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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 823

Day 5755 - 4/3 - Odd day

Today feels a bit odd I haven't really been in 'break mode' yet, just doing my day as I regularly would. I considered doing extra break type things today, but I had set up a poking appointment, so I left the library a few hours early to do that.

I may have found out the reason my email program exploded, though it's curious that it's worked fine for what feels like almost a year. I think the kind of subscription I have is a "business" one, since my emails are attached to .com addresses. And for whatever reason that account type is more restricted than a personal one. With the app I had it set up to get both of my emails. The web version, which you are forced into with a busines account, can't do that. I have to log into one, then the other. So maybe that is why the app is now limited? But if it was like that before, then why could I set up and use it like a personal account for so long? I guess it is what it is. Unless I want to pay the extra money for a different email app, then I have what I have with the free one and have to juggle around its limitations.

Day 5756 - 4/4 - Rainy, extremely cold, owie shoulder

Today has been a mix of things, though nothing super interesting. First it started pouring rain probably just before the sun came up. It lightened during the day, but mostly it's been pretty steady. Along with that came a pretty extreme cold. I'll have to put on the extra layers I just took off just a few days ago. And lately I guess I totally forgot that I got booster poked yesterday after a couple hours had passed, so during the night and when I was sleeping my shoulder has stiffened and gotten a bit owie. Moving it much more than about 45 degrees up from my side is like ooch.

I guess it was a pretty regular day other than that.

Day 5757 - 4/5 - Cold, but no rain

Today was pretty good. It was super cold, but oddly there was no rain. I guess there wasn't much unusual other than that save for my getting a game that I've had on my wish list forever. It hit an all time low of 65% off, so it was only like $18 and a super good deal. I only played it a little so far, but it's pretty fun.

Day 5758 - 4/6 - Lost connection

Today was pretty regular. The only real difference is about 30 minutes before I would normally leave the library lost connection. Since I couldn't reconnect on my laptop or tablet I just left early. It was pretty sad because I was in the middle of a fun show, but I guess it's fine. In theory I can finish watching tomorrow, and an extra half hour in my car in the quiet by myself doesn't feel the worst with how exhausted I've been lately.

Day 5759 - 4/7 - Peeing a lot

Today I've been peeing a lot, last night too. I'm not really sure why. It feels like I'm peeing about twice as much as I've been drinking. While I have had a bit more water than usual it certainly doesn't seem to match the amount.

Outside of that today is pretty much usual. Though I have felt very exhausted lately and have had trouble forming thoughts. I've lost about 2-3 hours of sleep every night for about a week though, so that kind of lines up.

Day 5760 - 4/8 - New quarter

Today is the start of another new quarter. I don't expect anything really special this week. In fact I have no class until Thursday. So likely today I'll just be in the cafeteria, able to micro some foods, and hopefully have a good connection. (It's been really terrible lately.)

Day 5761 - 4/9 - New quarter Tuesday

Today will likely be almost the same as yesterday, but without a shower. I guess it would be nice to do them every day, but since it's a public shower it feels weird, even if it's empty.

Week 824

Day 5762 - 4/10 - Keyboard dying

Today feels a bit sad. For the past few days in particular, but maybe to a lesser degree for a week, it seems my laptop keyboard may be dying. The d key often takes 10 presses to register, which makes it impossible to game with. And since most things I play uses wasd that means I have to use an external keyboard anytime I want to play. (Or carry my controller for those that can do that.) Also the left shift key 100% fails, and on about a 5% chance the space bar doesn't register. It doesn't seem like some kind of key failure, as I cleaned that area and there was no change. So I am worried it's on the electronic level of the keyboard, meaning if it starts to get worse it may progress to the other side and prevent the system power button from registering. For now my plan is to take a bit of the tax money and get a wireless keyboard. The current one I have is missing some keys, wired, and I'm still kind of afraid of it, as it was the one that scratched my new laptop back in the day. So I feel like if I were to main that I'd be at risk all the time.

But all I can do is hope it doesn't get worse, because needing to send it in to get that changed would not be very cheap, and it is too complex and risky of a change to feel comfortable doing it myself. There are half a dozen or more little switches and connections you have to go through to do that, any one of which could effectively brick the system.

Day 5763 - 4/11 - First class

Today was my first class. The day was actually thrown off in timing so much that I guess I forgot to do this writing. Class seems like it will be pretty fun. There are a bunch of people, so it will be interesting to see everyone's style as things go on.

Day 5764 - 4/12 - Fast assignment day

Today passed pretty quickly. At first when settling in to the library I was hit with pretty much immediate disappointment because the connection died. The librarian reminded me that sometimes the corner where I sit has trouble. I'd actually forgotten about that. I moved and was fine for the rest of the day after that.

But the day overall moved super fast after that. I did some work on the first class assignment. And in about 1.5 hours it was done. But I wanted to do a silly extra thing, so I spent about another 2.5 hours being silly with the extra version.

But that made my day pass very quickly, because then there was just enough time to watch a show an eat my dinner before leaving for the day. In good news that is it for my homework. I now have all the way until next class on Thursday to just play and have fun, so that will be nice.

Day 5765 - 4/13 - Like being poked in the eye

Today I felt like I was poked in the eye most of the day. Ever since the morning I guess one of my contacts has been bad. I thought it would settle down as the day went on, but it hasn't. So it has kind of felt like I've been gently poked in the eye all day. Or maybe like a small piece of forest wood has been stuck under my bottom eyelid. But I know it's the contact. I'll have to swap it out. They are getting problematic because it seems the average useable time has dropped from 2 months own to about 1.5. I am very very lucky I got this extra tax return money. I need to get more, as I'm down to, I think, less than 3 pair. I don't know how I would have been able to afford them when that would run out in June or July. I'll have to be very careful what I spend the big money on. The car insurance, web space bump to the end of 2026, a wireless keyboard, and now contacts, is already most of the money. A little reserved for a full price game will likely be all the remaining wiggle room.

Day 5766 - 4/14 - Maybe not great

Today I feel very tired and maybe not great. I've lost a lot of sleep lately, so it's probably just that, but I feel kind of like maybe I'm a bit sick? It's weird as I have no real symptoms other than headache, ear ringing, low energy, and feeling very exhausted overall. I've been pretty extra hungry lately too, so there may be some malnutrition going on or something.

Other than that my day was pretty good. I had fun with some games and watched some shows. I did leave a bit early though due to my not feeling great so I could get some extra quiet private time.

Day 5767 - 4/15 - Hopefully calm Monday

Today will hopefully be pretty calm and easy going. I don't expect quiet because even at fairly low capacity people get pretty noisy at school. But my assignments are done for the week, so I can just be restful and have fun.

Day 5768 - 4/16 - Hopefully restful

Today will hopefully be restful. It was pretty rainy during the weekend, but I think today it is suppose to be getting clear and warm again. I hope so. My bones are tired of being cold all the time.

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