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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 825

Day 5769 - 4/17 - Bad tendon, again

Today my tendon on my left side that controls leg lifting is acting up a lot. It only hurts a teeny bit when I try and walk, but lifting it to sit, or into the car, is pretty challenging. I usually have to grab my pants and pull it up with my hand to get into the car.

My money won't cover as much as I'd thought. I got the necessary keyboard stuff, which includes a special protective case so this time no key caps should ever be broken or lost. And if I'm sitting somewhere that's not a desk, in theory I could just turn it on, leave it in the opened case, and then if it does slide off my lap it would just boop into the laptop with the soft case, not the hard edges of the keyboard.

Sadly though that does mean I have enough money left to reserve money for the car insurance in October, and pushed all my web stuff to the end of 2027, and maybe one new game, but that's it. Though I guess all of the extra fees they started charging for has resulted in my web stuff costing a lot more than before, which is also an unexpected higher cost than I expected, but it's still way cheaper than what everyone else would charge. What I pay in a year is probably what other places would charge in about 2 months, so I guess that's good.

I guess outside of occasional leg pain, today was pretty restful. It was strange to have all of these days with no school assignment stuff to do, but tomorrow's class should be pretty fun.

Day 5770 - 4/18 - Fast assignment

Today was pretty good. Again it passed super quickly because the class is in the middle of the day, so it feels like once it's over the day is pretty much done. I did have enough time in class to basically finish next week's assignment. And after class I quickly did the extra fun stuff I wanted to do. I didn't go quite as crazy this time since people didn't seem to have a big reaction to my last fanciness.

I saw someone after class I haven't seen in years. It was quite a surprise to see he is still around. We didn't talk long because he was coming in to class and I was going out, and I had to rush off to finish the fancy part of the assignment before my free trial ran out. Hopefully the free license that comes with class will come soon so I don't have to worry anymore.

When I got back to my car there was a surprise gift card for the fast food place across the street, so that was super nice.

Day 5771 - 4/19 - Fun frustrating game

Today I got to play a bit of a fun early access game that I got. It's one I've been waiting forever for in that it's an 'action rpg' but it focuses on a few dangerous enemies instead of building up your abilities to spam the entire screen and kill dozens at once. (I've never been a fan of that design and it's why I usually pretty quickly lose interest in arpgs.) It is really super hard though, so being brand new, and randomization not dropping weapons for me that I'm good with, I died a super lot and it was a bit frustrating, but in a fun way.

Other than that I didn't get to do much since the connection at the library was still rediculously bad. Even in the sections of the day where it wasn't as bad I couldn't watch shows like I normally do, so I left over an hour early becasue there wasn't point in staying.

I hope the connection is better tomorrow, and maybe I can get more sleep tonight too because I am still very exhausted.

Day 5772 - 4/20 - Ok day

Today was ok. The connection at the library was dead most of the day, but I expected that and have a few fun things to play offline, so it was fine. I did get to watch a show before leaving though, so it did eventually hang on ok in the late afternoon.

It maybe wasn't the day I hoped for, but expecting the wireless to not be working it was the day I expected it would be.

Day 5773 - 4/21 - Zero gift balance

Today I am a bit sad. Weirdly the cashier at the fast food place last night said there was zero balance on the gift card. Checking online just now (on Sunday) it does show a correct $25 balance. I guess it's not too bad I spent actual cash the other night, but why was it showing zero for the cashier. I guess maybe I should report that since they may have been incorrectly trying to charge it and that caused a failure, which caused me to spend cash I didn't need to.

And the library barely had a connection today. It's just past 11 and it's been dead for a bit. It's fine though. I have this typing to do, and a few super fun games I can play offline, so hopefully I can still have a good day.

Day 5774 - 4/22 - Relaxed Monday

Today should be pretty relaxed. I only have a bit of reading for class to do and that's it. I don't expect to really need to do anything, so I can just relax and do whatever. Hopefully it will be a good day.

Day 5775 - 4/23 - New keyboard maybe

Today I should maybe get my fancy new keyboard. It is still very painful financially to need to do it, both in that I don't want to use an external one all the time so what I have already is ok enough, and that if my laptop's built in keyboard weren't having issues I wouldn't even need to consider changing how I do things. Plus there are times I'd just rather have as little out as possible and just use the laptop without an external keyboard, so that is sad. I do suppose though the extra laptop coverage I got with the system would probably cover replacing the keyboard, but since it's a 3rd party company that might take months for them to get to it. I haven't checked yet, but I probably will look into that if it gets worse. But hopefully the new one will be better than my current external one, both in that it is wireless, and it's about 15% smaller.

But overall hopefully today can be a nice and relaxing day. And hopefully in time the large extra money loss won't feel so bad.

Week 825

Day 5776 - 4/24 - Play day

Today was a play day. All of my school stuff is current, so I just played stuff and tried to relax. Last night was pretty rough. In addition to having trouble getting to sleep, I woke up for a bit like three times during the night. I'd say maybe it's stress for needing to spend extra money and deal with returning stuff, but I've been having trouble sleeping for like two or three weeks.

Tomorrow should be maybe too long. It's not a regular class. We are watching a special animation presentation and videos, so it won't be as involved as usual, and homework stuff will probably be some kind of writing, which is bleh.

Hopefully I can rest better tonight, and though different, tomorrow will be ok.

Day 5777 - 4/25 - Five hours or less

Today I am super exhausted. I'm so exhausted that I have that sick dizzy feeling. Again I had trouble getting to sleep, but this time I also woke up around 5:30 for no reason, then couldn't get back to sleep. I can't think straight at all.

Hopefully tonight I can sleep ok and things will reset.

Day 5778 - 4/26 - Still barely sleeping

Today I am still very exhausted. I still barely got any sleep last night. It was probably about 3 AM by the time I fell asleep. I still feel a bit dizzy and sick from lack of sleep. I did get a sport drink, so I had half of that and maybe that will help. I guess my once a day multivitamins should still be ok. Maybe I'll try taking those for a week. Hopefully I can balance out whatever is going on and get some regular sleep soon.

Day 5779 - 4/27 - Still very tired

Today I am still borderline exhausted. I got more sleep, but not as much as normal, so I am still running short. I still have some dizziness and headache from the exhaustion. I took the once a day vitamin, so hopefully that will help. And I spent part of the gift card to get a cooked food with a bit of vegetables, so hopefully that helps too.

The connection at the library is back to being super great, so that is nice at least. And hopefully tonight I can sleep ok.

Day 5780 - 4/28 - Upsetting lunch

Today my tummy got upset at the lunch I had from the left over fancy food from yesterday. I normally get a different dish for next day food, and I guess maybe this one didn't keep as well as the one I normally get.

I guess it was an ok day. The connection was strong and stable so I got to do what I wanted. But with an upset tummy and still messed up from exhaustion, things were still rough.

Day 5781 - 4/29 - Hopefully restful

Today will hopefully be restful. Hopefully I can sleep better, and maybe with a calm and restful day I can recover at least a bit.

Day 5782 - 4/30 - Hopefully ok class

Today will hopefully be an ok class. I haven't yet gotten my software license for some reason, so doing any of the homework will be very difficult. Hopefully it will be an otherwise restful and calm day.

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