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Welcome to rabb1t's web space
status: homeless; have gaming laptop, have car

This is my blog page; some of my ramblings will be here. Feel free to bookmark whichever page you would visit most. The most important PC tech ramblings will appear on my PC page, but there may be a more in depth story here in my blog.

April 19, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 157: A storm is coming - Link
I was invited to Heroes of the Storm's technical alpha and have some early thoughts. I discuss how the game works in general, and bring up some specific points as to why you may want to play Heroes compared to other MOBAs.
April 15, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 302) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Another convention comes and goes and I'm unable to attend. Another bunny day approaches. And still I feel alone, isolated, and unappreciated.

April 12, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 156: Movie night - Link
I saw Captain America 2 and it was pretty awesome. I think it's possibly one of the top 10 best movies I've seen. There are a few new characters, character development for all, a great story, and crazy good action.

I didn't know what to talk about as a second section, so I ramble about some movies I'm looking forward to which are coming out for spring and summer.

April 8, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 301) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

So very tired, and an eye thing.

April 5, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 155: WildStar weekend 2 - Link
I got to play in another WildStar beta weekend. This time I talk about housing, an adventure, and an attempt at a dungeon.
April 1, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 300) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

The unbearable pain returns, class ends, an unexpected weekend with WildStar, and a lost night of sleep.

March 29, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 154: Weekend on the WildStar - Link
I got to play in the first pre-order beta weekend for WildStar. It was super fun. These thoughts cover early gameplay, from level 1-14, as a Stalker.
March 25, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 299) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This weekend was the first WildStar beta weekend and I had so much fun. But there seems to be a new recurring pain, likely connected to the old, which is unbearable, which cycles almost at the same time for a few days.

March 22, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 153: I got nothin' - Link
Due to a general business in my life I haven't had much time to do much gaming, nor to ponder what to talk about this week. So, in the first part I ramble a bit about what I'm currently playing, and in the second part I ramble about what I'm looking forward to.
March 18, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 298) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

I got a new game this week, which is happy. The doctor visit for my blood pressure went ok. The meeting with HR about the incident went ok. But the connection at the coffee shop continues to decline. This week it's disconnecting more than ever, and now it's starting to consistently run much slower than it should be, as low as 10% it's normal speeds.

March 15, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 152: Elder 300 - Link
Back when I spent a while in the Elder Scrolls Online beta I noted some thoughts. I'm finally able to put them in the podcast. ESO offers a lot of character customization by unlocking most of the talent lines for any character. While this opens up a lot of freedom in character design, I feel it may lead to a lot of players building very similarly. While ESO is a multiplayer game, it rarely feels like one. Everyone is the chosen one, and everyone is doing everything separately. While this makes you constantly aware of the fact that you are in a shared space there's really no reason for you to be one. ESO uses a very familiar feeling design in terms of combat and questing, and while this is sometimes a good thing, I think due to the cost model this will actually greatly hinder the game. Considering there will be a box fee, a monthly subscription, and a micro-transaction store, I feel most people will not be interested in picking this up.

I saw 300: Rise of an Empire, which sort of runs parallel in time to 300. I think it's a great follow up, and if you enjoyed 300 you'll have a lot of fun with this one as well.

March 11, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 297) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Lots of pain this week; physical from my messed up teeth, and emotional from things my friend from forever ago have said.

March 8, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 151: Pawns and Kings - Link
I don't have anything new to talk about this week, so I ramble about a Paladin deck, which in the past has done ok for me.
March 4, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 296) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

The connection at the one work location is back up, so a few days of happy gaming this week. I found an old friend I haven't seen in probably 30 years. But still, there are all the sad homeless things, and I feel extra tired this week, and while my tooth pain is lessening overall, it still persists.

March 1, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 150: Thief in black - Link
Thief is a restart to the popular series of the same name. The story revolves around Garrett, who is a thief by trade, but he is quickly pulled into a web of intrigue by cooperating with someone who is trying to rid the city of the plague. While I've only played about an hour or two so far, I'd say this is a must buy for fans of the original series, though new fans may find it a bit too slow and story heavy compared to other modern games.

Spacebase DF-9 is a base building game. Your goal is to make a space station and keep everyone as happy and productive as you can. While not officially released, if you pre-order / back the project you can get early alpha access and start playing with what is there.

In the last bit I ramble about my new Logitech G700s mouse, as well as mouse grip design overall.

