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Epic Fail: The Journal of a Homeless Gamer
Book 16: Different Paths

This is my journal I wrote during the time I was homeless. It is broken up by week for easier reading. Feel free to read it on the web or download the complete .pdf version and print it for reading offline.

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These include the Table of Contents, Glossary and links, all weeks, all pictures, and index.

Week 827

Day 5783 - 5/1 - Cold again

Today it seems to be getting cold again. Looking at the weather app for the weekend it's going to be dipping back down to 65F as the high, which is completely stupid for starting May. It already should be getting much warmer.

I guess I slept a bit better the past couple of nights. I have a bit of a theory on why, as I've done some things different lately, but I can't be sure it's just not a coincidence.

I'm still pretty exhausted. My brain is still having a bit of trouble thinking clearly. But hopefully I'll continue to sleep better and be feeling better soon.

Day 5784 - 5/2 - Email is back

Today I guess it's the little things that are nice or good. Class has some fun assignments to work on, though I still don't have the software license yet for some reason, so that worries me. And I think I forgot to mention that the other day I was on a website, pushed the email link button, and the browser opened up my email program with the new view and no stupid warning about my having no license. I closed it, pressed my shortcut key, and sure enough the one that opened was the old layout and warning of no license. So I deleted that shortcut, had the website open the correct version, and pinned that, and poof, I am now back to the email app opening up properly with the new look again.

I'm exhausted again though. I'd started to recover, but last night I again got stuck not sleeping, so at least for the moment I'm exhausted again.

Hopefully I will balance and sleep again soon.

Day 5785 - 5/3 - Tired brain

Today my brain is pretty tired. I lost a bit of sleep again last night, so I think it was just because of that. I didn't feel like doing much today that took any real thought at all. I did briefly feel like doing my homework, but it still says I don't have a license, and so I can't access the software I need.

Hopefully tonight I can at least get a normal amount of sleep. And hopefully tomorrow I can feel more rested.

Day 5786 - 5/4 - Hurting back

Today my back has been hurting a bit. Not a lot, but a bit when I stand up and a bit while I'm sitting. It's not too bad so far though. Usually it doesn't get worse, but it would be nice to not be hurting.

My foods didn't agree with me either. They upset my throat and made me choke during lunch. And overall they just ran through me pretty quickly.

I tried to do my homework too, and the software still says I don't have a license. Which at this point likely means I won't get a chance until Monday at the soonest. I should just need a section of one day, maybe two if I get very fancy, so there should still be fine. But I wonder why it is coming so late.

Day 5787 - 5/5 - Voice from the past

Today was odd in that I heard from someone I haven't spoken with in basically the time I've been homeless. They were with a guild I was in way back then until I think about 2013 or so.

It was super cold again today. It has been pouring overnight the past few nights, and the days haven't gotten much warmer.

The week seems to have passed quickly, though the days themselves have felt very slow. I think a big part of that was due to being at the library all week where things are quiet and calm and the connection is stable and solid. So I can do what I want, when I want, without interruption.

I have been very sniffly today. It's not a huge issue, just a little sniffle, but all day every few minutes. And my throat and nose feel scratchy. I guess I should have tired a cough drop, but it has been so subtle that it didn't really register on my conscious mind.

Day 5788 - 5/6 - More library

Today I expect I'll continue to be at the library during the week. It's kind of sad to not be around the kids who are hopeful about their future and eager to learn the things I maybe could help with, but more and more as time has passed that I stopped being a TA there have been fewer and fewer students who know who I am or what I can do. No microwave is a loss too, but the trade off for a solid and stable connection and 8 or more hours of quiet and calm compared to the constant chaos around me and needing to max my volume to hear anything is likely a better long-term trade.

Day 5789 - 5/7 - Hopefully done with homework

Today I can finish, or have finished, my homework for the week. Normally I'd do it between finishing class on Thursday and some time Saturday, but as of Sunday evening I still didn't have the license. So hopefully Monday or Tuesday I will have gotten it so I could do the things.

I have still been pretty exhausted from lack of sleep and maybe a cold, so hopefully I can rest and recover from that.

Week 828

Day 5790 - 5/8 - No software

Today I still don't have the software to do the homework for class. The people that get the license for the students confirmed that I should have gotten it. But for whatever reason I show that I don't. I guess it's fine to be a bit late, but it's very frustrating.

I have been extremely sniffly and sneezy the past few days. I'm still just about constantly sniffling just a little, and sneezing about once an hour. No pills or nose spray seem to help.

Hopefully I can rest ok and recover from whatever allergies or cold this is. And hopefully class software will get sorted out quickly.

Day 5791 - 5/9 - Finally the software

Today I finally got the software I need for class stuff. I guess apparently things are slightly different now and when you log in you have to join a school group. My login didn't do that step because I'd never needed to do it before. But it's all sorted and should be fine now.

Mostly today I am very extremely tired. I feel like I could flop over. I slept ok, actually had very vivid dreams. Though they were a bit stressful, so there is that. I did lose some sleep again, but I don't think as much as other days. But a lot of the day I've been just unable to focus. Thankfully I could sort of hyper focus when I needed to, so that is good. But overall I still feel much too tired.

Hopefully tonight I can sleep better and hopefully can recover from lack of sleep or whatever this is soon.

Day 5792 - 5/10 - Finally warming

Today it is finally warming up from too much cold of the rainy times lately. It doesn't feel super warm now, but apparently around noon it was up to 85F, so that sounds very nice and warm.

I still had a very rough time sleeping last night, so I'm still very tired and exhausted feeling. I guess in good news I'm sneezing less, and most of the day the congestion in my nose has been dry, so I've been sniffling a bit less.

I did different things today, watched some different shows, did some homework, but I feel just still so tired and out of balance.

Day 5793 - 5/11 - Different show

Today there really isn't anything new or different except for a show I've been waiting to start up. It's a new season of an old show and it feels so very different, and I'm not sure in a good way. The pacing is totally different, show speed is different, music is different, and the overall pacing and story is just very different from previous seasons. Someone picking it up at this point wouldn't know how it's changed, so it's odd to think this could be someone's first introduction to it.

I guess the day was ok other than that. I actually slept pretty ok last night for once. It was super warm again outside, but inside the library I kept my long sleeve shirt and hoodie on all day.

I guess my cold or allergies are still around. I have some sneezing and just recently my eyes have started itching. But I guess other than that I'm ok.

Day 5794 - 5/12 - Too cold inside

Today I am too cold inside the library. I still don't get why they set the temperature so cold. I decided to leave my second hoodie in the car because I didn't need it yesterday, but that seems to have been a mistake.

I'm pretty sniffly, a little sneezy, and very tired. I guess other than that it's been a regular day.

Day 5795 - 5/13 - Restful Monday

Today will hopefully be restful and calm. The homework in class wasnt something I could get fancy with, so that was done quickly Friday. I expect today should be pretty quiet and restful.

Day 5796 - 5/14 - Probably restful Tuesday

Today I don't know what to expect. It will likely be very quiet and restful. I'm considering doing laundry because it's been forever, so I may do it in the morning. I haven't really decided yet. It's pretty expensive, so I try to avoid doing it since that's an ongoing cost that never ends, so doing it less often is helpful.

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