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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 821

Day 5741 - 3/20 - Much flop

Today I was super exhausted. I even got extra food so I'd be less hungry. But all day I've felt like I would fall over asleep from exhaustion. I slept mostly ok, but it feels like I could have slept more than half the day. I was so tired I couldn't focus on anything. I even passed on doing work on a final which will take effectively zero thought and probably less than 30 minutes.

Hopefully I sleep better or whatever my body needs, and feel less flop tomorrow.

Day 5742 - 3/21 - Feeling a bit better

Today I am feeling a bit better. I'm still ridiculously sleepy, but not as much as yesterday. I suppose I have a lifted mood because in general things seem pretty balanced today. I played a bit (though the connection is starting to become the worst at school.) I chatted with a few in the microwave line about how dumb it is they are down to just one. And I had a pretty ok class where we basically just went over people's stuff. Then I had just a little bit of time for some shows before leaving.

It's a bit warmer again. It's almost feeling like proper spring, though it gets overly cold in the morning. I guess it's supposed to rain again soon. I'm not sure if that seems right. But I guess today was pretty ok.

Day 5743 - 3/22 - Quick, and a bit of rain

Today moved pretty quickly. Probably because I lost a lot of sleep and I'm extremely tired. I guess the day was ok, though my tummy was very upset about what I got to eat. I still have some left over, but I'm not sure I'll actually eat it. In the early evening it started to sprinkle, so we may actually see rain like the weather predicted pretty soon. I guess all in all I hung on ok today.

Day 5744 - 3/23 - Tired

Today I am pretty tired. It's been sprinkling off and on most of the day. Not too heavily, just a bit gently.

I did a special thing in my MMO, so that was fun. But aside from that I didn't really do anything interesting. It was just a regular sad homeless day.

Day 5745 - 3/24 - Feel pretty homesick

Today I guess I feel pretty homesick. I think it's a combination of the suddenly cold and rainy weather coming back, my continued congestion and sneezing, and the library being full. But today I just wanted to be in a home, surrounded by what few nice things I have, able to cook a meal, be in a peaceful and quiet environment, and just sit and watch a TV series that I've been catching up on.

But I can't. I don't have private space. I don't have enough spare money to buy a cooked meal. And I don't have a home.

Day 5746 - 3/25 - Finals Monday

Today is the first day of finals week. That doesn't really matter, as both classes I've had were just weekly things building on each other. I have no tests. And really both classes getting the final thing ready will probably be about 30-45 minutes each. (I've done one already.) I expect campus will be very calm and quiet overall.

Day 5747 - 3/26 - Last Tuesday

Today is the last class for the Tuesday class. It seems strange to be at the end of the quarter. It feels like we've done and learned so little. But it is what it is, and I must continue on one step at a time to try to continue moving some kind of forward.

Week 822

Day 5748 - 3/27 - Email explosion

Today was pretty regular. The connections at school were being especially bad though. In the afternoon though my email kind of exploded? It's now stuck in 'the old view' and I can't actually send any emails or respond to anyone because it's claiming I don't have a subscription? But checking with my web space people that is active until January of 2026. (I guess I paid that pretty far ahead when I had the money not too long ago.) And the web email program works fine, so I don't understand why my app version has broken. I'm hoping the email program stops being stupid in a day or two so I can go back to using it. I guess the web one isn't much worse if I have to use it, since both require I be online to use them, but I have to sign in multiple times every check instead of getting everything at once. And it really makes me feel out of control of that part of my life.

Day 5749 - 3/28 - Tired and blurry

Today I have been exhaustedly tired. My brain can't think or focus at all. Similarly my eyes haven't been able to focus. Vision has been a bit blurry both near and far. I really should probably call and see if my coverage will cover seeing an actual eye doctor. I get being older and my vision not being extremely sharp and clear like it was in, say, my early 20s, but days like today when it's blurry and I can't read the time on my devices, nor see clearly more than 5 feet away really doesn't seem right. It is still very fuzzy some days, and even at different times of the day, it can be better or worse.

I guess I survived the day ok, but with my exhaustion and literal and mental inability to focus, I feel like I never really woke up. And I feel more exhausted than ever.

Day 5750 - 3/29 - Super rainy

Today there isn't much new except for it being super rainy all day. It was light in the morning, then pretty heavy for a few hours in the afternoon, and somewhere between heavy and light from then on.

I had a pretty good day, though I'm still very sniffly, sneezy, and overall exhausted feeling.

Day 5751 - 3/30 - A bit of thunder

Today there was a bit of thunder with the pouring rain in the afternoon. It was weird because the day was literally half totally clear, and the other half super gray, and it was very sunny even though it was pouring rain.

I don't feel great. I don't know if it's a cold or bad food, but today things have run straight through me. Outside of that I just have my normal sneezing and sniffling, exhaustion, and maybe a tiny bit of ear ringing. I don't really feel bad or sick other than that.

But I guess I hung on ok.

Day 5752 - 3/31 - Different but ok

Today was pretty different from what I expected. I knew I'd have to be outside due to the library being closed, but there was some disgusting pig there blocking my normal spot. I did use an alternate spot I know to get a couple of hours online to do my daily things. The day was actually bright and warm, so the rest of the time I had was kind of a bit too warm, but the day passed ok and wasn't too terrible.

Day 5753 - 4/1 - Another day outside

Today I don't know what to expect. The library is claiming some state holiday that no one celebrates to stay closed, so I expect the day will pretty much be the same as Sunday.

Day 5754 - 4/2 - Break Tuesday

Today is the first day the library is open during the school week break. I don't know what to expect, but I may try and do some stuff I haven't done in my MMO yet. Besides that I don't know what the day will bring.

Hopefully things will be calm, quiet, and I can continue to hang on.

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