February 25, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 295) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Mostly a sad week with tooth pain and the coffee shop disconnecting, but there is a visit to my sort of close friend, my replacement mouse, and potentially good news about the wireless at one of my work locations.

February 22, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 149: Only a test - Link
TitanFall is a very fast paced science fiction shooter. The beta was open for a brief period, it closed shortly after I did my recording for this podcast, but I discuss my thoughts on the design and overall pacing.

Hex: Shards of Fate, a digital collectable card game is in alpha. I decided to back the game, which will get me some stuff at launch and allows me access to the test. The test is currently an unlocked version of what they are calling PvP, which is 1-1 duels. (There is also a few forms of tournaments which I haven't tried.) While it offers the same richness and depth in deck building that Magic the Gathering does, it also has a similar kind of 'pass pass pass' game play which may bore some. This is certainly not a fast paced game.

I haven't talked about Hearthstone in a while, so I give some updated thoughts on the state of the now open beta, and why I haven't talked about it much lately.

February 18, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 294) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Despite one good day of connectivity, this week is another week of sadness, pain, both physical and emotional, and almost constant disconnects.

February 15, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 148: Evil dungeon robot - Link
Evil Genius Online is a continuation of the Evil Genius franchise. While it requires you to be online, and it's targeting a casual audience, it retains all of the spirit and charm of the original Evil Genius. Being a Facebook app it's free to play, so I highly recommend anyone with an interest in strategic base building check it out. It should be noted though that it is in open beta, so not all features are implemented yet. If you are someone who wants a finished product you may want to wait a bit.

Darkest Dungeon is a game on kickstarter which is worth your attention. It's a random dungeon exploring game with all of the traditional dungeon exploring, leveling up, and collecting loot aspects. However, what sets it apart is that the party can become afflicted with various things. They may develop fears, become unable to perform at their best, or may overcome obstacles and actually become hardened adventurers. It is up to you to manage their various states and conditions, and this balance between the physical and mental states of your party is what really sets Darkest Dungeon apart from the rest. The game was fully funded in less than a day, but there is still time to become a backer if you are interested.

While RoboCop is a fine restart to a well established franchise, I think some of the changes to the presentation make this one movie you may want to skip. The dark humor of the over the top violence, and the over the top violence itself are gone. What remains is an extremely serious cyberpunk tale which is extremely emotional and contains some pretty disturbing imagery.

February 11, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 293) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Another sad week of tooth pain and Internet interruptions and disconnects.

February 8, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 147: Thy dungeon, rebuilt - Link
EA Mythic's Dungeon Keeper is a restart of a series which originally released in 1997. The new version, while able to retain some of the spirit of the original game, is quite a disappointment. While it works for mobile, the free to play model, and design around 'burst play' - where you play a few minutes then go away for hours - is not in the least bit interesting. If anything, the restart has made me want a true restart even more.
February 4, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 292) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Another sad week. I'm playing a game that can survive most of the lag, but things continue to be sad, as the things I have to change to adapt my life do little more than remind me of everything I've lost and how out of my control my life is.

February 1, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 146: For great justice - Link
I decided to pick up DC Universe Online for a few reasons. It is an action based MMO which has a few interesting points to it. It is, however, kind of grindy feeling, and power choice just feels kind of meh. But, for a free-to-play game, it's actually pretty fun and worth a look if you are looking or a super hero MMO.
January 29, '13 - Wednesday - System recommendation updates - pc link, systems link
Minor tweaks to the systems page and my pc page.
January 28, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 291) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Another sad week of not being able to play. At most I can play about 30 minutes in the morning, but most days I just can't stay connected to an online game at all. As more time continues to pass, it feels less and less like people care, I feel less and less like I'll ever find friends or love, and returning to a life in a home not only seems like a strange concept, but it's beginning to feel like I won't have that chance ever again.

Januray 25, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 145: Box fee and subscription - Link
There are a few MMOs targeted at launching this year, and later, who have a box fee and monthly subscription. I ramble about what kind of players would be interested in that kind of price model, and thoughts on why this is a bad idea. I begin with a sort of history of the origins at the end of the pay-to-play period and explain how amount of content and game choice has changed in the last 15 years.
January 21, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 290) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Sad times continue. The connection at the coffee shop completely prevents any kind of play online due to extremely frequent disconnects. Videos and even forums are interrupted now it's so bad. I don't feel like I have a right to complain, as that's a free service. But the only way I'll be able to play games online is if I leave and go somewhere else, forcing my routine and surroundings into chaos.

