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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 811

Day 5671 - 1/10 - Cold and rainy

Today it has been pretty cold and rainy. It's been raining on and off for a few days. Sadly I can't do much for classes this week. With the in person class I only have a small assignment, which is good, but the stuff for the week isn't posted until class, so I can't do it early. And the Thursday class is indeed a required weekly online meeting, so I can do stuff for it on Monday and Wednesday the following week, but I won't know what that is until Thursday. So effectively I'll be doing that week's work the week after, but I'd prefer to have all of the week's work done before the weekend instead of worrying about it over the weekend.

The Tuesday class seems like it will be pretty easy. It should be all stuff I'm already familiar with. But the trick will be coming up with ideas I can do if we need to think up ideas, because I would also have to be able to actually draw them in a reasonably decent looking way. I guess that will be something to think about carefully if the time comes.

Day 5672 - 1/11 - Maybe melancholy

Today I am maybe feeling melancholy. I feel sad for me and about my life and what and how I have to do things because I don't have a normal life. I thought about explaining in detail, but it's really every aspect of my life; showering, eating, sleeping, where I sit, how I do my play or watch shows, or even doing school (or work) stuff. It's all not normal, and it all feels very sad to me.

The Thursday class seems like it will be pretty basic, like the other, and so I should have a pretty easy and fun time with both. At least that is something.

Day 5673 - 1/12 - Homework

Today I decided to do some homework. I guess I should have done it on Wednesday. I don't know why I kind of forgot that I could. It took less than an hour, so it was pretty easy. I'll probably do the other class tomorrow and it looks like it will be about the same amount of time. Normally I'll do that one on Monday, but I keep forgetting that's a holiday, and it's so cold I may be forced to just sit in my car. I can't be sure of how long I'll be able to sit outside to plug in and use the connection.

Overall today was pretty ok. I had fun and was warm enough.

Day 5674 - 1/13 - Rough throat

Today there isn't too much to say other than my throat feels pretty rough. Not enough to cause me to clear it all the time, or to take a cough drop to sooth it, but pretty close.

Really the day was pretty regular other than that, though my homework did take a bit longer than I expected. It was fine though.

Day 5675 - 1/14 - Coughing up yuck

Today there have been a few times where I've coughed and there has been yuck. The rough throat is definitely worse and I had really weird dreams and skin feeling last night. I would guess I probably have a bit of chills now. So I am definitely sick with some kind of cold.

I guess today was pretty regular and ok other than that.

Day 5676 - 1/15 - Hopefully not too cold

Today I will have to be outside due to the holiday and a lot of places will be closed. I hope I'm not too cold. Sunday felt a touch warmer, but checking the weather it says today will have a low of barely 40F and a high of barely 60F, so it will be extremely cold.

I don't expect too much of the day. If I'm lucky I plan on having about 4 hours connected and online, but beyond that I expect I'll get too cold to want to stay outside. And even if I did it wouldn't be much more than about 2 more hours.

Day 5677 - 1/16 - Back at school

Today I'll be back at school. I have my once a week class and then a few hours to chill before I need to leave. I'm sure the day will feel like it's passing super quickly, but hopefully it will be back to homeless normal until the next holiday puts me out.

Week 812

Day 5678 - 1/17 - Feel pretty bad

Today I am still feeling pretty bad. Mostly I'm just exhausted, a bit of headache, very congested, and overall my tummy doesn't feel great. I checked online yesterday and a medical website I use is guessing pneumonia. Which with the pretty big drop in temperature seems reasonable. Saturday and Sunday night I had probably pretty extreme fever and definitely extreme terrible chills when sleeping. I still have crazy dreams, but the chills seem gone. My temperature regulation still feels a bit off though.

I did have a pretty bad esophagus issue the weekend though, so I ran some more research on that and G.E.R.D.S. and found mention that grapefruit and other citrus juices can prevent healing. Well, ever since my weird tummy event my soda has been more leaning towards a clear drink that has that. So I think it was yesterday morning I finished what I had left of one and will keep it on hold and see if that helps. It seems much less bad today, but realistically that will take a week to see real results, and apparently months to actually heal. But that could explain why these recent years I've had a harder and harder time with that. One of my favorite drinks may be causing the damage to persist, and possibly worsen. Which would be very sad if that seems to be true.

Day 5679 - 1/18 - In my spot

Today someone was in my spot all day. He had his screen brightness way down, so it was hard to see, but I'd guess he only did 1 hour of school work. You are here for more than 7 hours, don't use the microwave, and did less than an hour of school work? I don't get it. And instead of sitting in his usual section, he not only picks mine, which is one of four along our side wall, but he picks my plug out of 8 possible to sit at? It likely only bugs me so much because I'm sick, but still.

I guess the day was pretty ok other than that. I was warm enough. I had ok food. And class was ok, though really it seemed like I would have been better served doing it alone in 1/4 of the time than doing it 'live'.

Day 5680 - 1/19 - Rain again

Today it has started pouring rain again. It's kind of nice though. It always feels peaceful to me. My day was pretty regular, though I really don't understand some people. These 3 super old guys come in. One of them is the one I said sounded like he was dying a while ago, and I asked him not to sit next to me anymore, and he is still doing that same throat clearing cough. And that was like a month ago? And his two friends sounded kind of similar. It's like do none of you have the common sense to go to the doctor for this? And to stay at home instead of coming to the library and spreading it?

I guess the day was pretty regular other than that. I did make a big post on my class pages though. A few have said, "I can't draw," and sounded very sad, and that made me sad because I know that will hurt them emotionally if they keep saying that. So the big post basically says that they should say they aren't good at drawing x in y style and to look at other possible styles, or other ways, to draw the thing they are trying to draw. Instead of just, I guess, being defeatist.

Day 5681 - 1/20 - Sneezes

Today I have been mostly better. I seem to have traded things for sneezing though. Not really anything else to say. It was a pretty regular day. Though I do feel a bit sad, so haven't really managed to do any school stuff I need to do. It's fine, I can do it Monday, which is the usual day for it. I was just thinking of doing a little bit at a time instead.

Day 5682 - 1/21 - A little homework

Today I decided to do a bit of homework. I'm having a little bit of a tough time in that I have some ideas, but I'm not really a good enough artist to draw those ideas. I guess I'm still a million miles away from finding a style that is really 'good enough' to do my work like that. It's an intro level class really, so even if you can only do fancy stick figures it will be fine. But I don't know, I guess it does make me a bit sad.

Day 5683 - 1/22 - Probably regular

Today I don't really know what to expect. It's been raining a lot, so that will probably continue. My cold has gone back and forth lately with feeling better and worse. Sunday my congestion was pretty bad and my throat got a bit rough again, but I expect overall it will be a pretty regular day.

Day 5684 - 1/23 - Hopefully regular

Today will probably be a regular Tuesday. Class is pretty ok and I left early during the lab part last week. That helped a lot in feeling less like I was wasting time since I didn't really do anything when the advanced class was having lecture. I may continue to do that. It certainly helps me keep a more regular lunch time and a way higher chance of a better sitting spot in the cafeteria.

Regardless of what happens hopefully nothing that is terrible comes along to make things worse.

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