect the library will be freezing cold.

Day 5736 - 3/15 - Fast day

Today passed pretty quickly. I had a show in the morning to watch. Then I played for a bit in my MMO because there are new dungeons. Then I watched another show. And that was really it. The day was pretty much over.

I guess the best thing is that nothing bad happened today, unlike last week. That feels much longer ago now. It has warmed up a bit too. So I guess I got through the day ok.

Day 5737 - 3/16 - Tired, unsurprisingly

Today I am very tired, but I am also not surprised. I had a pretty hard time getting to sleep, and then for no reason I woke up about 1.5 hours before my alarm and couldn't get back to sleep.

I guess it was a pretty good day though. I played and sort of accomplished a goal in my MMO. I did a special thing too. And I watched some shows. The food I got wasn't great though, but that happens sometimes when I have to get ready to eat stuff. But overall I guess today was ok.

Day 5738 - 3/17 - Still tired

Today I am still pretty tired. I didn't fall asleep until several hours after I laid down, so I'm probably running on 6 hours of sleep or less. I don't know why I'm not getting to sleep well, but hopefully I can soon.

Day 5739 - 3/18 - Hopefully restful Monday

Today will hopefully be restful. Since I overdid the Tuesday class project weeks ago I've really had a break for that. The Thursday class stuff has been pretty light at less than 2 hours per week outside of class, so I'm done with that for the week too.

I don't know what I'll play or watch, but hopefully today will be pretty restful.

Day 5740 - 3/19 - Hopefully restful Tuesday

Today will hopefully be pretty restful. I expect I won't really have homework for the class, as I got really far ahead already, so I expect the class will be easy and after the class should be pretty restful.

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