Januray 18, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 144: Castle of cards - Link
I got a new iOS tower defense game called Castle Doombad. It's a tower defense game with a few different spins on the concept which make it unique and a bit more interesting. It's possibly one of the best, if not the best, tower defense games I've played.

I have a first look for a collectable card shared resource type game which is currently only releasing on Facebook.

January 15, '14 - Wednesday - First look : War of Omens - Official site link

Game: War of Omens
Type: Collectable card game
Developer: Fifth Column Games
Distributor: Fifth Column Games
Platform(s): Facebook, mobile in the future
Players: Player vs. player or Single-player vs. A.I.
Release: Unknown
Cost model: Free to play, with gold earned in game or micro-transaction for purchasing boosters or starter decks.

What is it? War of Omens is a digital hybrid of two different types of collectable card games. It is an attempt to mix the shared style of games like Dominion with the collectable style of games like Magic the Gathering. Players will have separate collections and decks, but play will proceed in a more strategic collection style of shared resource card games.

What makes the game design special? War of Omens will combine aspects from the competitive card collection type games, as well as the more predictable strategic style of a new-school shared resource card game. This will be a first in terms of design, as well as being one of the few card games played digitally.

Why is it going to pwn? This should be a completely new kind of game, appealing to both collectable card game players, and shared resource card game players.

Why could it fail (game design)? Being an entirely new kind of game by mixing aspects from two existing generas, the blending may not work out, balance may be off, or the blending could simply fail in execution.

Why could it fail (developer)? This developer is very new, and the few previous games they have are Facebook games. While this could be the game that makes a name for this company, it may fall too closely to previous games they've made, lacking the depth required for such a game to truly succeed. The success of a project is very difficult to predict with newer companies, even if they may be experienced individuals.

Personal opinion / thoughts: I got an invite to the beta shortly after becoming a backer and I am hopeful for the game, but hesitant. It's really too early to tell if the game will succeed or fail. The game moved extremely quickly and smoothly on my system, presenting no problems and feeling light enough in terms of specs that running on a tablet or phone should just be a matter of coding a UI that would work for those platforms. However, due to how much was missing in its current state, the game seemed a bit too easy, too limited in strategy, and the A.I. didn't seem like it took any thought at all. We'll have to wait and see how development progresses. There will certainly have to be a solid tutorial which explains how the game works and the deeper strategies involved, because playing with almost no instruction and a pre-constructed deck felt lacking. With a game like this the majority of the depth will lie in deck construction, and that's something I didn't have access to for a few reasons. I'm hopeful that the mixing of the two card game styles will work, as it could be a really interesting mix of deep strategy but casual and fun play.

January 14, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 289) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week my sad times continue, as the connection at the coffee shop continues to die. Also, I'm feeling more and more like no matter how much time goes on, my recovery is completely out of my control and I won't make it on my own.

Januray 11, '14 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 143: Headphones island - Link
I ramble about Creative Lab's Sound Blaster Tactic3D Fury headset. They seem like a solid 40mm speaker size headset, and I talk about the different features. However, for me, my older 50mm size ones are more comfortable and better suited to my needs. I talk about my reasons for that. And in the last bit for this section I talk about the features in the new Creative Lab's Evo line and why those may be a better choice for media and gaming use.

I have a retro review for Far Cry 3. I had never played a Far Cry game before Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, so I discuss aspects about the series overall, similarities to Blood Dragon, and reasons why you may want to consider picking up the Far Cry franchise if you haven't been following it.

January 7, '14 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 288) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Sad times pondering the past years, and how the new one is unlikely to change.

Januray 1, '14 - Wednesday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 142: Before and After - Link
This time I don't have much to talk about, so I ramble about teh rabb1t's top 5 games for 2013, and my top 5 most anticipated for 2014.
December 31, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 287) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

More sad holiday times, and due to my paycheck being delayed and running low on money I'm forced to live several days like I did in the early homeless times when I had nothing.

December 25, '13 - Wednesday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 141: Xmas rambling - Link
The first episode for The Walking Dead: Season 2 is now out. It's basically just a continuation from the first series, so if you liked the first season you should like this one.

I ramble about some past Xmas time, good and bad.

December 24, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 286) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

More sad times, and some Xmas ponderings.

December 21, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 140: Sequels - Link
I talk about some of the changes to Diablo 3 that I've seen in the Reaper of Souls beta. I detail some of my choices with my build for Crusader so far. (Up to about level 42.)

I talk about a free downloadable game for PlayStation Plus people who own a PlayStation 4. Resogun is an old-school arcade shooter which is basically a re-imagining of Defender.

I talk a bit about my thoughts on the PlayStation 4 in general.

And I saw the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in IMAX 3D and talk a bit about that.

December 17, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 285) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week is mostly sad, but my spirits are briefly lifted by the arrival of my PlayStation 4.

December 14, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 139: R.I.P.d., Heroes of Dragon Age - Link
Heroes of Dragon Age can best be described as a collectable figures game. You collect, level up, and choose a team of 5 heroes to complete quests or fight other players. The game is free, however, it's one of those energy limited micro-transaction games, so I didn't spend much time with it. If that's your thing it might be worth a look.

R.I.P.D. is a fun light hearted action movie. However, if you've seen Men in Black, more so if you've also seen Ghostbusters, there isn't anything that will surprise you in R.I.P.D. It's a passable start for what could be a promising movie series.

December 10, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 284) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Mostly this week I feel sad and unappreciated.

December 7, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 138: The MULE returns - Link
Once upon a time a very fun game came out called M.U.L.E. Now, 30 years later, it's been reborn on iOS. It's a fun electronic board game with elements of basic economy in the form of supply and demand. Currently you can only play vs. A.I., but it looks like multiplayer vs. other people may be included later. It's great fun, but I don't know if it's as repayable as I remember the original being back in the day. I'm not sure if that's because I'm older, or because it's a bit too basic for modern gaming.

I ramble about my final thoughts for Batman: Arkham Origins.

December 3, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 283) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Sad Turkey day times.

November 27, '13 - Wednesday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 137: Catching Fire to turkeys - Link
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013) is the second in the series. It is based on a trilogy of books, so we will hopefully see at least one more movie. While this is an excellent movie and continues shortly after the events of the first movie, it is very definitely only part of the story.

I ramble about Turkey days in the past and some thoughts about current Turkey days.

November 26, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 282) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Accepting that I will not pass this class, making plans to move on, and trying to hang on to what I can have.

November 23, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 136: Android bounty - Link
Almost Human's pilot and second episode have now aired and are available online. It's a classic science fiction cop buddy show that is definitely worth your attention if you are into that kind of show.

Bounty Killer was an unexpected surprise. It's part Mad Max, part Thunderbirds (in that 60s vision of Science Fiction way), part comedy in an Evil Dead and Tank Girl kind of way, and part love story. For those into really good B-movies, this may be the best one yet.

I have closing thoughts for BioShock's Burial at Sea and XCOM's Enemy Within DLC. I was disappointed at how short Burial at Sea was, and very impressed at how much there was with Enemy Within.

November 19, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 281) - Link, Pic link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form. Also, some pictures for this year have been posted in pic series 33. Note since I am taking pictures digitally I don't see any reason to continue pictures as they have been. I think, in the future, if I do take more pictures, they will appear at the end of the week they were taken.

More confusion and sadness about class. Also, more commitment to getting the PlayStation 4 and other things I can have now, instead of looking back at what I've lost.

November 16, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 135: Rapture, enemies within, dark worlds, and heroes - Link
BioShock Infinite's downloadable content, Burial at Sea, is now out. I have only played about 4 hours, but it looks like a great return to the city and world of Rapture. If you enjoyed BioShock Infinite you will enjoy this first part of the downloadable expansion.

XCOM has new downloadable content as well, called Enemy Within. This expands your resources, adding the option to biotically, or mechanically, enhance your soldiers. It adds new maps, new enemies, new items, and a new medal system which helps to buff your soldiers. If you enjoyed the base game of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you should definitely pick up this expansion.

Thor: The Dark World is a good second movie in the series. While not amazing, it is a great continuation of the story and expands on several relationships. If you enjoyed the first Thor movie you should definitely go see this on the big screen, but if you felt just meh about it, you might want to wait for it to come out on physical media to rent it.

During BlizzCon Blizzard showed off the first details about their MOBA game which has been in development for several years; Heroes of the Storm. I ramble about it for a bit in this first look.

November 14, '13 - Thursday - System recommendation updates - pc link, systems link
A few minor tweaks to the systems page, and change on my pc page, due to the AMD series 7 and series 9 finally being out. Hopefully their placement is correct, as reviews have been few and this is more of a refresh / name change than an actual new graphics cards launch.
November 11, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 280) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Feeling very sad lately. With the decorations for the Holidays going up my mind has brought up a lot of memories of various things from when I was in a home. As it seems I am getting further and further from ever being in a home again, my days seem filled with sad. BlizzCon happened last weekend. It was awesome to watch, but it's one of those things I've always wanted to go to. It felt like one of those things I'm never going to get to do, and along with it, anything else I've hoped I would someday do. My life seems unchanging, and although there are a few happy things, it seems none of my dreams may really come true.

November 10, '13 - Sunday - Game Watch : Heroes of the Storm - Official site link

Game: Heroes of the Storm
Type: Multi-player Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
Developer: Blizzard
Distributor: Blizzard
Platform(s): Unknown, but PC and Mac are the most likely.
Players: Multi-player duels over Battle.net. Teams consist of 5 players each, but may include AI bots.
Release: Unknown.
Cost model: Free to play, but it was stated gold earned in game, or micro-transaction, could unlock heroes, talents, or skins.

What is it? Heroes of the Storm is a multi-player battle arena where players fight to achieve different goals in order to achieve victory for their team.

Why is it important? Most MOBA games target an easy to get in to model, but are very deep and often quite confusing as to how to build your character and which equipment to use in order to maximize your efficiency, creating an extremely steep learning curve. Blizzard looks to be streamlining a lot of these choices. Additionally, most MOBA only have one map players spend their time on. Blizzard is targeting 4 different maps for launch, with more to follow, each with different themes and goals. One map may have very different strategies to achieve victory compared to others.

What makes the game design special? While a lot still remains unknown about Heroes, Blizzard appears to be streamlining a lot of the aspects about MOBA that seem overly cumbersome, making the genre much more accessible to casual players. The map design is also smaller, and the time it will take to complete a game will be shorter. The addition of multiple maps allows for not only a very different look and feel between matches, but different goals and paths to victory. Instead of what is commonly a single static map where players use the same strategies over and over, there will be several maps, allowing for a greater freedom in terms of strategies a player may use. While this is an early look, it also looks like power and equipment choice is also very streamlined, possibly being done before the game has even start, which allows the game time to focus on the game, leaving time outside of the game to be used for tweaking your builds. They are also implementing team levels, meaning everyone gains experience equally.

Why is it going to pwn? For many the details of learning all the equipment and combinations make higher levels of MOBA play unattainable. While players may have the skill to play at a basic level, they may lack the ability to get into deeper strategies due to lack of knowledge of the intricacies of all the various equipment. Blizzard looks to be streamlining several of these aspects, thus making the genera potentially accessible at a deeper level to a much greater number of players. Also, the design changes to the maps make the game much more fast paced. The change to team levels will allow support classes the freedom to do new and different things, as well as removing the pressure some classes may feel based on their role.

Why could it fail (game design)? A big part of why players continue to play MOBA games is that depth of character building based on equipment and various other aspects the game may offer. Since it would appear that Blizzard is removing some of these elements for the simplicity of a talent system, which again appears to be chosen prior to the game starting, things may be a bit too streamlined for the more hardcore MOBA player. Also, the fast paced nature of the game due to smaller more goal-oriented maps may be uninteresting to a MOBA player who prefers a slower paced more predictable map design.

Why could it fail (developer)? In recent times Blizzard has started to take a more and more streamlined basic approach to things. Since the first big change to talents with World of Warcraft there has been an increasing focus for simplicity of character development. While this does make games more accessible to a greater number of players, in some cases this simplicity may make games too simple, and as a result long-term appeal may be lost.

Personal opinion / thoughts: I am extremely excited at the design of Heroes. The biggest game mechanic reason I stopped playing League of Legends was that it was too complicated. People were talking about how you had to have specific player talents set up for specific builds, and of those builds you had to have specific equipment or you would be considered a failure at your class. I didn't want to feel like I had to go outside of the game to research for hours and hours about what builds and equipment to use for my class. I loved how you could get into a game, level up, accomplish tasks towards victory, but I absolutely hated how people told me I was playing wrong due to equipment I'd picked, or not picked. I must admit though I am a bit concerned about Heroes, as the primary reason I lost interest in Diablo 3 was that extreme simplicity in character design. I have played far far more hours in Path of Exile, which is more similar to Diablo 2, which had quite a bit more flexibility in character design. The over simplification from 2 to 3 is what caused me to lose interest, so I am a bit worried a similar thing could happen for Heroes compared to other MOBA like League of Legends. Another reason I've quickly lost interest in other MOBAs is they only have one map. Heroes currently shows four maps with different themes and goals, and it's only in early alpha. They have stated more maps will be added in the future, and some might even be phased out of primary play modes if players don't like them. If Blizzard can get the right balance of streamlining and flexibility this could be the MOBA that keeps my interest.

November 9, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 134: Ender - Link
While I have not read the book the Ender's Game movie was based on, I thought it was a pretty good movie. There are some very strong messages about bullying and standing up for what you believe is right, as well as some messages about family ties and love.
November 5, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 279) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Feeling very confused about class this week, and sad about where my life is not going. Still wavering between being a bit better and sick.

November 2, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 133: Batman's origin of Exile - Link
While not made by the same company who made the previous two games, Batman Arkham Origins is an extremely faithful continuation of the series. The tech used is the same, though it may have different reasons for being in Batman's arsenal. Those who enjoyed the first two will find a lot to love with Origins.

Path of Exile is a free to play Diablo-like game. It is more similar to Diablo 2 in that it retains that high action feel and high number of skills / abilities / talents. In fact, it has 1,350 passive abilities, and tons and tons of skill / spell / ability gems that any character can use if they have the right stats. If you enjoyed the Diablo series but always wanted more flexibility in character building, this is the game for you.

In the first ever post podcast ramblings, I removed some comments about Nvidia's PhsyX from the Batman Arkham Origins review and put them in after the podcast has ended for those who care to hear about my ramblings on that.

October 29, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 278) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

A week of mostly being sick and feeling more and more like I'm not going to pass my class.

October 28, '13 - Monday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 132: Halloween special III - Link
I talk about what my top 5 Halloween time candies would be and why. And, I talk about the only two costumes I remember from when I was young.
October 26, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 131: The laptop among us - Link
I had the spare money to get The Wolf Among us. It seems to have improved on a few flaws with the Walking Dead game; choices seem to have a bit more weight, and combat has that tense and urgent feel that was sometimes missing in the Walking Dead. It's a great start to a promising game.

I got my new laptop. It seems to have improved on the already great design of my G75. The keyboard is a mechanical keyboard now. There is a brushed aluminum surface which should help with cooling. The monitor seems a hair better. But there is an issue with the sound having a noticeable hiss during quieter times that gamers might want to look out for. (This seems to have something to do with the amp, which sadly is unlikely to have a workaround.) It's a great evolution of the ROG laptop line.

October 22, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 277) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

An appointment with the doc reveals my health is slightly better in some ways, but worrisome in others. I order and receive my new laptop, which is pretty awesome. And I take my old one to my friend to replace the dead desktop.

October 19, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 130: Much ado - Link
I was finally able to see Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing. It's a low budget independent type piece which seems to be very close to the source material. The actors, actresses, and Joss' spin on how to play things are what make this version great. If you enjoy Joss Whedon's stuff and are at least ok with Shakespeare, this is a must see.

I saw After Earth. While not Will and Jaden's greatest performances, I don't think it was as bad as many said it was. It's a sci-fi adventure with a sometimes moving side story about a father and son reconnecting.

October 15, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 276) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Although things still seem on track for getting my laptop early Thursday morning, this week has more sad times than happy ones.

October 12, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 129: Mindbender - Link
I ramble about my thoughts on a good way to counter those decks with too many high power cards. My Mindbender deck may be a good answer for those of you who need help finding a way. Unfortunately it's not a cheap deck having 4 Common and 3 Rares, but you should be able to get there by the time you have the knowledge and experience to play it well.
October 8, '13 - Tuesday - System recommendation updates - Link
Finally did the system recommendation changes.
October 8, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 275) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week I feel pretty sad, but at the end of the week things seem a bit more hopeful, and I still seem on track for replacing my dying laptop in a week and a half.

October 5, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 128: Among the shadows - Link
I ramble about my thoughts on what made the original Thief series great, and my hopes for the new restart set to release early next year.
October 1, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 274) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week I talk about taking my system to my friend. I have a lot of pain in my feet. My laptop plans have been greatly advanced by all the extra shifts. And I feel very sad about my future, as it seems I am again faced with material I don't understand in the class, leading me to feel like I'm stuck and that anything I want to do, or would be good at doing, is blocked to me.

September 28, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 127: Epic character - Link
Our characters (in MMOs) are often perceived to be complete people. We often identify them with a particular history, as well as racial background and ethnicity, much like we do with ourselves. But since this is a game, is this really ideal, or do many of our perceptions hold us back from enjoying things as much as we could? Are we simply forcing ourselves into old habits to force-fit our characters into these perceptions?

Infinity Blade 3 is out, and it adds a lot of story and lore to a game series which previously hasn't really had any. Also new is an achievement system and the ability to craft potions. I'm only about 1-1.5 hours in, so this is just an early preview of what I've found so far.

Epic is out on physical media and I rented it. It's a fun animated fantasy movie that's good fun for the whole family. It's not targeted just at little ones, as so many of these kinds of movies are, as it deals with a few deeper issues surrounding relationships and change, which really help it to stand out.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. started, and it's a great start to what could be a really excellent superhero show.

In bleeding edge tech, I talk about 4k monitors which are starting to get a lot of news attention lately.

In the news I ramble about possibilities for Steam OS and Steam Box's most recent form.

September 24, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 273) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week I still seem to be craving salt, have headaches, and worry about my system. Extra hours seem to bring the promise of the new system coming sooner than expected. I get some appreciation of forums that aren't the ones I'm an MVP on, and I still feel generally unappreciated on the ones I am.

September 21, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 126: Only the mighty headless - Link
Sleepy Hollow's first episode has aired. It's not your average Sleepy Hollow tale. Those who are fans of fantasy, immortal tales, and mystery/myth may find it worth watching.

In the first of what may be a semi-regular series I give tips for a deck I built for the Hearthstone daily quest "Only the mighty". In this first section I discuss minions I used which qualify for the 5 or higher mana cost. In the second half of the section I discuss how I paired it with Priest, and give various strategy tips on which cards I chose. These Priest card tips cover many cards which may work for any mid to late game Priest deck.

September 17, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 272) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week I still feel unappreciated, sad, lost, old, and what few things I enjoy in life don't seem to bring me much joy, as my prospects for the future seem unchanging.

September 16, '13 - Monday - Power supply updates - Link
Minor updates changing power supply recommendations to the new Corsair RM series, which is modular and quiet running. Sorry I haven't updated the site much lately, sad life is very sad which makes doing all the things difficult.
September 14, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 125: Do you want to live forever? - Link
I talk about the most recent Riddick movie. It seems the character of Riddick is becoming more and more like Conan in space. His movies are becoming less about interesting story and character development and more about interesting characters which Riddick will eventually kill. While not without it's merits, I don't know that I'd say there is really enough in Riddick to be worth actually seeing on the big screen.

Oblivion is a really intriguing sci-fi movie done with a sort of old-school flair. Things are not what they seem and as more of the beauty of the war torn planet is revealed, more of the mystery of what really happened, and what is really happening, is revealed to us. I regret not seeing it when it was on the big screen.

September 10, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 271) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

Worry about my laptop being nearer to death than I originally thought continues this week. Also, there are a lot of sad things going on on the forums I'm an MVP at, and I feel very unappreciated by the community.

September 7, '13 - Saturday - rabb1t's ramblings podcast 124: Dredd, pirates, Roberts - Link
I talk about the most recent Judge Dredd movie; Dredd. I've never been a huge fan of Dredd, but I've always known about it. I actually liked the last movie, but this one is much closer to the original source material, and is set in a more modern, less over-the-top comic style. Great performances all around, and it's a sci-fi action movie well worth watching if you are at all interested in Dredd.

I like the pirates series, and On Stranger Ties is sort of a new beginning, or its own chapter in the series. While the previous 3 movies were all connected by a single story arc, On Stranger Tides seems set on its own. There's the same pirates we've known, but new magic, mermaids, and other new goodies. As always, the pirates movie is an over the top epic fantasy adventure that's well worth watching.

In the last section I talk briefly about Robers Space Industries first sample of Star Citizen. The hanger is a single room where you can preview the ship you got in any founder's pack you've picked up. While not much is there to see, it's very cool to get an early preview of how the game is progressing.

September 3, '13 - Tuesday - Epic Fail book 6 (week 270) - Link
The next week of Epic Fail year six is up in web and .pdf form.

This week leaves me feeling sad. More and more symptoms are coming up that are leading to the impression that my laptop may only last weeks longer, not the months I'd hoped it would. I hold on to hope, but it seems I may soon be out of gaming again for a while.

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